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Old 07-23-2011, 08:28 AM   #1
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Default Too exactly , and Zhunde crazy ~ ~ ~

1 was born (the heart only playing) -
2 was born (do someone does not make sense) -
3 was born (forever stay wording) -
4 was born (full of phantom) -
5 was born (a very serious love installed) -
6 was born (in nice belief and mischievous) -
7 was born (passionate smart words) -
8 was born (Love by family first) -
9 was born (pure seriously) -
10 was born (a brilliant yet cold) -
11 was connate (Duochou and sentimental) -
12 was born (consistent terrible) -
12 constellations wounding Index Ranking -
No.1: Scorpio - wounding Index: 100 -
No.2: Aries - wounding Index: 99 -
No.3: Aquarius - wounding Index: 90 -
No.4: Leo - wounding Index: 85 -
No.5: Taurus - wounding Index: 83 -
No.6: Capricorn - wounding Index: 80 -
No.7: Gemini - wounding Index: 79 -
No.8: Virgo - wounding Index: 77 -
No.9: Cancer - wounding Index: 75 -
No.10: Pisces - wounding Index: 73 -
No.11: Sagittarius - wounding Index: 70 -
No.12: Libra - wounding Index: 69 -
constellation is most afraid of losing -
Aries most afraid of losing: courage -
most afraid of losing Taurus: money -
Aquarius most afraid of losing: inspiration -
​​most afraid of losing: free -
most terrified of losing: Family -
most afraid of losing Leo: self-esteem -
most afraid of losing: the spectators -
Libra most afraid of losing: rational -
Pisces most afraid of losing: the nightmare -
Scorpio most afraid of losing: Friends -
Capricorn most afraid of losing: confidence -
most afraid of losing: Pop -
constellation is the first one -
Aries: impulsive first: -
Taurus: stable first: -
Gemini: gossip first: -
Cancer: thoughtful first: -
Leo: self-confidence first: -
Virgo: carefully first: -
Libra: beauty first: -
Scorpio: lovestruck first: -
Sagittarius: amusement first: -
Capricorn: serious first: -
Aquarius: curious first: -
Pisces: soft-hearted first: -
most soft-hearted constellation -
Pisces: Pisces's affectionate, simple soft-hearted Block: affectionate,Lacoste Strap Shoes, easy soft-hearted: -
Libra: ears baby soft, quite soft-hearted:-
Virgo: the best-hearted folk, responsive, than the immortal marrow also. : ; -
Cancer: What are the requirements can be agreed:-
Sagittarius: full of blood, idea is too very good:-
Taurus: Raisin type:-
Aries: center is no bad: ; ; ; -
Leo: the anecdote of making his tears may be passion almost it, but not necessarily soft-hearted seat: -
Gemini: more unreasonable, like matter-:-
Scorpio: comparison of hard-hearted:-
Capricorn: The Untouchables, he probably only relented on their families: ; -
Aquarius: soft-hearted often merely a few minutes:-

1 Name: Pisces (too good): -
No. 2: Aries (will keep you a Santa Claus): -
3: Taurus (often half a hammer slower reaction): -
No. 4: Leo (ordinarily tin not resist somebody else's praise): -
No. 5: Libra (constantly hesitant fooled): ; -
6: Sagittarius (they often make decisions without the brain): -
7: Gemini (was better than his eloquence to argue): ; -
8: Aquarius (different from mediocre people with common sense): ; -
9: Cancer (analities personality often defend them from creature cheated): -
No. 10: Magic Scorpio (will tell you to come up with certify or else no contingency): -
11th: Scorpio (usually ultra-accurate intuition): ; -
12: Virgo (it is in every small location can discern the flaws ):-
constellation is the first one -
Aries: the first impulse, repent act things first, Huoqi Da first, pert first Ganaiganhen first: -
Taurus: the first settled, moderate first, the love of money first, the first authentic, hard-working first: ; -
Gemini: gossip first, the first intelligent, outrageous first love, humor first, then more than the first: -
Cancer: thoughtful first, efirst and foremost, the first love of household,Womens Lacoste Observe Shoes, filial piety first, sentimental first: -
Leo: self-confidence first, love the extravaganza of the first to face first, the first savor, first grace: ; -
Virgo: carefully first, fussy first, over the altitude first, making a fuss first, envious first: ; -
Libra: beauty premier, hesitant first, slothful first,Lacoste Camden Shoes, fluent first, just the first: -
Scorpio: love is the first, first simulating to be chilly, attractive first, first cold, rational first: ; -
Sagittarius: fun first, disturbed first, cute first, the courage to attempt first, with no subtlety first: -
Capricorn: the first solemn, tranquilize first, the first patient, the first serious, conservative first: -
Aquarius: first curious, eager to learn first, creative first, the first alternative, the first miracle: -
Pisces: the first soft-hearted,Lacoste Tourelle Shoes, emotional, first, paranoia first, first adore dream, cranky first: ; -
desire rankings, you first few rows? -
first, Scorpio: -
second, Virgo: -
third, Aries: -
fourth, Leo: -
fifth Cancer: -
sixth, Pisces: -
seventh,Womens Lacoste Shoes New, Capricorn: -
eighth Taurus: -
ninth, Sagittarius: -
tenth,Buy Lacoste Shoes, Libra: -
eleventh, Gemini: -
twelfth, Aquarius: -
Zodiac -
Scorpio: Desperate Index: 100 -
Aries: Desperate Index: 90: -
Taurus: Desperate Index: 80: -
Leo: Desperate Index: 70: -
Capricorn: Desperate Index: 60: -
Aquarius: Desperate Index: 50: -
Gemini: Desperate Index: 40: -
Virgo: Desperate Index: 30: -
Cancer: Desperate Index: 20: -
Sagittarius: Desperate Index: 10: -
Pisces: Desperate Index: 5: -
Libra: Desperate Index: 0: -
afterward perusing, not only to jot down what you sign, but also procreated, otherwise, life is not cheerful
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Old 07-23-2011, 10:02 AM   #2
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Reprinted from alumni of the user at 12:44 on April 20, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Emotional World
select the appropriate person for life

