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Default Reduce Pathogenic Fire of the path the person body

lung Huo Da nose who often seem dry, heat vent, it is cozy cold and high fever after a cold, cough, thick yellow sputum and sticky, yellow red tongue and other symptoms. Some children could not sleep quilt cover, like the stomach, like to eat cold, red lip, but also the performance of lung Huo. -
repeated colds reasoned at the fourth fire - Pulmonary Fire -
the saying works, for what we eat, deal with anger yet also Bugan. Fried pork liver fungus on a role to quell anger. Select fungus almost 40 grams, 240 grams liver. -
Since colds and other respiratory ailments
Reduce Pathogenic Fire food side: fried liver fungus, wolfberry chrysanthemum tea -
Chinese say, Although most of the Chinese New Year period are very happy, but older family members because of the emergence of younger, happy family too far or had a degree of physical exertion, it will fire. -
I often get furious male, ha ha, equitable to look the turn coming. . .
Send fire direction to
fire essentials: emotional stability, adequate sleep -
Tremella Sydney soup: 50 grams of white fungus plebiscite, two pears. The pear cut, Tremella add 500 ml of water, boil 20 minutes, add a little rock sugar, drinking has the effect of lungs and cough. -
typical symptoms: mouth ulcers, sore throat, insomnia -
fungus soaked, tear out the base of the lumps, then cut into thick filament; liver Rinse and erase dry and then cut into thick slices, add marinade and marinate for about 10 minutes; boil hot, put 2 tablespoons oil, saute ginger movie, into the liver slices stir-fry until cooked with fire stop pocket; then stir into the ear cable and onions, add a little sugar, season with salt on the panel. -
fire essentials: affective permanence, adequate sleep -
to prevent anger Wang, in addition to sleep enough, and I feel loosened, some uncomplicated medicines or food will also help clear fire, mighty anger people to eat more rises, chrysanthemum and lotus seeds cool side so the food. Eat less spicy, fishy sea, over-tired too sour, fried foods, as well as lamb, shrimp, fat, ebony, etc., so as not to -
typical symptoms: headache,tods sneakers, dizziness, restless sleep, so angry -
thought-over to a third fire - Firelight -
lung fire guiding to incentives, then the basic prevention of lung, or make fire precautionary measures to timely alteration of clothes and out of air-conditioned apartments. -
fire breathing cough lung rinse method, by deep breathing and vigorous cough, respiratory expel secretions to help promote immunity. Choose fresh wind, again inhale exhale, the lungs as gas unload, coughing and a few other vigorous every daytime is assured protective reflex deed, can mainly clean the lungs. -
mung bean porridge
Professor Chen also punctuated that the terminal, in the eyes of many, In fact, In particular, virtual real fire fire, remedy them just the inverse, if apparently a false fire, the fire still use the method to deal with real deal, no mistrust oil. Therefore, experiencing bad clutch of things, have time to detect specialists. -
bitter gourd fried ginkgo: winter due to eat, Select 1-2 bitter gourd, ginkgo 20. Ginkgo washed, diced Wash bitter gourd; bitter melon, ginkgo on the water in a little soak, immediately remove and reserve; frying pan add little oil, add gingko nuts, and seasonings fried bitter gourd; with starch starch on the plate. But memorandum that the consumption of ginkgo should not be too many time, each person should not eat more than 10. -
typical symptoms: acne long, swollen gums, mouth rot -
for lofty blood pressure, commonly extra impatient to temper people, disburse consideration to discourage anger struck. This orthodox Chinese medication to be called Anti-anger, sleep is a quite essential point, as distant as possible before 12 o'clock every night to sleep, if I can not not stay up late, then be sure to make up after a sleep. -
In addition to the lung can also be accustom
first fire caused by eating disorders - stomach fire -
water chestnuts Ouzhi soup: the election of the 250 grams of water chestnuts and lotus root, with the decoction, add the proper value of crystal sugar. After three days,tod's handbags, hours, have sprint the effect of gastric cooling pathogenic fire. -
Lily: Lily and the mung bean capacity of detoxification and bring fire is obtaining recognized, mung bean sweet, cool, with heat and detoxifying,Louboutin boots, refreshing Chufan, thirst and stomach, and benefits of water bulging achieve. Lily has lungs and eat it, pure heart effect, you can cough, bleeding, appetizers. Done is relatively simple. The green beans and cook for quarterutes after Lily, then multiplication the rice to boil, rotate heat down immediately after the right Aozhi thick porridge, multiplication crystal sugar properly. -
often stays up late - anger -
often stays up late will rend the body's natural go and rest period, rest and detoxify the liver can no be scheduled, so the body had to go overtime to clear amassed impurities and toxins, which adds to the burden on the liver itself, anger according with it lit. No marvel some people in the holiday phase known because his temper, in fact, did not sleep well with a great relationship. -
Summary: -
also some anger will be manifested for headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, dry mouth, mouth pain, wrong expiration, Liang Lei pain, restless sleep, peppery body, tongue thickening. -
lit is a Chinese term, after the body of the imbalance of yin and yang fever. If there is pain, dry throat, ruddy eyes ruddy, snout heat drying, dry mouth and bad mouth, nosebleeds, toothache and other omens, Chinese medicine namely it is the And the internal apparatuses as the key correlate to be divided, lit mainly Wei Huo, Firelight, anger, fire several lung. -
fire essentials: eat more whole grains drink plenty of water -
Reduce Pathogenic Fire food side: Lily mung bean porridge, water chestnuts Ouzhi soup -
stomach fire burning the acne long, swollen gums, mouth corrode; pique flaming are headache and dizziness, anxious sleep; Firelight on the mouth ulcers sore throat inflammation larynx, insomnia; Hyperactivity Huochi the dry larynx afflict, dry mouth Erke. Only causativeable diet to restore array to accomplish the objective of pathogenic bombard than heat. -

