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Old 05-15-2011, 03:55 PM   #1
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Default Sweet smile , and singing and we cherish and the l

I'm still powerless sixteen time, half dedicated to the school, and half dedicated to NetEase.

fact, I still guilty saying this, and dedicated to the schools of the time, it would not say by half.

can only say that the surface is so, but it is actually do not know where.

previously described the passage of time to see people always say the same as 肉包子打狗 never to return.

time that something is so, after a pass by.

up to now can also hand out diplomas only skin deep and then nothing else.

and dedicated to the game, do not say only half, or part count obscenity has been more than half the time.

have I boasted that the youth is to splurge, and also meet a lot of fans of this speech.

Later I realized this is just kind of excuse.

from 03 years of lying 2-07 three years of lying and then lying back to 2009 in two years, experienced what some trance.

but it is certain that the development is out of NetEase's games were meager force.

has always been used in various ways to comfort themselves - who have actually been received and lost in the process of experiencing.

So peace of mind to play for many years, and later contact with people who are more or less of me, let me go to peace of mind.

including fat brother, three years ago about his gaming history, he said that fortunately was reduced to playing the game so that He must go to drugs.

these became my reason for self-comfort, and then a few years as one day.

we are in a variety of reasons and excuses to cover their escape and paralysis, to fulfill their inner emptiness.

all know, one deep into online games like the sea, in order to fill the spiritual life of poor, and then to find more excuses for themselves.

Or is the current popular phrase, we are not playing games,DC Hats, but lonely.

and later analysis of these years of wasted again, just as many people and all because of loneliness.

clearly know, is the game of the two types of people indulge one of them.

such two types of people indulging in the game, a life without facing pressure, a pressure of life in the escape.

These are some of nonsense, is my usual hypocritical and wordy, Cipian real theme to commemorate my first 8 years of lying full level.

on January 12, 2011. From May 2009 in Yang Liuchun wind began to laugh now together zone sweet.

less than two years to a number from 0 reaches 180, of course, more than one of my credit.

hesitated for a long time in the 179, because of his previous promises of threatened, 180 to leave.

180 such as a goal, has become all the power of reason.

, as before, always used to set some goals for yourself, and be willing to do it.

achieve their goals will find nothing but after that, then not all the motivation and desire, and then began to continue to the next.

play the game even more so, these years have been bored.

Like many others, because the game easier than the reality of getting what you want.

to sum up past experiences, I have been in the game any desired, in addition to the things money can buy directly.

wind from the initial to Yang Liuchun happy and friends, to make the top ten Minmo from bullying, and later the full level.

wish one another a small target that makes the continuation of that enthusiastic, not too high, only in the capacity range.

that would more easily be met, and the small happiness.

180 is the final goal, and then can not find anything else, that they will want the same as before dashing away.

came to the 180, but had to contradict the original on their commitments.

because I do not listen to the rain Villas for our gang to get stable first.

and because the game is no longer a game, or that play what is no longer important, it is important and with whom.

games have become a carrier, a friend of the platform to maintain.

continuation of these friends is the most important reason. Now passed along their own Guo Siniang fuss with age.

a young man making a fuss for a long time, and his feel his sickness, the kind of attitude is absolutely vicious cycle.

later began bragging chatting and killing, and then they gradually become a habit.

from a young man he began to everything tangled Africa and Africa in the game are far too in love with the later myself.

then notes down what is no longer moving, I feel nothing to write every day as happy and full.

young love those who love ah, now that the cloud of God Madu Cheng.

only and have been together close to the wave of people stumbling, and killing bragging force is eternal.

used to think my memory is not good, remember the best thing is to write down the best,

to write down later to understand the natural record shows, no less than mind would even write to forget.

small elegy that sentence a few years ago I remember, she said, words can only gloss over their own fault.

order to themselves, and to not gloss over their errors, that is, they've found a reason to lazy to write no more.

brush a few days ago days when mixed team, added a special team to kill slowly, only to find later that they just look at grades three turn.

suddenly found themselves as if from the time just to switch has been a long, long time into the recall effort had to go again.

has been said that if if a person began to recall the past, it is certainly too bad now.

is not bad, perhaps, or because of loneliness, sudden loss of the target after the upgrade, such as empty, the whole people.

and then think we should practice to write down what you will not be nothing left in a game.

be a panic in the heart of it, or feel that something tangible can be preserved only prove the existence of the scene.

