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Old 12-31-2011, 04:33 AM   #1
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Default China is not the only one re-elected Prime Ministe

we all know the reason for:

1998 年 8 9, Zhu Rongji flew to emergency Jiujiang, Jiangxi, Jiujiang burst, so he was furious He immediately head angrily: cause,Driving skills for life [ Graphic ], and actually come up with such a shabby, son of a bitch project. how terrible corruption to such a degree? history is not to be cheated!

1998 年 3 19, of the Ninth National People's Congress meeting Reporters conference, Zhu Rongji, the newly elected Chinese Premier.

they seek their own interests of not providing false accounting information. not to cook the books' and I hope that every graduate of the China National Accounting Institute students should always keep in mind these four characters!

that my ability is pound the table, pounding bench, Deng Yanjing, then I am not to learn, but the newspaper were wrong,Moncler Sale, the table is filmed, eyes stare too ... ... As I do this to scare people, I think no one believes him that. I never scare people, just to scare those corrupt officials.

2000 年 3 15, NPC correspondent conference: in. If they re-generous, said Zhu Rongji, or do a little real work, I thank God. quietly standing that corner of the old man, he is a former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji of China, spared no efforts in our new China, the National Day ceremony, actually only a brief that second shot!
short of a second, there are many people of your pictures ... ...

want to see your friends can be transferred to space the top! I admire him!

only for the elderly, the lens, turn the article

black suit, black tie, black glasses, the Prime Minister in expressing what ... ...

a 66-minute parade uniform way of the walk there are so many people yearn
coveted The lens was a breeding ground
quiet tranquil corner of the one who wore sunglasses
elderly white-haired former Prime Minister
lean on a railing that a loner alone

avalanche of articles and photographs covering the entire network again
CCTV must be wondering why only one second only the second time Zhu Rongji can get so high than the appearance rate and even Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao,Canada Goose Citadel Parka, Wen Jiabao more attention
I do not know how many people like me to hear Comfort said, base of the figure we waited patiently until Li, Wei have been there we can not wait to ask the people around you see what Zhu Rongji do

CCTV directed do not know if he live in the hearts of the people before and after the location

the length of time can not diminish his love for the people love the lens so short

to stay one second then flashed to the fact that three seconds, while I can see him in the silver-haired head when the eyes were startled enthusiastic

we are young 80,90
not experienced the Cultural Revolution of the bloody year kilometer street can not understand the mood to send Prime Minister Zhou Enlai had only known that turbulent era to single-handedly save
many revolutionaries have not experienced the wave of reform and opening up of special economic zones and changes can not understand the phrase friendly We just are bathed in sun and rain in Zhu Rongji's growing sense that we like hothouse flowers experiencing since the founding of New China,Ronaldo retired full, the most steady and rapid development of two decades and this is precisely the two decades The white-haired old man has been painstaking years

I am not an economist I do not know how profound knowledge of economics
but I was born in the beginning of Zhu Rongji took his personal experience of the changes brought
I remember as a child her mother's wage is only a few dozen blocks January 3 Nyan Win took over in order to be measured in thousands of units on a lot of people in any Zhu wages have doubled in the past two times
I also remember 2003, when many people can not buy since then a lot of working-class houses can not buy a house buy a house now fear has become a piece of heart disease, many people only remember the birthday
I heard on the street when people criticize the mouth constantly then I discovered the sound Zhu Because many of his iron-fisted severe food only makes the fact that salary was forced to laid-off employees of state enterprises

I remember junior high school,Reflections of my years, Chang-ling geography class the teacher had said that imposing a country on the Prime Minister after the burst in the Jiujiang government official bluntly against the cursed son of a bitch is not the image he projects because there are a few dirty I only remember the slightest damage to
gentle Premier Wen Jiabao took over when the family's many friends and family all moved to tears when our house is like a family about their long journey home I remember only 04 general
In summer go to Beijing when the car around after Zhu house of a fellow who stepped down after his wife, Zhu said many people have tried to assassinate him his life but also difficult than at any time

I remember the summer of 2007 told me that an Israeli white asked hope will be the same portrait to remember to remember the founding Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, Zhu Rongji, China's economy is really strong he let up and he had a right to bring China's track
If you want to honor me and then there are many I, like very old man gathered in the capital Beijing in this international metropolis in order to feel the pride of being Chinese Premier Zhu for meditation in the heart of nostalgia

