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Default tory After reading these 20 films , you can go any


large companies grew through acquisition, you will buy it? Sales Director after the acquisition is to know how to think of it? Know what salesperson talk behind it? Lenovo acquired IBM's core factor is the failure did not understand this video. Between when the company traded with the company when, as a member of your company, position?


American way of selling can really pass the world it? An American salesman sales experience in Spain we learn the values ​​of sales, marketing and cultural approach to customers, sales of customer relationship grasp.

a little accident, so that the protagonist has the ability to read women's minds, this is a clever way to use reveals women are thinking videos. Business Psychology, female behavior, advertising and so are the film can learn the highlights.

when the real estate into recession, the U.S. housing agency's sales consultants are busy? See how they use the database, how to go door to door to the real estate sales, how to package real estate recession,asics 2150 trail, and how targeting the housing needs of the family wedding.

1988 年, KKR's acquisition of Reynolds - Nabisco is a major Wall Street shocked the world financial events. Professionals in hindsight, the deal is based on a legal scam. Because the KKR leveraged buyout of the company's approach not only with no cash, no need to see cash, not even know the money came from, the whole process is simply a trap. And those senior KKR, and the transaction process are those on Wall Street, as an unprecedented show of greed and cunning techniques, also called
doing business with sincerity. show me the money, let me see the money is really, any business are true. There is no solid business friendship,宝石肉眼鉴定知识 基础篇(五), this is before you start to remember the lesson.


mainly about Kansas boy floating in the history of New York. If New York can represent nearly 100 years, the center of human commercial activities, then, any young man in the 21st century, cities have had to face the flashy, noisy and restless.

Bill Gates and Steve • • Jobs in almost all aspects of views,rare jordan shoes, views are opposite, they have only one thing is common, that is to do everything possible to block the video. How high-tech companies in Silicon Valley hatched? Under 25 year olds use the kind of market rules, but also how to make the market rules to allow customers to competitors to form a community? Enveloped in the endless stream of conspiracy over the Silicon Valley.

insider trading is illegal, not illegal how to get rich, while the key to see how the law can be concealed. How can you not see this movie not enter the stock market?

a complacent executives in the day, not only should have their own lost opportunities for promotion, and celebrates its 10 years ago, was living with his girlfriend as a boss. He has his wife and children with his female boss refused the request to renew old, so playing a variety of female supervisor in the company squeezed his wrist, and even falsely accused of sexual harassment of his own. Intolerable, he resort to the law, in a smart woman with the help of lawyers, with the company and handed the female boss who launched a contest ... ... the film reflects the office politics, corporate groups, such as interpersonal conduct in the workplace are rare materials.


18 century American law was formally adopted by a business organization can be a personal behavior, just more than two centuries, the United States this company law actually affects the world, you can also see that China's company law a similar description. The title of the crown of the rampant corporate world, the world are affected every angle. Personal greed and personal desires no limit to expansion, from the most profound essence of the film reveals the business rules of capitalism, and ruthlessly reveals the shortcomings of its existence.


This is a boy with Coke to create a cause of the story. Carbonated beverages, as a marketing professional, he had to answer a question, in the remote Australian town, why not a bottle of Coca-Cola? Marketing is an integral part of business, particularly indispensable in the business.

a box office much,tory burch pump, but understand the business people said good movie. A company boss committed suicide, but the company is also booming, powerful figure the board into action, action is of course the purpose of cross-flow desires. Corporate governance, corporate boards are all combat operations in the rare film real lesson plans.



a graduate of Stanford after a computer genius responsible for the development of science and technology tycoons after hiring a global communications system,asics gel kinsei 3, and then he found out he was being used as reconnaissance business rivals in order to achieve the purpose of monopolizing the market . Microsoft's monopoly of the film to the quiet of a silent, tells a vivid and global significance of the times against the monopoly of money and high-tech story.


business community is the essence of the free exchange of currency, as long as your situation I would, it seems that anything can be exchanged. The commercial value of the transaction, the transaction pricing principles, business reputation, the role in the transaction are displayed in this film came out alive, and business students need to understand the money rule the inevitable result of human society, and this result has irreversible features.


economy is synonymous with transactions. As long as there is trading, you need to learn to assess whether the transaction cost-effective, we need each other their innermost secrets trading perspective. Trade school to the core principle of any country in the world, where as long as transactions are applied.

combat office politics course teaching materials. Economic environment in the market when the company faced a crisis,trail running shoes, the nature of motivation for job cuts, employees of the company are all central to the role of the business community must learn the basic rules.

in a complex commercial society, you want to start, do not understand economy, understand business, >���.�.��., do not know the score, do not understand the legal edge, you have only courage, only a dream, only naive, it will only get the job. These 20 films are in the learning business students were asked to look at when commercial films, including the Harvard Business School has been most important in the requires business students must see the After reading it, you will have the nature and rules of commercial operation have a better understanding of your career there will be no small help.


is inconceivable that illegal trading is almost inseparable with the stock market. A 19-year-old young man so close to the process of witnessing the manipulation of wealth, so who is rich, but that is a random choice.

This is a true story based on American movies, which you can understand the commercial law, corporate mergers, commercial litigation specifications, business processes, mergers and reorganization processes. U.S. commercial free-market, full of self-serving behavior and altruistic behavior in the conflicts and contradictions, also happens to be from these conflicts and contradictions can learn a different motive, and the dazzling variety of means.

1995, the Barings Bank, the world's oldest banks in bankruptcy, and was once the most trusted British aristocracy financial institutions, 200 years of excellent operating history, no one can escape the bankruptcy outcome. What is shocking is that such a tragic ending,减肥记(9), but come from a common securities trader Nick Leeson • hand. This film is from a real case we studying banking, especially investment business the best lesson plans.
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