first mighty wind into Yangliu Chun who is now a major allocation of the remaining three.

never thought would be the three of us stayed on the old bitch has also become the core of Machines Villas.

sometimes think the result is very dramatic, not like leveling from the original landscape to only like to watch most of the energy to the gangs.

exchange for a few years ago, did not dare to think about, because carrying them through and not just the change in mentality.

met four to five years since the little girl to big girl from the process.

little girl of three who is no longer in ignorance come from the school community, but also because of the game change and grow.

still remains young, youth on the swinging tail, was happy with the effort, and also frustration with tangled.

many people do not know what she did for me both in the willows play it, all that we met in this area.

this point I am also quite proud of, because we are familiar with the open area longer than a lot of wind Yangliu Chun, both for me and she came.

many years, so we have a family and have children, even grown old,

then remembered that this section of the game is actually called the experience of emotion, must be smiling, I am convinced.

and my team,Cheap Air Max Shox, from the 2009 article written by Thanksgiving Day on record, after so long, we have together.

two people half-way replaced the liberal arts and Na are due to practical reasons had to leave the game.

sister later joined the core U sister have been together now, there have been bumps but still firm guarding the habit of each other.

counting the open area could have been together since the team, very few are hard to come by a few pieces are mostly concentrated in the us to help.

with the phrase

ironic that I used for that call to our opposition who accumulate enough lung power, as they experienced the fall of the seven gangs.

I always used gang purposes, to life, fun game.

there I have said, All good things come to an end, but we must remember 且行且珍惜 in the gallery.

really no alternative but to leave the game might someday to pursue a better life, perhaps the memory of the future will one day melt.

But one thing is sure, that is another blessing, the future we have to have a happy and healthy.

Machines Villas is the only stand so far have an open area gang, this and everyone is inseparable.

dust from the initial promise of the sword, to the Regulus proud day, Ao-xue Ling rain, to me.

a person must have a lot of people behind in support,Wholesale Shox, so have enough courage and motivation to take the fight.

And precisely because of the support of friends, all that has become a virtual reality.

real emotion is not advertised it, but to carefully understand.

I imagine that the same gang in the speech, ridicule was to create a harmonious atmosphere in my article.

helping in the principles of

let everyone think that gang is not just a place to enhance the resistance, in order to help win the war experience to stabilize after the 400W.

the first large group of like just a name, in name in the virtual world is not my commendation.

I want is so similar wave of every three people who gathered outside the place in life.

tired tired think of to open the game and see everyone, it eliminates fatigue, good mood to start refreshing new day.

here to support and help each other to maintain stability is my ultimate goal, although it is quite idealistic.

enough I always feel that life is hard, the purpose of the game is to relax the tension of the nerves, in order to achieve the real purpose of entertainment.

I also adhere to their own ideas in order to have enough faith in exchange for faith.

Fortunately, so far, I have not been disappointed, nor was terminated. In addition to the two elder sisters, and my team, there are my spiritual support, the former Aoxue family.

Ling rain I said, if his name there in the core gang, I was very free from anxiety.
He smiled and said

I was the only people who refuse to go to their team, but now it seems like everything is doomed to the same.

not to expect the worst as the loss of two sets of people, like any of them, once again thank the guidelines had little elegy.

one thing more determined after the meaning of a friend, and virtual in the faith.

see them every day online, and my heart would be that somehow stability, does not need to say anything to each other.

the joint area, the team came to help in the leaves, as well as new friends poppy areas, but also the spirit of my more or less encouraged.

feeling is that we are here, so I have to do, be kind of responsibility.

there are those neat little family names, and also my warm heart of a small Unit.

then they all come together, it condensed into all my enthusiasm and motivation.

forgive me again customary hypocritical and small sad.

sometimes still happen to think or talk about those who leave, or because the gang kicked off the development of people.

kicked one for each half will weigh whether the development should be away to deny the person's past.

order to maintain the first, and drifting, doing a bad turn with Xiaowei.

then face questioning and condemnation,Oakley Sunglasses, and sometimes a few words to his own defense that also appears weak.

a lot of time can only say nothing, excuse too many times, you even think that far-fetched.

convinced if we can do everything, that is no longer the man became a god.

tired when Xiaowei said that when the main fact, even if the help comes not busy fighting for reality, the heart is the battlefield to help, so tired.

fact, this is kind of serious and responsible attitude, and I could see in him the spirit of the times than I'm serious.

including drifting in the main fact just take over when the joint area during the time the scandal wore fishing alone, or to help with carrying a whole.

