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Default And teens aboard the day

Have to admit that like the Read the is called a accompany piece, this is the TV series

since seen the film in a very deep impression.

read half, the storm's eye could not open it is,Supras, the way nap, obtain up after the second tone and then see the drums and overturned.

thought before watching this film is also a youth idol drama, which ambition have daydreams almost what a smart love story and so on, but after reading that,Supra Skylow Shoes, indeed not thing that it exists, and even the drama Even romance can not calculate,Supra Muska Skytop Shoes, this is a downright eighties documentary.

for students in the seventies of the audience, this film is predestined to make people a monumental recollection of the film, throughout the all story throughout the eighties, as if people went back to twenty- years ago, those days, so true, solid, people suddenly recollected that he had witnessed over the quondam have been antique age.

art. Read some of Wang Shuo's novel, look at

fashioned leaves many people in Beijing are in Wang Shuo's novel appeared, such as high-Yang, Jolyon Culbertson, such as Liu Hui-yuan, Wu Panzi. The film's masculine guide yard is called

story said that a group of Beijing compound in the sixties capable by children connate youngster. Seven-year-old, they are fighting each daytime to activity the game, that are dissimilar big point, they Chengqunjiehuo and a fight, then fight to melodrama the guitar to sing pop songs and extra. Into the eighties, they wear bell-bottoms,Kids' Supra TK Society, a variety of ballroom dance, they go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, came into contact with > The entire series is charting the contemporary literary and film and television industry's biggest names in kid by several celebrities, said it is a excellent author Wang Shuo growth of the team of the year background in the military compound in Beijing children's youthful and memories. It can be said that the drama and Wang Shuo's novel is a general direction, the writer who is also director of Beijing is what the leaf and then mixed attach in the courtyard of Wang Shuo's a baby. In setting the characters on the actor obviously dialect to Wang Shuo's shadow,Supra Bullet Shoes, of way, this is not the social reality TV series, hardly ever fictional plot ingredients. Mix with them including a colossal director Feng Xiaogang, who played equitable pants Feng Xiaogang's face is facing to ascertain the actor, there are great writer Haiyan, Haiyan Wang Ruohai character and the reality of this is broadly alike.

the emotions of the film in the cinema no really good-looking men and women, relationships are quite confusing, difficult, in fact, this is a true portrayal of that era that year, merely human are disinclined to acknowledge alternatively say it out, we can see the reality how hypocritical, not as a novel to a reality television sequence. Da tow procrastination and affective drama of men and women did not the film to a climax, so that the film and the romance does not material.

play the first part of the scene inside the gang campaign, and the lake in Beihai Park, the scene than the wonderful song guitar ultimate competition, the 2 alter way of fighting age, very interesting, very intriguing.

gathered gray lenses, preposterous spectacle with zombie-like roles who have a tone of black humor,Women's Supra Vaider Shoes, the spectators behind every blurred until the end honors merely apt light the burden really namely a counterfeit illusion, it is the tyranny of this kind of dark humor into the graph climax. And this idea is exactly the starting of that scene in the membrane caused by the flashback clues apt the crowd and the article plot to go with them to go behind to namely era.

prevalent lines, in fact, this is the film's content. If you use the maximum simple language and minimal txt to narrate the wonderful childhood, I am terrified this line is the most fitting entity to friends.

film has a lot of prestigious lines, it is also many, many, mixed with typical Beijing patois, humor, is the biggest wonder in this film an of the consumers ashore the web even have to arranged out entire the classic lines, indicating that naturally these classic lines of the loved by everybody.

chip arose last part of the lens of a bar scene, it was agreed after Johnson was unlocked from jail inmates in the second to open a bar approach Beijing, which all use the Cultural Revolution manner elaboration. Beer equipment is outdated kind of military green sheet belt with water flasks, drinking beer with the naval the green belt to the Tang Cigang, during the Cultural Revolution is a table and chairs is the kind of simple pew; waitress wearing a green military uniform, wearing a crown a five-pointed star; virtually unplugged the small stage, the stage is only acoustic guitar, the music is coming from the pitch of the music that era ... .... Particularly favor this bar, do not know if Beijing really such a bar, ought there be, must be fascinated to sit.

pearly on black in the freeze-frame ending, the subtitles account of the ultimate follow-up to play important role in all the This feeling carefree people feel cozy, rotate off the shade, but also for the play after the plot and characters gently sigh.
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