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Default !

Female protagonist ! Primitive !

subjective history of 2011-01-04 12:24:46 Read 29 Comments 0 Font Size: medium and small subscription, when formerly read novels, I think the question: why do women buy a lot of shoes and bags? Why do women always together when the non-stop chattering about? Why do men female protagonist novel conception so popular? And so on and so forth.

I would like to find answers online, but can not find. Yes, even the wrong answers to be found. If you are looking for: Why are amounts so high? Answer too many, the vast bulk of wrong answers, the correct answer is nearly none. So many times I think the web is not a panacea.

But early last annual, I was online reading a book called Is diplomatic to write a pair of research works. Is to explain the male-female relationships.

this book with men and women to explain most of the aboriginal cause of instinct. Can be narrated as: very sharp.

but the paperback can not satisfy me, because there are a lot of male-female relationships can not explain. I thought for a long time, I all feel that the answer may already know, but did not find it. But recently I saw a gangster love story, and his brain inside a flash: Is it so? !

father said: I say write first to write conclusions, then detail!

But I think the problem is too perplexing, it is impossible to comprehend a few words to say. Even say it, people do not understand is also meaningless.

I think I come by my manuscript!

-------------------------------------------- ------ -------

In my opinion, basic human behavior is divided into three fields: social functions, reproduction functions, family functions.

and explain the upon problems is the key to three blocks!

first unravel the social functions.

social functions is not the original, before the formation of the slave society there is no social functions.

like bees, though well systematized, but not social functions.

this term is very simple, and social-related, I can not explain more.

followed at the forgery function.

the functions of the Sex is a very happy thing, and how a person like that? No reason. If you think the launch is hot, because the body is telling you: High temperature is dangerous, it will impair me. If you dine a plum in his mouth will face a lot of saliva stream, because the body will automatically excrete large amounts of saliva to dilute the acid. These reflect the general body for causative, can be explained.

that it exists but do not do sex without the die. From a physical point of view, the use of mature products and life-do, the achieve is not many distinction. The survival of the human body function from, the sex is unnecessary. The only vantage is: very merry to do it, but result is: produced offspring.

In short, sex that is very special plot of genes, ambition not work into detail here, the.

before generating descendant is to detect a spouse to bring ... to an end. How does the courtship?

look at a man when a woman will assess: if to generate good offspring; if to feed the family.

in archaic society, only Jingzhuang the man to obtain more edible. So greet to winner the occasions of women in particular is by comparing facial symmetry, and the more symmetrical the face the better coordination of bodily functions that would lead to faster and stronger the more a man can arrest more prey to feed the family.

So I think that polygamy is a woman in ancient times, conscious choice. Man is innocent!

while men look at women when will assess: whether the offspring of my authentic, no more!

Therefore, advent is not particularly important, bust size is not especially important, heaviness is not particularly important! What is important? ! Is the ratio of waist and hip. Golden ratio is 7:10. Men acquired from the gene instinct is this: one can watch that women's waist-hip ratio is not the golden ratio. If so, this man will have a crush on this woman. This is a study of theoretical institutions, we can look at the line, it should have.

addition to waist-hip percentage, old is very essential. Why is baby-faced women are fashionable? Because the young woman is more possible to procreate. Lolicon that way.

Do we not find it? More And this one is no longer creature on the breast on display too. Why is this? Is because the genes tell the women: men's genes will love!

As women make up what is not important, what clothing neatness is not important by the time they reflect: a lot of man.

As for breast size,Burberry outlet store,, I still remember a MM asked me this answer. I was answered that this is not important. Results are fiercely despised. I base that: Men like huge, large, media and meager breast diversity, there is no uniform criterion. I think that women should not be used to attract men kill weapons.

If the male courtship, it will show it Jingzhuang side: the ability to capture more prey. So tall, relatively strong (too strong and will horrify away MM's), facial symmetry (good appearance) of women by men is more popular.

Times are changing, resulting in a social function later, this changed a lot. We talk about the details later.

