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Default gucci outlet gucci outlet gucci outlet Lift out ol

incident Emeishan city a community, family members believe that security assistance properly, the relevant departments involved in the investigation

elevator door opened, it was found hanging on the 7th floor elevator and 8 Floor room.
the 7th floor of a security guard pulled to both sides of the elevator door.
Liu Hongji uncle turned and knelt down, his hands held onto the elevator floor, and slowly slipping outside.

Security, said:
until 10 minutes later, the elevator repair and maintenance units of the workers came from the 8th floor will be Chen Huaizhen pull out.
Chen Huaizhen to realize that,gucci, after his wife climbed out of the car, slid down directly ... ...

15 afternoon, a district Emeishan city, Liu Hongji, Chen Huaizhen couple took the elevator floor. Unexpectedly, when the elevator was broken down and stopped at the 7th floor and between the 8th floor. Security rescue process, the 65-year-old Liu Jihong uncle stumble, fall in the first floor from the elevator shaft died.
family of the deceased that led directly to the rescue inappropriate tragedy. The residential tenants are also reflected, to move more than a year, residential elevators have failed several times.
old married couple trapped in the elevator lift Cry

Jingxiu Monte Emei City area, adjacent to the Emei River, is one of the new urban high-end residential. Chen Keming, 42, living in the area, 20th floor, Building 4, No. 2. Two weeks ago, his father Liu Hongji, the mother came home to visit relatives Chen Huaizhen from Anhui.
15 日 中午 2 o'clock, Chen Huaizhen feeling under the weather, let his wife go out with her doctor. They take 2 from the 20th floor elevator down, elevator to the 7th floor and between the 8th floor, the sudden

tragic climb the elevator car fell from the elevator shaft

surveillance video showed about 12 minutes later, two district security, to 4 7 floor, opened the car door. But the video did not sound, can not hear the dialogue at that time.

they are on location, is between the 8th floor 7th floor and the floor, either bend down the 7th floor, can also be pulled on the 8th floor.
but the security position in the 7th floor. Chen Huaizhen said, including a security guard shouted
Liu Hongji seeing this, then turned and knelt down, his hands held onto the car floor, and slowly sliding to the outside car.

when security told her
security not to let Chen Huaizhen climbed out of the car, again the car door shut again.
until 10 minutes later, the elevator repair and maintenance units of the workers came from the 8th floor,borsa gucci, pulled her up.
out, Chen Huaizhen know, his wife climbed out of the car, the direct slip into the elevator shaft, falling in the first floor dead.
residents that residential elevators often the fault

Jingxiu Terrace area, a total of 4 buildings, each of them building 2 lifts installed, the tragedy led to widespread residential households attention. Tenants have argued that the district where the elevator has several times failed.
also lived in four of the Gui aunt said, especially the elevator 4 on the 2nd,gucci outlet, before there were two dangers. Time around the Spring Festival this year, two renovation workers, a sudden vertical fall from 8th floor to the 4th floor. One is a couple of months ago, her husband was Grandpa, the vertical fall from 7th floor to the 4th floor. According to residents who reflect the other floor of the elevator, more or less a problem, trim-go is a regular phenomenon.
Elevator Sales and maintenance of Bulgaria, director of the Office of Sichuan Tian Wenmin Brothers Elevator Company, said, even in the case of normal operation, each elevator half on the need for each maintenance time. As the elevator machinery and equipment, some problems will inevitably, and many of the problems are caused by improper use.
but the Emeishan City, Zou Hua, Deputy Secretary for Quality Supervision, said the accident was just the elevator inspection, the quality was not found.
cause of the accident caused by improper rescue tragedy

Zou Hua also said elevator accidents are not the issue, but the rescue occurred during an accident.
Chen Keming produce photo shows the car crash, from the 7th floor, the ground floor about 1.6 meters, his father lying in the car after the upper body, legs simply can not stand to the ground.
the bottom of the car between the ground floor and 7, more than 1 meter gap, Chen Hongji it from sliding into the elevator shaft.



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Passengers with 6,500 yuan in cash bag was found by the return of the conductor

gucci gucci outlet gucci outlet Germany, the father of a hundred times jailed fo
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