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6. can not be carrying a child. Doing so may visceral ptosis. Lying on the side when feeding fed.
years of age in the normal flora in the intestines of the baby has not been fully established, eating into the honey easily cause infection, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. After the age of the baby, the normal intestinal flora established, it is nothing wrong with eating honey.
> benefit the brain, brain, brain

one life to note:
8. have a quiet, comfortable environment. Draw the curtains when the sun is too strong to protect the eyes. Not hair, because the pores are open to post-partum body, hair and joints can lead to pain and other head winds,warm winter boots, even the fans do not shake.
head if the parents were not high, should eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as shrimp, egg yolk, liver and vegetables.
3 years of age not to drink tea:
contains large amounts of nitrite, it aflatoxin, styrene pyrene is recognized as the world's three major cancer-causing substances, research data shows that: 10 years old before the children start to eat pickled products, adult cancer the possibility of 3 times higher than the average person, in particular, the incidence of pharyngeal cancer, high risk.
fact, women should see more of 啦 ~!
3. not to salt, cold food, sour things can not eat. (Justified, I will not say very long.)
principle is that only after 6 months to control the amount of salt in 1 grams per day.

3 months, the baby does not need salt, but from the breast or milk in the absorption of salt is enough. After 3 months, with the growth and development, your baby healthy kidney function gradually, gradually increasing the salt requirement, this time may be appropriate to eat a little bit.
> foster shiny shiny black hair
5 years of age not to eat supplements:
3. the first two weeks can take a bath sponge bath with warm drinks. Practice is to boil the water and rice wine each half, add a little salt, wet with a towel, wring dry, rub the body. The third week you can shower, bath after the full moon. (Soon the middle class)
3 months, do not salt:
tea caffeine is a strong stimulant,mbt cheap shoes, ADHD children may be induced.
> goodbye to rough skin, with good eyesight
Second, the diet should pay attention to:

during pregnancy can make baby is a beautiful way.
> to improve the partial black color
later used the confinement, the woman a second chance
pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, carrots, apples, tomatoes and green vegetables and dried fruit. In particular in liver vitamin A was the most carrots can also promote the increase of hemoglobin, thereby enhancing the concentration of the blood is nourishing the blood of common people to share.
Second, salted
6. with sesame oil, ginger and rice wine cooking food. Jiang to burst through
Partial black color
during pregnancy eat more iodine-rich foods, such as kelp and other marine products, to supplement the needs of the fetus to iodine, to promote the synthesis of fetal thyroid is conducive to a good fetal brain development.
Some parents, pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, grapes, oranges, cauliflower, melon, onion, garlic,ed hardy tanks, apple, prickly pear, jujube and other fruits and vegetables , especially in the apple is the best.
5 years of age is a critical period of child development, many supplements contain hormones or hormone substances, which can cause early epiphyseal closure, reduced epiphyseal growth period, resulting in a child who was small and not grow; hormones can interfere with the growth of the system, lead to precocious puberty.
4. half a month to avoid eating vegetables and fruit. Can eat carrots. Within a month of eating less fruit and water.
early white hair, or if the parents slightly brown, fall off, so pregnant women can eat more foods containing vitamin B family, such as lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, bread, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnuts, sesame, corn and green vegetables, these foods can improve the child hair, not only dense, black, and shiny gloss.
7. can not take a bath for the kids, or can lead to back pain and tingling hands and feet. Therefore, when a bath for children to LG et al.
1. Eat small meals often.
honey for pregnant women, is an excellent health care products, pregnant women often eat honey, not only to complement a variety of nutrients, but also dryness catharsis, so that pregnant women feel happy and enhance the body's digestion and absorption.
9. during the month can not climb the stairs, not to mention weight within six months after delivery to prevent visceral ptosis.

woman confinement to note.
5. prohibited shampoo. Because the scalp can not catch a cold.
> let the children grow taller head
other pregnant women in the diet during pregnancy should also note the following points in life:
changes in diet can make you have a beautiful baby.
3-year-old child should not be drinking less. Tea contains large amounts of tannic acid, will interfere with the body of protein in food, minerals and calcium, zinc, iron absorption, leading to a lack of protein and minerals infant affect their normal growth and development.

10. Do not cry, or eyes to premature aging as glaucoma or cataracts may develop. Less reads the newspaper and television, we must allow the eye to fully rest.
80,90 Parents will learn after the small: 10-year-old child can not eat until ~

1. be sure to rest a month or month and a half. Postnatal weeks, in addition to eat and go to the toilet, the other must be bed time. If used to sit or get up walk, may lead to uterine prolapse.
10 years of age children do not eat preserved foods, for two reasons:
baby for the future must see ah!
5. half a month banned the consumption of fish and meat, you can eat liver. Because the fatigue of the body can not fully absorb the fish, meat, nutrient, the results of too many nutrients, the body will only add to the burden, resulting in Should go to the third week to eat.
1-year-old not to eat honey within:
some food is not suitable for pregnant women to eat, such as: raw chilled foods such as bananas, stone flowers, wood and other children; spicy food categories, such as: cinnamon, pepper, cloves, pepper; effects of functional foods, such as water chestnut, rabbit meat, fern, large hemp seed and so on.
trimester fetal brain cells and fat cells of the During this period, pregnant women must pay attention to increase the protein, phospholipids, and vitamin intake, eat more dairy, eggs, lean meat, liver, fish, legumes and vegetables to ensure adequate food supply, soy sauce conducive to the fetus intellectual development.
intake should be sufficient. Severe calcium deficiency during pregnancy may affect fetal bone, teeth, composition, and may even lead to fetal abnormalities. Note added iron and other trace elements, should eat vegetables, shrimp and so on.
In addition, young tonic, can also cause bleeding gums, thirst,ugg classic tall boot, constipation, high blood pressure, bloating and other symptoms.
confinement is the best woman's life to improve the physical time. If you do not sit on child, will be buried later health risks. Chinese people pay attention to confinement, do not think it is superstition Oh, many stresses are justified.
2. postpartum two weeks is strictly prohibited to drink water, beverages and soups, milk can not drink. National Cheng Kung University because it will drink a bucket, will become fat and will likely have rheumatism or neuralgia. Can be used instead of boiled rice water (store bought bottled wine). Practice is a few bottles of rice wine into the pan, uncovered, boil for 15 minutes after. Then the cooked rice into the hot water bottle of water use.
4. to render service to be put to use boiled water to warm before use. You can use skin care products.
Calcium and vitamin D
2. for two or three width of about 30 --- 40 cm length and a half laps around the abdomen of 12 white gauze. Postpartum bear tie cummerbund to prevent visceral ptosis. Visceral ptosis will lead to women's diseases, and lower abdomen prominent, body ugly. Athletic also tied to significant improvement of the status of prenatal belly. Spirituality is not to the general athletic and corset belt instead. Because they are not only ineffective, but also counterproductive.
10 years of age do not eat pickled products:
First pickled products (salted fish, bacon, pickles, etc.) is too high salt content, high-salt diet easily induced hypertension;

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