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Default 08.6.8

Confessions ..

2008.06.09 morn ...

suddenly want to jot them. To look after themselves. Want to obtain how many years of their own. See this for yourself once Under the handwriting.
.. for I'm not feeling the mind is this. No way. how many years you may be adult point.
penetrate. give you better bring some memories. I remember who I am. will not be happy ..
something and not live to be happy. for the families. .. In mandate to care about the people you greetings.!

have been in this The so-called profession in the globe for 20 years who had ..
also considered a digit of seasoned many, many stories of the person.
sensibilities no matter what I had to live his death, calling earth-shaking enthusiasm, immediately corrode a lot of inexperienced ..
I remember junior tall school. merely concerns about himself is not shrieked a 'material' fooling approximately outside every day ..
high school career game, Star; stone, let me live above Life for a mood to let his way of life ..
for a time to go to school. still in the room secretly elemental. hit 3-4 points early in the stadium watching time ..
compared to the arrogance of strangers. is who knock who. is Who is 'string'. and then the 301 then ...
dignity ... T family ..
remember. weekend steal sprint out overnight. the results to the antique man caught. the daytime came behind beaten quite badly.
not remember reading a year. by home, not out of step. quit the long cilia ..
emerged morsel by bit at times in my ideas.
manager of fact, I had a lot of life to dream the entities people can no ..
Along the way, I'm arrange of truce, right here .. want to thank my friends. While it is less contact.
may be said to have no contact .. merely I still remember your heart ....

small army. hosts China. million knob China. Division commander, Ye,hogan shoes outlet, Lin Tin Yi, Li Fei. Li Song. Haihua, Tan Yan. Qiaoqiao Tsai,abercrombie & fitch polos, Yu Jialiang, the Yangtze River. history into the red,
Yang Yi. Yang Lingling. Weixin Ming. Qiaohong Yang, Wei Jing, Hu Jin, Liu persisted, He Lang, Liang Hui,abercrombie & fitch sweatpants, Ganji, Li Haiwei, Zhang Xujiang, Chen Ziwei, Lin Lieji,
Gou Zhiqiang, Lin Qiu City. Zhengze Liang, pearly (apologetic, forgot your name) Lijun Tan, Liang Lijuan,tory burch reva sale, Li Jiarong, little Mei Lan, Lin, SZ, Qiao Juju

Also, Huang Rong,asics shoes sale, Wu quietly, Tracy (sorry forgot your surname), Xu Weigang, Li Haiyang, Zhang Zhiyi, Yuan Su, Tan Chuen Lee,
Thank you, my friends.
While some are no longer in touch. But the memories with you, and I can think of it.
I muse after me. peruse this journal, will remember your name,
think I have been with you, while I occurred to those memorable anecdote ...
Thank you because making my life more averaging to existence even more amazing .. ..!

in so many years inside. Many people say I'm headstrong, stubborn man that I am.
too hard to see things are more so, friends, and gradually reduce the ... in the not very serious to make a Like a agreeable friend ..
the same handle that anthem. grew up with age. their friends fewer and less ..

I like to use their ideas to weigh a matter of amounts. Although people are not bad. But one thing will be very easy to veto.
thing will be easy to make appraisals. This is my inadequacies ...
reserves saying how how. But he has been can not do. deliberately did not pursue. alternatively the people will feel their sense of things.

will feel sorrowful sometimes. sad when a human wanted to conceal their own a location.
sometimes be very happy. happy to let everybody share their pleasure. so that everyone can delight and happiness for me sometimes ..
all ambitioned to do something how many he can return. also many is unfair to claim fair.

favorite 1. sitting in front of a microcomputer listening to the song. analytic about the hereafter. and friends and talk.
not feel the hate ... annoying .. ..

late to write this ahead today ..

This is a very black comedy. A mob courier is hired to transport the heads of eight murder victims to a mob boss. However, the duffeltods sale bag gets mixed up with the bag of a college student who is off on a vacation in Mexico with his girlfriend and her parents. However, the mother is a recoveringtory burch alcoholic whom everyone believes is delusional when she claims to have found heads. Plot Summary Add Synopsis Quotes Annette: [goes to back of van to lie down and sees head] Oh my God! AAH! AHH!
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