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Default cheap asics shoes-Smiles make less ( maybe you alr

● IC Card line up by bus, took the car in front of a person throwing the coin, my brain short-circuit followed by the IC card into the go ... ...
● neighbors forgotten his key,asics kayano, turned over from my balcony, find the keys in the house after he turned back, and then open their own door. Even more stunning is that I was beginning to end collusion in the balcony, did not feel something wrong. Alas, we were the head must have been his way through the same door.
● find the phone one day gone, a search of homes in every corner of the bag as well, failed. Then fell to the ground sullenly, and took out cell phones, mass text messages to everyone: I lost my phone once you play mahjong
● a power cut, on the point of candles continue to play, and later was too hot, yelling, Fan open the would rather spend what telephone calls, do not want to go walk around. We have a small house Huoer name is Li Lei, a job the summer, a programmer at a web site. Yesterday he went to work,asics tiger, people call looking for him, I access. I said Li Lei is not, the other asked him to return home yet? I said no, the caller said: × ×. high school classmates calling it, then press the phone back to the past. Li Lei Shaanxi people call a pass he asked: Lei, over the phone, you fellow! Tel. not a few seconds, which to spread large, that special old photo .....
The following is a point when things by bus:
High School, when this man to go to school by bus because the road long, bored, when a neighbor 35-year-old man accosted him,asics sale, the man on the mouth to sentence: Children to school was very bitter man .....minutes, to the sentence: , and then grabbed him to bite a mouthful of pie, but also Mamalielie said, not really emotional, to buy bread, bought me not one, not to swallow the results of a cake, looked up and saw only to find the wrong person That's no problem, I'm sorry I was actually his mouth side to me also the
bite the hand that man a pie stuffed toward that ran the entire process at one go!!!
remember back to the school gates looking back, that the men still standing in the stall before the holding of the pie chipped daze it. I still think this can not help myself sometimes his fist or two!!!!
● a subject requires that the following four sentences connected with related words:
1, Zhang Haidi sister paralyzed;
2, Zhang Haidi sister stubborn to learn;
3, Zhang Haidi sister learned several foreign languages;
4, Zhang Haidi sister learned acupuncture.
correct answer should be:
results have a child to write: Although Zhang Haidi sister doggedly learned acupuncture and several foreign languages, she was paralyzed.
also found a more violent child wrote: Zhang Haidi sister learned not only language, but also learned acupuncture,asics tiger shoes, she was so tough to learn, and finally paralyzed,asics running shoes!
● I am the Yunnan University, 2000, that is, Ma Jiajue that level. Ma Ying-jeou accident, but has not been caught when the arrest warrant and arrested on Ma Ying-jeou said that public security organs to assist the number of million reward. We are very jealous and would like to get that large sum of money, the street looks very attention of passersby. One day, out sitting on the bus, many people, only one person standing, staring at the man suddenly we all see, I look closely, much like the way Ma Ying-jeou on the arrest warrant, may we all see it , and is a tense and exciting look. Tension to the extreme, we see that all people are alarmed, angry, shouting: gearing up once all the windows are closed. that person to a helpless expression. to the police station, the police said the driver proudly: I was very much like Ma Jiajue car, I immediately drove to. And the man wronged the police said: police officers, or me, the second time today I've caught you this was.
● table with a cold, runny nose, but he forgot to bring a handkerchief, and to keep the nose to nose forced inhalation. blackboard of writing on language teacher suddenly turned to a lot of noises: Stop me! Noisy dead!
until graduation day I walked on the campus tree-lined road, heard a bunch of girls in the back pointing small channel: ! Can not find a boyfriend after that, every day, do not give money to two canteens bun! ! the vendors, leaving a shortfall of a dime,asics mexico 66, so he said to the hawkers -
● Qiazhao rooster's neck but not the knife, hesitated a long time, that chicken is now being I strangled
● Sina a news headline: Chongqing Railway Police special police anti-terrorism exercise on the train User Reviews Hebei
A: Excuse me, you can squeeze onto China's trains? also tmd terrorism it!
● One night drinking with some friends,cheap asics shoes, some people are drunk. one to the Road side asleep, we could not lift to move him to talk to him to find some things covered, do not catch a cold. A few days later to see him, he said, woke up the next day he found his three bikes lying.

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