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Default abercrombie pas cher fep etrp lkaw

Intelligent design inclinometer

Data that we use a continuous cycle of reading the thread to receive serial port to receive data sent underground, the flow chart shown in Figure 4; another thread devoted to the display that showed when the application is opened, showing the thread to run, has been to close the application, the receiving thread to run and stop the thread by the display control. Communication between the two threads is to use a custom messaging to achieve. Figure 4 Flowchart 5 receiver thread error analysis inclinometer measurement accuracy greatly influenced by temperature. In the process of drilling increases with depth, the temperature of 3 ℃ / 100m speed increase. Temperature changes resulting data have a greater drift, thus affecting the precision of inclinometer, if not timely correction, directional will fail. In order to improve the inclinometer to high temperature,franklin marshall pas cher, high temperature components in the selection of the same time, it also uses hardware compensation loop accuracy improved. As the bottom temperature is generally between changes in 2OoC ~ 100oC, the instrument is difficult in such a wide temperature range to achieve high accuracy. Therefore, we designed the inclinometer sensor, in addition to the above method, it should also establish a mathematical model of temperature compensation, that is, using the software method for temperature compensation. . In the guide positioning system, the magnetic declination correction is an indispensable part, and magnetic declination correction orientation directly affect the accuracy of positioning accuracy. General positioning systems are based on geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude) to represent the real-time location, in directional drilling, this real-time location is along the meridian bit (true north) and latitude (true east to) the integral obtained . Therefore, the guide positioning system, there must be a true north as the base, and this is a direct reference to true north without the need to rely on magnetic sensors (eg magnetic compass, fluxgate sensor, etc.) to be, that is magnetic north direction as the base of the magnetic orientation, plus a This correction. Is the true north and magnetic north to the angle between,ralph lauren pas cher, called the magnetic declination or magnetic variation (magnetic declination in the magnetic navigation, said poor). And provides magnetic north east and north somewhat true, the magnetic declination is positive, and vice versa, was negative. Currently, the majority of our oilfield drilling directional wells, using the magnetic declination correction value from the Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping Institute of Geophysics, 8O 2O century China's volume of magnetic declination map counted by the school coincided with a certain degree of improvement can be measured accuracy. 6 Conclusion The design of the inclinometer is a smart use of accelerometer, magnetometer sensor and a combination of single-chip high-precision positioning device, which uses high-temperature, solid-state sensor, high accuracy, stable performance, small size, low cost, low power consumption. Therefore believe that the intelligent inclinometer will have good market prospects. References [1] Qinxian Zhong, et al. Automatic magnetic variation correction in real-time navigation system application [C]. Beijing: Second National Symposium on geomagnetic survey and map compilation, 1987. . [1] Zhang University. Sensor electronics. Beijing: National Defence Industry Press, 1990. [3] Guozhen Qin. Acoustic measurements with the inclinometer [J]. Journal of Scientific Instrument, 1992,13 (1) :90-96. f4] Xia Guohui. Automatic magnetic declination correction in real-time directional drilling in oil field applications [J]. Advances in Geophysics, 1995,10 (2) :95-97. f5] David Lu, Fan Shihong. Technical study report of foreign logging [Well Logging Technology, 1997,abercrombie pas cher,21 (6) :377-379. [6] Zhou Hualin. Directional and horizontal wells based field measurement techniques. Oil drilling technology, 1998, 26 (2): 288. [7] Wu Wei. Drilling inclinometer temperature compensation research fields. Electronic Measurement and Instrument,mbt chaussures paris, 2002,14 (3) :64-66. [8] Qiao Hongbing. Drilling inclinometer error analysis [J]. Coal Mine Machinery, 2003 (8) :41-43. [9] Han Huiqing. New bi-directional tilt sensor data acquisition software development practices' technology and management experience, 2003,20 (6) :55-58. [10] PullmanNJ. Matrixtheoryanditsapplications [M]. MorcelDekker. Inc. , NewYork ,1976:117-121. [11] GrejnerDA, WangJ. Gravitymodelingforhig} I-accuracyGPS/INSintegration [J]. Navigation. 1998,45 (3) :209-220.
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