Finally, the family functions.

primitive society, before the family had children in there, things get complicated.

the work of men is relatively simple, chiefly two: the first is to go out hunting (hard to get a flesh tray), the second is to go out to

hunting is a pattern of behavior. When hunting, often in a regional extended stay, and then find the opportunity to kill the prey. This method that: the need for a long time of dry matter, and time in solving problems.

so men in the shops, always blueprinted to buy something first, then buy and go home. Strange location to look in in a specific situation, there is always look at the map on your own, will never ask someone another.

men constantly switching stations, the reason men want to find the problem and solve it! Not really want to watch TV.

men principally like to see the game alternatively something, but choose to gamble. This fact,Burberry Belts, as with the hunt: time for an extended reside is prey to the thrill of that moment. This also applies to fishing ~ ~

If a man focused on solving a problem, you always go to intervene, the man indeed outrageous.

different work for women, in common, are these: feeding children; picking fruit (simple to get the vegetarian); exchange information with other families.

children liked the sight of a woman, likes to hold up. And when a girl likes to nap reported a toy, or always holding a little entity like what. I think that this behavior before: like a man. It now appears, should be feeding their children a kind of instinct, right?

fruits of the farm more interesting. Shopping is often a woman aimlessly, and like mortar attach, and may the daytime empty-handed. In ancient times, women tend to go hand in hand to what the woods picking mushrooms fruit - there is no danger, but also the exchange of information.

most important to exchange information with other families. In the In fact, entire nigh them a lot of trivia. Appears to be little sense in men are not.

us back to ancient society. After the establishment of a family, if you hang a man how to do? Once men were injured or died because of an accident and lost the ability to work, families without a source. Is naturally too late to cram it! Only usually do kung fu. How it usually do kung fu? Is often related with other female members of the family chat. Always been the understanding of every other in assorted locations of families, its purpose is to just in case: If an chance occurs, immediately find somebody to assist. (Speaking in front of the book which, next is my surmise) the same,Burberry outlet online, just in case, women still have to get some accessories to dress themselves. Why? Purpose is to arouse attention. Aroused the concern of homosexual behave in order to better exchange of information, and to attract men's attention is now her husband to arrange a substitute - a man dead will have to find a hunting.

So, girls will persist at all times a homosexual encounter talk, speak forever, its intention is to interchange information. Always continue to buy a heap of bags, a crowd of shoes, a heap of skirts. Its intention is to preoccupy care. Not a very prestigious piece What:

and apt immediately this society, everybody has a social feature, the basic functions of men and women had no small alteration.

everyone needs fall butcial interaction.

girlfriend when we can not say: !

this time two men came from the study of women: the first is the ability to procreate, and the second is the social interaction skills.

we often say: first contact fjust aboutme time, see if you can get along.

is the core of this sentence into a marriage of social interaction surrounded the.

What is social people? This is one of the most basic knowledge of a broad range of knowledge.

Why do we need social skills it?

in ancient society, men's work are: hunting, the woman engaged in a large stomach, hunting and the women agree in a large stomach, hunting ... ...

now? Men's work are: hounding, the woman engaged in a massive tolerate, hounding, hunting, hunting ... ...

in ancient society, women's work: children, exchange of information and picking fruit, children, exchange of information and picking fruit, children ... ... now? Women's work: children, exchange of information and picking fruit, exchange of information and picking the fruit ... ...

because society is progressing, do not always have a baby.

This led to a result: we vacant out a lot of time here.

how to do? Out of social interaction, of course. Requires wisdom of social interaction, to get along.


If one degree too high, too cheap, the other qualifications, marriage is not agreeable, because Tanbu Lai. Tan Bulai to do nobody, nothing better to do something else should be as dry. If the two parties are act, and eventually becomes: divorce family's asset.

it on the inside there is a very serious problem: Once women have children later, she was no time to study, precisely, is unwilling to learn. Men because of its necessity characteristics, will continue to learn, this will result in the social skills of men and women speed up unbalanced.

this circumstance it turns into the But this

successful vocation of a man and the woman became Huanglian Po, loss of attractiveness, men whoring is the inevitable result.

In fact, the man is quite rational. On the 1 hand is to

this time, Huanglian Po man's center in order to come behind anew to use: SPA and additional methods do it. Attempt to seduce the means accustomed.

can actually do, the male instinct is: young, beautiful, waist-hip ratio of 7:10. Huanglian Po in any case it is impossible to restore this way man's heart.

To solve this problem, the most fundamental way to free more women to studies. Why so?

because men like women protagonists ah!

female protagonist is not a

work in non-mainland, such subjects are very many. The mainland's fantasy novel is also alike to those women.

beautiful, young, educated, strong, playfully, understanding, popular, and so on ... ...

reason for this is not fair juvenile and beautiful.

before me in the car watching a video, love the level. But a gangster film. II inside kidnapped the wrong actress, the heroine's son kidnapped One, and Division One actress is a policewoman. This movie's heroine, tangled in the mommy and two roles in the Superintendent.

Division inside the policewoman who is not absolute, clothes is too quite mutual vocational package, a simple and highly capable. Although extra beauteous, merely this is no the opener point. I think this movie is still the most attractive policewoman Secretary of men: mighty, competent and so aboard.

In fact, many of the works, expect one of: men women's characters.

fancy novel now, there is a This triggered a catena of stories.