new edition of Greedy spicy, barbecue and additional spicy food, will damage the spleen and stomach, intrinsic of the heat, there will be serious erosion of mouth. Of this The second namely to dine light food. Festivals, numerous young people sleep fewer than usual, Xuhuoshangsheng,Timberland Boots, many girls also favor having fun when eating, melon seeds, peanuts, chocolate and other snacks leave their hands,vibram kso sale, accumulation of body heat also much, given a lot of facial acne. Such a In counting, drink superfluity of water is a good habit, you tin scale up the body's metabolism. -
mostly because of hard work since the Firelight caused by extravagant or happy, then deal with methods from these two aspects. Professor Chen cautioned the Chinese New Year absence to control the feelings, reduce accent, less sick mind thing. Especially a cutback in minds of those who do not tarry decisions, dealing with complex, involving many interpersonal embarrassment, so as not to Firelight eligible, induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Eat more fruits and vegetables help to control the Firelight, spicy food, liquor and tobacco will must turn away from you, more exercise. Some of Haner can eat bitter foods such as bitter gourd, painful herbs, lilies, Kudingcha class, eat wild jujube, jujube, lily, or a clean heart and kidney of beast placenta nourishing products. -
typical symptoms: pain, dry throat, dry mouth Erke -
Reduce Pathogenic Fire food side: rock sugar lotus seed soup, bitter melon fried ginkgo -
fire essentials: keep lukewarm, timely change of clothing -
sugar lotus soup: Xuhuoshangsheng Runzao pure heart who can be the sugar adds to the growing lotus soup, sleepless irritability deserving to good handling available. -
Wei Huo, disloyal fire extravaganza of a mild cough, penniless appetite, constipation, red tongue, little wrapping, which some people tend to have the age basis in the stomach in Chinese medicine, said that , body liquid wastage dry and hard. -
Since anger is to eat out, then the handle should also grab the source from eating this. -
Spring is the high occurrence of respiratory disease, often out of public places and air-conditioning rooms, a kind of respiratory diseases of normal accidents. In Chinese medicine, these are the lungs of fire causes. -
Reduce Pathogenic Fire food side: white fungus soup Sydney -
Firelight has substantial location of the points, in general, one of the false fire performance of low-grade fever, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness and so on, decided to disease, principally the aged who often such symptoms; real fire is performance of continual spoken ulcers, skimpy dingy urine, irritability and so upset, physically fit young and middle-prone. -
The second fire caused

Notional Two
prevent anger rose, chrysanthemum tea can also drink wolfberry, as follows: wolfberry Xianzhu 30 minutes, addition daisy cook for 3 minutes, you can make tea for those who often use their head. -

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