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Default Measuring a woman, said to Primeline

first woman's name into pinyin, then follow the the fruit.
If the results calculated at the end of number 10 or 0, then it belongs to the first 10
phonetic symbol table:
a (1) b (2) c (2) d (2) e (2) f (3) g (1) h (2) i (2) j (2 ) k (2) l (1) m (2) n (3) o (3) p (3) q (3) r (3) s (2) t (2) u (2) v (2) w (1) x (3) y (1) z (2)

the end of the number of fruit types
the end of the number 1 = 2 = 3 = the number at the end of litchi
at the end of number 4 = orange 5 = Grapes

at the end of the end of the number of number of number 6 = 7 = end of the banana

the end of the number of strawberry pineapple
8 = 9 = Kiwi
at the end of the end of the number of 0 = the number of mango fruit
the following list of 10 married women love platter, welcome to the right seat.
white woman red apple skin is a fascinating place, that is, fat is also very cute, is not it?
deep and gentle feelings, so that a sense of warmth around them prepared. Like children, will do the housework, there may be full of good mother.
the more conservative character, so wear dress tend to mature, more easy to get a man older than his little trust.
good financial management, cost-conscious mind, like a computer installed. Serious work and focus, is desperately hard work of the staff be commended.
not betray the other half, of the sincere feelings of the faithful, who enjoy a stable life, moderation.
Apple girlfriend more women in general, less affair. Like streetcars, absolute little derailed. They rarely have a ground-breaking love, simple life might make her feel like a marriage Menguan car, so the husband and wife firm relations in the quarrel.
Remember: Occasionally taken the conservative, trying to sound adventure.
Lichee2. litchi woman

know best how to enjoy women. Temperament and full of artists born knowing how to distribute their own unique qualities a woman out of the lychee, is the red Ferrari, the best read, useful for you? Do not know.
escape the highbrow litchi woman's life life experience. Its great but very few sheep, both dressed in costumes, or are so ideologically.
good at finishing things, is a demanding person, a very serious over the top, disposable toilet seat is a loyal user. Hate does not love a clean man. Therefore, many of which are singles.
and love making friends, and adhere to the Until finally their own cup of Irish coffee, she would have been goods down.
Peach3. peaches peaches woman Fadia and spoiled woman is a master. If she wanted to buy a mink coat, men do not agree, she would come to a carrot and stick, and do not give up! When the soft failure, hard play, plus a little bit of a bite, hit a dozen, a twist of the screw, until the man nodded obediently up.
peaches woman is the most effort, scheming women, they like the crafty spider, carefully weaving the trap of femininity to capture prey lock upgrades that give them the quality of life of men.
She is like a taxi, stopping chaos everywhere, take her car recall pay on it. The ship is a multi-foot specialty peach woman, able to love at the same time given to several people bother to bring a really small, so no results are often staged short love,Vibram five fingers!
duckweed peach woman seemingly will never marry because of the other's violent marriage hastily agreed. In the choice of marriage partners, it will tend to selection of the economic base, eager to get married than enough to live comfortably on a full-time his wife gave birth
remember: s wisdom wrong.
Remember: be lonely, but not closed

Orange4. orange woman
bright personality, open orange woman, his face is always emerge out of the sun-like smile, cheerful 120 degree of reliability and self-confidence and wherever she can become the focus of most attention, make a bunch of friends.
she is sightseeing car, with her sometimes like a vacation as easy, sometimes like a wild roller coaster ride the general stimulation. Ye Hao
casual, dress worth mentioning, casual dress can be a color children. She is not a fashion pioneer, but they always know how popular his body dotted with one or two elements - sweet and sour orange
woman is the most Sassy Girl (wife) the potential of women,womens timberlands, **** Central Standing Committee has romance happen. No qualitative fits and starts the heart, and only three minutes to heat the hobby a lot.
Remember: vain, like to be pampered, if not more convergence, it is possible to lose friends or become the object of my colleagues jealous!
Grape5. grape purple grape soft
woman, representing the concern, giving a sense of security; and the grapes describe a one bit by bit, in every possible way, though modest, urges people to deep aftertaste.
increase with age more and more rich woman, born optimist, that Youth for her sour, self-confidence and happiness as the years is the increasing growth of indemnity.
she knew the best time in your choice of a mature love, and love to be in the end firmly. They generally marry later, even if in love like marriage.
grape woman is bus, departure time, a stop. Smart and sensitive, full of curiosity. Even if married, the same love of their career and remain a curiosity and perseverance. On the surface her round, juicy, in fact,timberland chukka, have their own meaning, that is a highly competent business.
a loving husband, a lovely child, a highly competent work constitutes the perfection of her three pillars of life.
Remember: complacency.
Banana6. banana banana sticky
woman, shelf life is short, perishable. Banana Woman dependence, independence worse. She is a bicycle, you do not step, she must stop. All things love to rely on others, not to decide, and sometimes other people will become a big burden.
they generally came from parents after her husband break the hands of the hands, not three life span - the parents home, her husband home, the cemetery gate.
they usually timid. Marriage is the fulcrum of her life, that man is leverage. Fate of the good, find a tree as a man his life safely; fortune is not good, her husband and another way for her new love,
short banana woman puberty, menopause long. Life insecure.
Remember: independence, self-reliance.
strawberry strawberry woman confident woman, with charm, love to dream, is the Santa Claus of the carriage.
playing from the heart, believe in and the pursuit of perfect love. Sensitivity is very rich and good at weaving dreams, so easy to immerse yourself in an ivory tower.
remember: patience is not your weaknesses, as has been supporting the confidence of your abstract, so once it's development can not progress as expected,A&F jeans, it will suddenly break up.
pineapple pineapple woman women plump body, it is unconsciously want to rely on the past. Bright yellow pineapple with its green leaves, probably no one would say that does not look good, but the prickly pineapple red spots all over, they might carefully. Lex sound, close to the injury. Pineapple women are bumper cars, and acted very particular about the principles and sense of proportion.
pineapple woman's marriage is the pursuit of freedom, mutual respect, give each other some space. On Pineapple women, marriage is a sweet load. Therefore, women hate pineapple that pays attention to the relationship between seniority in essence, there is a subversion of the traditional atmosphere of rebellion.
Remember: Excessive love of self-protection may miss the opportunity.
Chinese Goosebeery9. Kiwi woman
Kiwi English is kiwifruit, translated in Cantonese is They are usually soft on the outside inside, hidden under the ordinary instrument was an extraordinary heart.
If not take the initiative, they rarely get an ideal of love. He married her when some not so willing, but the marriage only to find that
Kiwi woman Vanves, her side of the housework while the husband advice, let her husband help her career spiral, day by day.
this looks normal, no makeup, no beauty can not lose weight, a working class woman of the house flies impressive. Kiwi women are the rickshaws, affordable ease.
Remember: self-esteem is the enemy of your life.
Mango10 Mango Mango woman
look really cute, but eat less meat, the last discovery is a large seed.
mango strong women or themselves, or their strong, strong sense of independence and even some self-willed. They resolutely and is the darling of the cause, the courage of men grappling in the market, both in work and daily life must be for the first, the best.
pay the woman is active, love the process and they will not hesitate to
irritability. Disdain in the eyes and the mouth goes like sarcastic people, often making the people around it, such as machine guns were fired as the words played out splinters.
mango woman Cadillac,asics mexico 66, without a certain confidence, patience and strength of men can never expect to embark on her
construct her own marriage, often to choose their own ideal marriage partners. Married life is full of calm and principles.
Remember: to reduce the number of students feeling the wind **** your life better.

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use of sleep, let those tall neck
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