psychologists believe that men and women to determine whether two people fit
First, each other's best friends are, without any conditions, in love with each other together.
Second, it is easy to communicate with each other, to be honest with each other can be very open to anything, without fear of suspicion or contempt by the other.
Third, the two have shared in the spiritual ideas and values, and on a clear understanding of these concepts and pursuit.
Fourth, both sides believe that marriage is a lifelong thing, and that both sides are willing to commit themselves firmly in the long-term marital relationships.
Fifth, when a conflict or dispute can be resolved together, rather than wait for later episodes.
Sixth, to get along with each other funny, laugh often, in many aspects of life will be a humorous treatment.
Seventh, very familiar with each other and accept each other, and know each other understand their own strengths and weaknesses, is still convinced by him accepted.
eighth, from the most to know you are at your most trusted each other must be supported.
ninth, sometimes romantic feelings, but most of the time,la gear sale, your relationship is very satisfied and is free of.
Tenth, there is a very rational and mature people, and both sides can feel, in many different levels, you are well matched.

you love happen, no matter the ?
not. True feelings do not need to chase. Two people's understanding, in the shorter distance between two hearts slowly, slowly in the unconscious near each other. From friends to lovers, true love is not be long before the. You like him from the moment, perhaps he is also the moment in love with you. With the rhythm of love can often play the most beautiful music of the most harmonious.

true love need? Need two people together is relaxed and happy, there is no pressure.

appearance and personality which is more important?
men tend to like pretty young woman, 25 years old, and his character will choose the right woman to live together and their own people. Steady and some will be more long-term love.
hard to love easy to get along. The most important thing is to get along tolerance and compromise, on the basis of trust and understanding. No tolerance and compromise, any two people can not get along.
pure love may be only one, but not necessarily only one true love. Time will heal all wounds.
In fact, we can fall in love with many people. We do not like someone, but like a certain type of person. First to the people we met, so we came together happily; for the latter to the people, can only cling to apologize at the same time, wish him a speedy find his own happiness. No one is that we have not non-life, and love a person, often the person is actually used real

and romance which is more important?
reality. No reality-based, Romance is in the air. Campus love often end with graduation, mostly because of unrealistic, not a city. Mutual appreciation of each other only admire people who have their own strengths, the collision will spark the most beautiful, but also will bear the sweetest fruit of love.

is not is the best?

not. Many people have used that phrase to lament that he could not catch her hand, it is because you do not get anything like that, so you have something so full of fantasy, full of expectations, in fact, can not get is not necessarily the best, so do not have fond memories of things that did not get, maybe one day you got it, and you will find nothing but true. A lot of things are their own landscaping, and sometimes also the pieces are not good,la lights, because this is not proof of love, therefore, the best and favorite, is what they say goes! With me that should not miss the most is that he could not catch her because ah do not know enjoy themselves, so cherish those who truly love themselves, love heart enjoy themselves, and you never really get people to live hands with the person that you fail to recover to compare, because that fail to recover the hands of people, not worthy!

good match does not matter whether the most important hing when the interest should be right, otherwise there is no common language, even together, still feel lonely. Lasting love from the heart of true love from each other, on an equal basis. Any Zhigu crazy love loved regardless of whether they have or do not know who would enjoy being loved and love the people do not really have a good ending.
If you fall in love, do not easily let go the opportunity. Rash, may make you regret it for a while; cowardice, it may make you a lifetime regret. Did not experience the love of life is not complete without experiencing the pain of love is not profound. Love makes life rich and painful to love sublimation.
We always said: what makes love love, you can not answer him, because you do not know.

Yes, we always thought that we would love to find a man she loved. But later, when we suddenly look back, we will find what they once naive. If never started, how do you know she will love love that person? In fact, love the feeling, is to experience a lot of things together until after discovery. Perhaps everyone would like to find their partner in mind one hundred percent, but have you ever thought you had already been around will give you a long time in silence, but you just do not find it?

So, still a closer look at the people around you,la gears sneakers, he Perhaps you have been waiting a long time. When you love someone,la gear walking shoes, love to just eight absolute good. All the expectations and hopes are only Qi Bafen, and the remaining two or three points to love yourself. If you continue to love even more, is likely to give each other a heavy pressure, so that each breath, completely lost the love of fun.

So remember, drink no more than six drunk,la gear light, eat no more than seven full, love a person no more than eight. If you are confused for love, perhaps the following words can give you some inspiration: love a person, to understand but also open solution; to apologize also thanks; to admit also error correction; to be understanding and considerate; is to accept rather than endure; is tolerant and not condoned; is to support, not dominate; is sympathy, not questioned; is talk, not a complaint; is memorable but not forgotten; is communicate with each other and not explain everything; is silent pray for each other rather than to the many other requirements. Can be romantic, but do not waste, do not casually hand, not to let go.

romantic lover who described and Encounter: millions of people were in the wilderness of the time, neither earlier nor later step, you happen to meet. Well with two people, you may wish to think it. If not, you need to understand whether a person together, but the probability of a simple enough question. Thousands of pass,la gear mens shoes, you will come and to whom you have a chance to bond, not a vertical, there will be B. Do not be silly to imagine that the wood and stone and other former Union-like fate, and life can there be so many legends. To love, cherish it!
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Arrow mariner to put

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