If the age of 60 I wish I had the honor of His children listing the descendants of Zhu Rongji, have done a touch of the fact that once every improvement each and every corrupt official has been articulated so forcefully said that every one rhetoric
If you have time, I wish I had the honor after a century of vicissitudes of China can make the hero of leaving a legacy of the motherland can give him a fair evaluation and could face more praise the exploits of Albert
If he had the honor more than I want to be like Zhu You can use the base as alive or the wrist pressure to limit his power to his extraordinary talent that can be shocking at all times and his integrity and selfless heart to ten million people miss

children when such an official should be if Joe Yong Zhu Rongji

few days ago, Premier Zhu's birthday,Yang Fan dogs, not this

hereby Zhu eighty birthday greeting (hard to the Prime Minister)

the early nineties, China, Eastern Europe, changes the haze has not retreated from China. People panic to find the last hard
currency, to buy rice, buy oil, buy salt, buy any commodity can live. Price index up to 24%.
Lax business people, state-owned banks into the ATM. Much work in business administration, chao. Corruption was rampant.
Western politicians drinking champagne, China becomes the next Poland, Russia. Just around the corner.
1991, Vice Premier Zhu Rongji. Central bankers do not listen, do not when, and while standing. Close
shrink the money supply, halt all government building. Bank statements are not go-vern-ment officials and businessmen and the ATM.
stubbornly high food prices, the state grain depots opening and food, four hundred billion kilograms of grain reserves under the level of panic is not just people
heart, more importantly, the people on the go-vern-ment of confidence.
employees of state enterprises do not work, would rather receive one or two hundred monthly wages, do not want to continue to work as cleaners, but also ants as
stealing and selling to corporate properties. That reform or bankruptcy. Socialism does not support idlers and the lazy. Resisted the mob,Canada Goose Kensington Parkas, lying on rails demonstrations pressure. Forced the reform; national exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar price 5:1; and international markets, the exchange rate was 8.3:1, the free market is as high as 10:1; exchange rate vulnerability became a way of people's way of making money. Exchange rates make a large number of interest groups, cut off sources of revenue. Zhu Rongji to withstand enormous pressure is, there are ways to know is are these people ah. However, this trade has slowly turned the corner.

How to boost people's
words ah. A large number of political and economic corruption official sacked. People clapping and cheering.
soft landing of China's economic success, the Asian financial crisis,canadian goose, but scare. Zhu Rongji, China's monetary policy to be spared. And fully support Hong Kong Soros attack repulsed. Think of it scared,August 9 operation and ideas, if the exchange did not change Zhu Rongji, the economic soft landing, up ahead of China's economic vulnerability, and that Republic's economic building came crashing down in 1997 is very possible. Zhu Rongji is God to save the Chinese economy, to save the Chinese people.
Western forces did not meet the purpose of economic aggression, cursing bitterly Zhu Rongji as Chinese people believe that
Chinese lucky, lucky nation.

If Mao.ZD change the slave mentality in China, then China's Zhu Rongji will change people's lazy nature. It can be said without the most drastic of state-owned enterprises reform,Canada Goose Citadel Parka, Zhu Rongji, not now state-owned enterprises, private enterprises benefit first,canada goose jacket, the first sense of competition. Allow the city to lay down their face, lend a self-reliant. Chinese people now to grow vegetables in Siberia, to Africa to work,canada goose sale, to work around the world to make money.
When a reporter asked what his policy four years,canada goose jackets, Zhu Rongji Unfortunately, his biggest regret is that feeling that our farmers have not turnaround. Ninety-eight floods, Zhu angrily to some shabby Yangtze Dike. When a Hong Kong newspaper Zhu often pound the table,Canada Goose Banff Parka, Deng Yanjing time. Zhu said bluntly:

We now reaping the results of Zhu Rongji, the reform, the state failed to continue to Zhu Rongji's political climate. Our leaders frequently to the affected areas, to the mine site, but do not want to break out the most drastic solution. We face a number of high arch corrupt greedy, but could not do it for them to prepare a coffin, let alone prepare one for himself. Ninety-seven Asian financial crisis has not spread to China, we have a shot. Now China's stock market lost more than ten trillion, assets wiped out hundreds of millions of people, not only did not people say something sympathetic,Canada Goose Kensington Parkas, then a Zhu tree with great difficulty up the image of go-vern-ment, was self-destruction of the Great Wall.
Putin Strongman Vladimir Putin spent eight to a bankrupt
back to the Russian Empire. We could not help but sigh,
Now China's economic hurricane again.
moment, we deeply cherish the memory of Premier Zhu!

If you think that Premier Zhu is a really good prime minister, please put the article up top, so that every university student to bless our great Premier Zhu spirit forever, last forever!
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 31,408
i0love0u is on a distinguished road

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