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Default gucci outlet borse gucci borse gucci Seven childre

Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Shiyu and Li Zheng

Sanya Zhoukou 7 children begging by the Henan Business Daily reported that after the incident that caused a tremendous concern.
yesterday afternoon, seven children were safe receipt of Taikang Zhang Jizhen. Inconsistent with the previous statement, the villagers identified, Xu B Wind, B Xu and Zhai Chao sing, Di Wudi of 4 people do not own, is likely to be
In addition, anti-trafficking office Zhoukou Police received notice of Henan Province, Zhang Jizhen The team rushed to investigate seven incidents of children begging.

villagers said the four children is not my

about 4 pm yesterday, after two days of bumps on the road, begging in Sanya Zhoukou 7 children and take the lead in begging Liwei Fang, were sent to Sanya, a working group of local safety pick. The children looked haggard face, wearing well-intentioned people to buy new clothes, begging experience of avoided.
short stay in hospital after Zhang Jizhen Government, 8 was immediately transferred to the 3 car, were sent home. Among them, Taikang Zhangji Zhen Xu Meng Tong Village B Wind, B Xu and Zhai Chao sing, Di Wudi 4 people were sent home.
after receiving a media interview in Hainan, Taikang Zhangji Zhen Liu instructor Universal has said the police station, after two days of investigation, seven children who are both Bangladesh Student Village. Among them, the wind Xu B, Xu B's father, Chao Xu Hui (formerly Xu Xiujie), and Zhai sing, Di Wudi's father, Di Wen Chi, they are still in Sanya.
, however,borse gucci prezzi, inconsistent with the official caliber, there are Meng Tong Village villagers reflected that the child is not 4 Xu Hui,gucci outlet, Di Wen Chi own child, but a rental.
. In response to this argument, Henan Chinese Commercial News reporter Diao Chu four individual photos, so identified by Zhang Yue Xiurong.
Yuexiu Rong said, does look like, Yuexiu Rong Zhai son to see the photos in full-ring shaking his head said, do have Di Wudi of 4 individuals, but not my photos look.
Di Xiangming Meng Tong Village of the original village officials also said the children in Sanya,borse gucci, certainly not their own, but rented, posing with their baby's name out of money.

child control ?
response to this argument, yesterday, around 16:30, Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daodi and Wu Di, Lijun Lan Di's grandmother sing at home, saw the two children.
to identify, He said he is not good for learning to take my sister to go to Sanya begging, and no adults to lead.
However, this statement saying his grandmother was inconsistent. Lijun Lan said Di Wudi's father fall apart due to go home, Xinjiang, and she let the children out to beg with the village of Xu Hui. This statement is also very different from the official version.
the same time, another detail is quite intriguing. Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Li and Jun Lanjia interview, there is a middle-aged woman was inside the house and sing and chat with Zhai, claiming to be the child's aunt.
At this time,

investigation team set up to investigate

not only the Sanya begging, no one to lead. In addition, Li Weifang said Di Wudi, who do not know.
where wind and Xu Xu B B, respectively, claiming 6 years old and over 8 years old. Zhoukou to Sanya drive nearly 30 hours, which several groups of children are alone, do go to Sanya, I really have such a coincidence? 4 kids in the end it is not I?
the face of these doubts, yesterday afternoon, the Henan Business Daily reporters to seven children reporting to the provincial anti-trafficking office. Provincial anti-trafficking office, said a staff member surnamed Xing, Zhoukou City Public Security Bureau will inform anti-trafficking office, request the local police for investigation.
Zhoukou City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Unit told the deputy chief of detachment from the Stone Henan Business Daily reporters Jun, Zhoukou City Criminal Investigation Unit has received a provincial anti-trafficking office phone, begging children in the event of seven very seriously. The team yesterday, arrived here today Zhangji Zhen Meng Tong Village Plan survey seven children the existence of criminal acts of a guardian.

has no compensation for lost children

7 名 Zhoukou Sanya begging children touched the hearts of countless readers regarding the heart. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday morning, the Henan Business Daily Moon was the exclusive disclosure Zhu Di Xuefeng acrobatic performances out of classes after the boss and child beggars, Ren Fangfang was missing fingers nailing the issue, but also led to a public uproar. (See Henan Business Daily February 15 A05 version)

villagers WANG Hai-ying said that in 2004, Moon was the daughter Zhu Di Xuefeng acrobatic performances out Shuaza Ji boss class, and soon disappeared. In addition, he served as the daughter of Ren Fangfang Renshang Tian Zhuang villagers to go out with Di Xuefeng Shuaza Ji, sent back last year after he found his daughter was ill, he reported to the police station after Zhang Jizhen has yet to result.
yesterday morning, 17-year-old Zhai Meng Tong Village full of sound to the Henan Business Daily reporters that he went in 2009 to follow Di Xuefeng Guangxi, begging, have seen over Ren Fangfang.
yesterday, WANG Hai-ying presented the 2010 However, WANG Hai-ying said that this compensation money they did not get far.
all of the above two incidents point to the boss Zhaixue Feng Meng Tong Village acrobatics. Yesterday afternoon, the Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daodi and Xue Fengjia, but found the door locked.
Subsequently, the reporter called Zhang Jizhen Li Wei, director of the police station. Li Wei confirmed that indeed the two cases. Li Wei, said Ren Fangfang case to the deputy director of the Baiji Wei treatment he is currently not yet closed. Interpol also ask, but could not find Di Xuefeng, some of the current lack of evidence.

Chongqing street entertainer has six children, begging Zhoukou

Yesterday, the Chongqing Morning News reporter Zhi Diancheng hope the streets of Chongqing, Henan Business Daily 6 concerns Name Zhoukou entertainer of children.
2 12, Chongqing Morning Post reported Zhoukou children in Chongqing Three Gorges Square and other places show Chongqing Morning Post, told reporters that the lead of the middle-aged woman called Lifang Yan, she and her six children are from Cheng Zhoukou Jixiang Sun Qiaocun Luyi County. By the Chongqing police investigation, which six children are not trafficked children, but Lifang Yan relatives brought from home.
yesterday, the reporter opened the Lifang Yan's phone, she claimed, has six children two days back home Sun Qiaocun, some money.

Xu Tada's home in

Lingbao Yu Ling Town

Xu Tada children begging on the streets of Xi'an incident, yesterday, new progress,
yesterday morning, Henan Sanmenxia Lingbao finally locked spiritual town. Subsequently, through contact with local police to find the father of Xu Xu Zhenping Tada.
noon yesterday, the reporter contacted Xu Zhenping, he told reporters that her daughter was in May last year, fled after an argument with the grandmother, and then gone missing. Around 2 pm, Xu Zhenping finally see her lost daughter. Orphanage in Weinan City, said Yu Ling Xu Zhenping to the town police station to issue a proof of father and daughter relationship, it will be her home. 相关的主题文章:


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