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Default the work has been normal the past few years

Vacuum arc coating on the study of several issues

Should the gas, the substrate for an extra RF bias, the temperature is below 200 ℃ []] III Conclusion VAC is a meson between plasma science and interdisciplinary materials science has great potential for development. According to current research and application,ed hardy, the authors propose the following: 1. Explore the arc cathode mechanism of macro-micro particles, and in accordance with emission mechanism to discuss how to remove sources of pollution, to improve the film quality. 2. Ã view of the process for observation. Through the cathode coating process,franklin and marshall sale, such as some of the basic phenomena and plasma ion density, energy management and energy distribution of the test, establish a more complete theoretical model for ■ release from the plasma generation, transport and deposition of film all physical processes. 3. Between the two disciplines to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, promotion of existing achievements,ed hardy tøj, open up new application areas, such as the promotion of the TiN coating technology applied to the mold and so on. Reference: JR. L. R ~ una. ands'Goklsmith. Princtpl ~ ar-dp-state. Xiu of Ⅵ jack umarc ~ tin8.1EEE. Trans port as ma3ci. vol17. No. 5. PPT05 - PP71loot. J989.2. B. Rr. Catho ~ a-kun evaporati ~. nfgr India hnwilh song n_It0 ~ ed German tho ● tpa snail. 1soldFJJm. s. J poop (J990) 293-300. A 21-3. D. M. S 'C. ~ InS song na shad offthevacuum delete delete - ● review. IIEEETramPla ~ naSd, vol] B. No. 8, PSg3-894. n. 1990.4. J. E. D ●,ed hardy udsalg, the 'song mp mouth hate nbof ~ ltlEogle delete pop than stare nin, J. ph. VsD, pplpvol9, l96, P2389-2305 · 5. Chen Baoqing,ed hardy suomessa, etc., high-speed multi-arc ion plating tool creeping T State Research coated drawer pocket (vacuum '. I990 (2). P49-6.RJLBoxrr ~ ~ l, h a 9mcdatJ,ed hardy rea,' ~ 1 ~ ysies · daposil'ionandhuti , and (iv) ~ xarnp ~ sSurfaceandcoating cents mnd, 33 (I987) PJ53-167-DM5440A precision EDM control spindle lift lines to improve our Xi'an Aircraft Industry Company in 1986 from Beijing Hengyuan purchase a EDM Factory DM5440A precision EDM machine. l0 months then install and put into use, the work has been normal the past few years, but the 89,ouverture abercrombie paris,9 O two years of consecutive control relay contacts continuous spindle movements around the bad situation (model relay JQX a 1OFDC24V) before and after the burn about 2O a bad relay, we analyze the original control lines. the main reason that caused the relay to burn out the following: ① machine for a few years resulting in mechanical wear of the motor load increased I ② design selection unreasonable. JQX selected a 1OFDC24V small relay contact capacity AC22OV4A,ed hardy suomessa, and motor 380V1.15 An I ③ relay itself of inferior quality. the market counterfeit products flooding the market on the basis of the original control circuit has been improved. increased the level turn controlled the middle part of the relay. (in the relay model ZT a Q 44AC36V. 380V maximum voltage when the contacts connected to current 50A) improved spindle lift control circuit, see Juan, works as follows: 380-volt AC transformer through the TB the second for the AC 24 V step-down, pull through 2CZ55.1 rectifier tube rectifier and electrolytic capacitor filter as 2d volts DC, when the pull pull left when the key switch SA, KA-thread work, making the normally open contact sticking KA together,tory burch uk, KAI-thread work (KA1 36 volt relay for the AC line package) makes the M3 on 380 volts to the motor to the spindle downward movement. M3 spindle lift motor model {1A07154 three-phase asynchronous motor) f voltage : I 380-volt current: 1.15AI speed: 1400 r / min when the SA when the pull switch to the right, KB-thread work ... makes the upward movement of the spindle. KAI,abercrombie paris, KB1 are normally closed relay contacts, Here the main role in their interlocked 9] successfully used in transformation of IO months without a relay has burnt out (ring Yongxiang)


the method has obvious advantages

when the pull pull left when the key switch SA
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