I think this is an fancy to an extreme: its expectations as a man character actress, simply I (men) to melodrama the female lead their own calculations.

this kind of material inside the novel there is a very maladroit question: how do men kissing? How to do sex with men? Can not adopt many of their own (as women) and men kissing, then left a back door: You can go back and change one day, you can now desperately spume MM.

course, this is Aspect Well. No stuff such

extent of eccentric psychology, there is something worth musing, that is: Be sure to socialize with the women thing? Why not with a man?

other words, with the woman, then condense on children, to complete the historic task Jiuhaola genes,Cheap burbetty bags, the woman asked why so lofty?

I think that this is an unavoidable social development.

fact, our social functions and family functions have been integrated very closely, and this is not separate.

This leads us to the women now have a twice requirement: the competence to reproduce and social interaction capabilities.

Similarly, women against men have had a significant change: to be making money!

money with the purpose of hunting as a matter of fact, all the family. But this criterion will lead to blunders women.

will not need a strong body to make money, often prejudiced short stature who will be more money. The strong body type, or tall and often poorer type. Of course, the discussion should premier rule out the sports category.

at this time, a female genes to make sure whether the instinctive method used to identify a man, What would happen then? Obviously, that is cheated. We routinely say: with the wrong man.

numerous poignant love story is like this. Women love a man of pure natural, but natural that men are not popular in the community - production money. Whom we should have no reason to shed tears, look at the memoranda, such procedures.

Therefore, our fathers have amassed a lot of experience, such for

the so-called adore article, in my opinion, it is really a variety of instinctive worship of the human genome.

when women face when the men will face a refutation in the very complex: the requirements of the other young and beautiful, the perfect waist-hip ratio; and the woman

I remember saying before the line is this: This sentence is justified.

When asked a man: Do you disburse more attention to the appearance of a woman or a woman's inner beauty? The men tend to be embarrassed.

Gene kept telling a man: I absence a And this man born in the society but want a

If the answer is: more important is appearance. Well, this man will be despised, despised not only by women,Louis Vuitton Jewelry, but also despised by men. Women think: Do you want me to marry me just to give you a baby? Men will think: You are too straightforward, right? I did not say exports.

If the response is: I prefer the inner pulchritude of women. Then the whole world praise you. The man inside will tell myself: how could a woman comparable to men? !

few people realize that such problems. If a woman can not have children, then it is not attractive. Assessment of a man when a woman is the ability and social skills from birth to two aspects of the appraisal.

men and women apart from a slightly different way of meditative, I think that there is no meaningful difference. Depends on the key social skills, or the value of information issues. Before the birth, this capability between men and women will not have a big breach. Once the man Man will automatically initiation: Since then, the whoring. In women without children, it is a lot of social skills have a strong woman. This woman is attracted to this man's pernicious. Once the man again, So we are caught in this vicious circle inside.

how to do afterward? DINK that only children do not kin. This family can live very natural humidity, but this Once you have children, there will be conflicts, alas ... ...

beautiful nice man, in this adore is not too lose. But because society changed, women, or in agreement with the genes of the

we do not need no sense of women shopping behavior, whether it is or how online shopping, shopping does not so important. The exchange of information does not important. We do not need women's dress via constant attention to attract the same sex (Oh, Where you bought this bag Yeah, yo, or LV thing. Oh, you take the skirt hem pretty!); Also Married women do not need to show off their waist-hip ratio in case (now really is not so short of money, but not how the dead.)

reality there are many women do see the retinue behavior: marital, no longer dressed after, the pull of foot Ke Guazi watching TV; Or married to long hair attention and difficulty to necrosis to slit (anime Married women who see ... ... If so, her husband will be very unhappy: Well you're worried that I dead? !

This is also the reason men unbearable Huanglian Po.

aside, if a baby not interested, homosexual men is absolutely a perfect choice - at the peak of the social skills to OK. A couple of gay or a lesbian, there is always a person It would be a kind of helplessness it: Can not get rid of the inverse sex is always viable. Certain gene or engage in the earthly world.

I think if one day in the hereafter, we can have a choice to change human genes, the sex pedal to bring pleasure to erase this chapter, such a person is absolutely invincible: the perfect reason, will not urge. Can such a person does not have any sense of ego existence. Novel If so, does not make sense living.

then pull back to it, it is not hard to change all this: men need to share in the family a morsel more on things such as: with kids, doing housework or something. While women will have to exercise restraint and instinct, no need to buy a bag of what is always shopping, the time to read read read the latest newspaper, natural family harmony.

can this be? If you do this, the equivalent of Said than done, than done!
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