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Old 07-27-2011, 11:18 AM   #1
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Default To Be The Followr Of Top Brand Prada

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Default Latest monetary news in Verwood

quicken loans arena video
<strong>Default Fee subsidy</strong> – Term used to refer to a Default Fee that is paid by a third party on behalf of the borrower.

<strong>FFEL Program</strong> – The Federal Family Education Loan Program loans that were authorized by Title IV, Part B, of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. FFEL Program loans are funded by private lenders and are guaranteed by state agencies or other non-profit organizations. FFEL Program loans include Federal Stafford (subsidized and unsubsidized), Federal PLUS (for parents or for graduate/professional students), and Federal Consolidation Loans.
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<strong>MARIO</strong> – Missouri Advantage Repayment Incentive Option, a student loan forgiveness program for individuals working in Missouri' s life science companies. MARIO was created by a partnership between the MDHE, MOHELA, and the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

<strong>DHS</strong> – Department of Homeland Security. On March 1, 2003, the DHS absorbed the former federal agency, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). At that time, the INS was renamed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
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Default Latest issues in Preston

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<strong>Reaffirmation</strong> – A borrower' s acknowledgment of a loan repayment obligation, including all principal, interest, and other costs, in a legally binding manner.

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asset specificity (GO)<br />The unique character of a durable asset, e.g. a machine, a skilled worker or a production site, which means that it has a low return in other uses. For many specific assets the cost of employing them is in the nature of a SUNK COST.<br /><em>See also:</em> economic rent; transfer earnings

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Default Hot issues in Holmfirth

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that goods are homogeneous so that individual firms have no MONOPOLY POWER.<br /><em>See also:</em> branding; product differentiation
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secondary standard (Q2)<br />A standard for pollution levels necessary to protect vegetation, buildings and visibility. It is assumed that pollution control is already sufficient to protect human health_<br /><em>See also:</em> ambient standard; primary standard
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Quebec Declaration (F1)<br />The accord of thirty-four American countries, apart from Cuba, agreed in 2001 to create a FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS by 2005.
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Default Top loan issues in Inverness

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P-star model (E3)<br />A model based on the QUANTITY THEORY OF MONEY and the belief that a price level tends to its equilibrium leveL It is used to forecast inflation by calculating the gap between the current price and the equilibrium price (P-star, P*). This equilibrium price is determined by potential output, the quantity of money in the ECONOMY and the equilibrium VELOCITY OF MONEY. If the equilibrium price is more than the current price, there is the possibility of inflation.
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competitive tendering (M2) see compulsory competitive tendering

substitute (DO)<br />A good or service that a consumer regards as providing as much utility as its alternative. The character of being a substitute can be established by measuring the cRoss PRICE ELASTICITY OF DEMAND between the two goods (services). If that elasticity measure is positive, then the goods (services) are substitutes.
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<strong>Mapping Your Future (MYF) Online Stafford Entrance Counseling Leaflet</strong> – A guide for completing entrance counseling online through Mapping Your Future. This publication and all publications published by the MDHE can be requested on the Publications Order Form: http://www.dhe.mo.gov/publicationsorderform.shtml
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Default Hot news in Castle Douglas

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Default Hot issues

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appropriate technology (03)<br />Labour-intensive small-scale methods of production using renewable energy. A technology advocated for Third World countries.<br /><em>See also:</em> Schumacher <br /><em>Reference</em><br />Dunn, P. (1978) Appropriate Technology: Technology with a Human Face, London: Macmillan.<br /> Jequier, N. (ed.) (1976) Appropriate Technology: Problems and Promises, Paris: Development Centre of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
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<strong>Electronic Data Exchange (EDE)</strong> – Federal system used by schools to administer the Federal Pell Grant Program and the direct loan program.
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<strong>MPN</strong> – Master Promissory Note. A common form that allows a student or parent to borrow multiple loans for multiple academic years.

bond fund (Gl)<br />A fund established to receive the proceeds of a bond issue and to make subsequent disbursements. Such funds are often set up by local authorities.

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Post understandably

understandably heard wow gold Lengheng came from his chemoreceptor studio beats by dr dre I froze in piazza a longish term can wow power leveling not acquisition to God, pray until the stars appeared, looked at him.
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Default Hot issues

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diffusion rate (03)<br />The proportion of output of an industry using a particular technique by a stated date, e.g. the percentage of the steel industry using technique X by 2000. This is a major measure of technical progress and of INNOVATION. High rates of diffusion are encouraged by the possibility of cost reduction and by energetic advisory and information services.
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Default Latest issues in Settle

payday loans locations cincinnati
<strong>School as Lender (SAL)</strong> – A school, other than a correspondence school, that has been approved to act as a lender under the FFEL Program for its graduate and professional students. (Note: to participate as an SAL, the school had to be participating as of April 1, 2006. No new schools are being approved to act as their own lender.)
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performance-related pay (J3)<br />An INCENTIVE PAY SCHEME which attempts to link all or part of an employee's remuneration to the achievement of output and output-related goals instead of to the amount of time supplied by an employee to a firm. It is hoped by firms with performance-related pay (PRP) schemes that turnover, profits, loyalty to the firm and quality of work done will increase and that industrial unrest and ABSENTEEISM will diminish.<br /><em>See also:</em> profit-related pay

<strong>Award</strong> – Schools award, or “package,” student aid for each year for students. Once the aid is awarded, schools send award letters to students indicating the type(s) and amount(s) of financial aid awarded for the year. (Under 34 CFR 668.16(h), the school is required to provide information about the sources and amounts of aid offered.) The financial aid award may also be referred to as the “financial aid package.”
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