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Default gucci borse sito ufficiale gucci sito ufficiale gu

Arising from either man was angry passengers down to the ground. Shooting a passenger to provide

Shanghai Shenzhen Evening News reported that the aircraft ready to slide into Yanzhao Xiong Kim Joo runway, suddenly to the Air China flight CA1894, you will encounter will be so confused depressed intolerable, extremely sad reminder. Last night, that should have arrived in Shanghai CA1894 flight passengers, airlines can arrange to stay in a hotel in Shenzhen, the local air sighed a long night, have no desire to sleep.
newspaper said the airport hotline received a bizarre scene of rebellion, a flight to Shanghai was known as There the passengers in the 22, the Shenzhen Evening News reporter rushed to the airport, and she also encountered a few stay in the airport passenger flight CA1894, they are being parties to the civil aviation arrangements for hotel accommodation.
According to some of the passengers recalled: around 19:30 yesterday, CA1894 normal passengers boarding flights. Close to 20,borse gucci, the aircraft has been started, seemed to be sliding into the runway. But this time, the cabin actually had an argument. Two passengers and a woman I do not know why the reason for flight attendants launched a temper. Serious one came to understand, the original is to
passengers told reporters the scene: two men and a woman passenger said the Air is a member shall be entitled to upgrade services, and they want to sit in adjacent seats. But the flight attendants that is difficult to meet the requirements of the two passengers, and finally even the captain have come forward to explain, but it seems the two passengers are not satisfied. Other passengers are relatively calm start, in a quiet waiting for the results. Can over time, we can not wait.
in the hotel, reporters continue to interview the passengers of these depressed. They told reporters, when flight attendants have tried to explain the situation to the passengers and said unit being processed. However, during the whole event was not broadcast on local public situation, and different flight attendants explained to the passengers are different.
20 am, the captain's announcement, please passengers off the plane. At this point, which is already spreading in the cabin of discontent seems to be lit. According to passengers, recalled the scene: At the time, man and the woman was guided to a minibus. Other passengers off the plane after another, some passengers will be surrounded Zheliang bus.
a passenger from Beijing, told reporters: He heard the passengers asked the man to apologize. But the man sitting in the car did not come out. Passengers feeling out of control, open the windows, opened the door, the man who at winning out. Another passenger told reporters: the man immediately fell to the ground, seems to also kick his legs. The President and his colleagues have been trying to protect this man. Then a passenger out of professional SLR cameras to film them, but they covered his face with the paper. Until the police arrived, the woman was only two passengers away from the crowd.
the passengers in Beijing, said: later to inform you that flight check-in staff, however, everyone in the cabin waiting for nearly 1 hour later, they waited to the flight was canceled because of bad weather news. 21:50 or so, and everyone left the cabin, down the aircraft.
: In accordance with flight schedule arrangement, the Air China flight CA1894 should be 19:45 in the Baoan International Airport, at around 21:50 landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Occurred because the cabin can be unpleasant, causing passengers to 21:50 time-sharing is still the airport to the At this point, Shanghai's weather situation suddenly changed.
news sites by querying the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau was informed that, the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory at 21:55 on February 24 issued orange fog warning signals: fog, visibility in some areas will appear less than 200 meters thick fog. the.
However, CA1894 Flight of the passengers may not think so. Depressed they can imagine - Flight changes can before the weather arrived in Shanghai, because the so-called , fog approaching, flight cancellations,sito ufficiale gucci, and airport runways in the cabin on the delay of several hours, now have to delay all night.
passengers that the airline mismanagement

can not blame other people, people of deep feeling, no way, I would think that airlines deal with a problem.
introduced, according to passengers, crew and captain in the process to persuade the two passengers, the plane did not broadcast to us a clear explanation why. Crew to the passengers to explain the details of each individual is different, the content is generally one male passenger and a female passenger wants to sit down together, while the unit can not meet their demands, so the stalemate occurred. Passengers that such an interpretation, we regard the grievances can easily lead to that two passengers concentrated.
In addition, passengers 20 am when the first plane, a passenger on the men and women worry that we will become the object of condemnation; to the airlines who did not give them adequate protection. Only one minibus driver, had been led to a number of men that were inappropriate treatment. Until the police arrived,gucci borse, only to calm the situation.
then again, passengers boarding, the thought is about to take off, but to the flight cancellations and other messages. Description passengers to: the airport was broadcast just about the This also made them very unhappy.
this reporter trying to police confirmation. 23:00 reporters at the airport saw a man dressed in police uniforms, for the Air China flight CA1894, said he was unaware of the incident, he told journalists at the airport public security duty phone, confirmed to reporters on duty about the situation. They have been reporting to the relevant Public Security Bureau Command at the airport. 25, 0 am, reporters once again call on duty at the airport, call the Public Security Bureau Command, described the situation required duty hours to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau authorities understand the situation.
Building B at the airport gate, the counter did not see the Air staff. Civil Aviation Hotel in the press did not find the staff of airlines, passengers said they were put up their own ticket to the front desk for room card room. As reflected in the man and the woman passenger and two passengers of Air China is the
According to passengers, said: airline will be 25 to inform them as early as 8:30 flight to take another flight to Shanghai.
friends Passengers say the two comfortable seats are not satisfied. stewardess advised after, I know you said the chairman of Air China, I can cancel your flight, and later got into a fight, said the service unsatisfactory. request aircraft. the last flight decided to return to re- security, all of them off the plane. The two men are Air China Platinum Card, the plane in an uproar. stewardess mm look of helplessness. Bloggers are a well-known figures from Shanghai. Subsequently, a surprising
20 时 33 points: So threatened, chairman of Air China to meet you. The flights CA1894, Air China Flight Shanghai, Shenzhen, ask someone to help the forwards. > 20:40: apology. the masses crowded around the police. Time 59 minutes: p>
22 时 05 points: statement by bloggers, passengers have been evacuated to hotel.
23 时 19 points: p>
23 时 31 points: room. forgot to say, is one of a first class. increasingly concentrated. 相关的主题文章:


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