I remember listening to the rain in the pay of each person, including a variety of reasons, from the people.

only promised that if the old members leave for various reasons had to temporarily help, please return later.

I keep the existing two hundred and fifty people have left the list of members, in this also like to thank everyone.

romantic revenge said, all-powerful person in the game, certainly in reality very general mixed.

I never questioned the authenticity of these words. Can do well, will inevitably consume a lot of energy.

and a person's energy is limited, so only selectively discarded.

a very long time I repeated to give up, they still hesitated, or because of liability.

course, this reality has not faced the pressures of life, but also with their always evade responsibility.

even if real life is really too general, how, how many people can do in life is not normal yet.

short life, but love to choose their own way of life in the Bale.

Again, in any case, I feel like is worth and satisfaction.

originally wanted to commemorate their full level but, in fact, be regarded as a summary for nearly two years.

school when the teacher always let us write a summary after the test to analyze whether their progress this term.

later develop this habit, the end at a certain stage to a summary of lessons learned and lessons of failure.

This is a good habit, at least to more clearly identify themselves, not lose.

total stop to think before himself wandering in a landscape in the game and start recalling the tragic.

then found a long time not to be, even in the Yang Liuchun Not a good stay off the wind, see the sights.

years is the knife, carved in the face of signs of heart, and then flatten all the spines and corners.

That's good for the game itself is kind of faith and sustenance of life.

most important thing is everyone's spiritual life for some modest strength.

Sometimes they say, aunt, with whom I and so and so, you help me find us suitable fit.

or, Mother, help fight can not come, ask for leave, to come will come.

aunt, and the ancient city of our team to try it and see if our strength is further improved.

Mother, I have not space here, from helping first time is done and leave to come back, keep my position.

Mother, we want to come to help so and so, he and I have good relations, you see how to add to the mix, I can guarantee the character and attendance.

Mother, help how siege warfare how, how how I feel.

aunt, it is tough, we all love you.

every word a certain, very sweet.

role was changed into uncle aunt, uncle began to do every day to let everyone call me uncle.

then molested the little girl who was gang, we are helping in the joking, enjoyable.

first got together first to help in the war zone to help after two weeks, I said we Come on, win to YY to you sing

won the last moment I remember, gang channel in the brush over the celebration of the word.

unprecedented excitement that day, I like to see the joy of each person to feel that efforts to win recognition.

This is what I want, allowing gangs to become a big family, you can so that we can think of to rely on in difficult times and shared.

happy and willing to share together, because they do not involve the interests of reality, much easier to connect.

like monkeys in reality to help each person married to a big red envelope as 500W.

This is not to show off how rich, but everyone is willing to share the joy of their wedding.

He also said that he touched, wedding day all the way to call a friend sent blessing.

gang mouth that day many people gathered in to help in sending a blessing.

the game a few years time for me, but also a feeling that is called contentment.

lot of things are I believe, from the open zone will house the night finds the rise, and later listening to the rain that always will stand.

I believe that faith can do no probation, I believe the game can not lose faith.

everything that I believe has a basis of the facts, and also verified the accuracy of the results.

believe not come for no reason, can they be so sure, like the haze in the sky certainly will be fine after that.

believe that faith will definitely be happy, whether it is in the game or life.

wrote here and I like to mark off the subject of full level, not like the game summary.

it lightly what it is it, in fact, this is what I expressed, most of my real heart.

lying Series I become attached to eight years, laughed and cried passion for the game had been too bitter.

loved and hated, the harvest of love, friendship, experiencing growth of the price to be paid.

I too guarded,winter cap, too magic, too cents devices, although this is far and my input, but I also so satisfied.

most dramatically, I have to guard the former one second trying to persuade friends to calmly game.

gold color before eating a sub, I can say that as long as the high-growth, I do not what luxury.

and surprises are always coming in after the peace of mind, I further believe that the importance of stride.

help of the main fact I did three, two are the first large group, when the main fact is accidentally, I had to go all out.

the most full of enthusiasm and action, prepare for the worst, expect the best results.

can be considered, and a small elegy to chat after the emotion of it, we walked the three strange girl with such a long time yet.

blessing and listen to the rain Villas For every friend. Would have been happy. More than a year.

- END -
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