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Default Office 2010 Activation Foreign media Microsoft OE

excellent article recommends:

Windows7 rave reviews Ballmer 14-year-old son, contributed

8844: Windows7 Home Premium was once the most sought-after out of stock
Data: Windows7 released the first week of PC sales rose 40%

Windows7 SP1 Beta1 completed by the end of next year out of RTM

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If Microsoft wants users to take seriously the Windows license agreement, then it should in a clear, unambiguous way to explain to the user license agreement. Regrettably, however, Microsoft has done this work is not good.

Many online shopping sites provide enough OEM System Builder license. Because prices are low, this license agreement is very attractive to users. In the use of this authorization,Office 2010 Professional, in addition to not upgrade beyond, Windows7 to achieve normal function of almost all the retail version.
many users have purchased this OEM System Builder license, and they bring the convenience of using this authority is satisfied. However, according to Microsoft, these users have violated the OEM System Builder License Agreement terms. Terms of the agreement shows the user after the installation packages must be pre-installed on OEM PC sold to a third party. If the user in their own OEM pre-installed packages installed on your computer, then Microsoft's Windows7 do not think users are
, however, allows any online retailer selling Microsoft OEM System Builder software, but did not mention the software terms of use and restrictions. Microsoft believes consumers should read the print before using the software instructions on the packaging.
Microsoft Web site to say

Microsoft Windows fans had previously allowed for the personal use of low-cost OEM System Builder software, Microsoft last year in a document clearly illustrates this point. However, this document does not exist now. Over the past 2 years, some people inside Microsoft are purposeful, systematic removal of this document on the Internet, only a few other languages ​​is still visible. OEM version of Microsoft Windows systems have about the information integrated into OEM Partner Center and try to prevent users to buy and use this version of the system.
Microsoft has said that online retailers will provide users with OEM System Builder software licensing rules. When the user will be (Bing) shopping search search single Windows7 Ultimate 64-bit, there are 21 sites selling the version of Windows, the price from 169.53 to 237.59 U.S. dollars range. Will be returned by the search are the project, users can get up to 7% discount.
But surprisingly, these sites are selling OEM System Builder software. When the user must be authorized with a complete search Windows7 Ultimate, will not find anything. By Bing, the user can find the upgrade package and the OEM version of software, both of which can not legally be installed on newly purchased home computer. However,Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, when searching through Google, will see a complete 138 authorized dealers Windows7, prices as low as $ 280.92.
When the user opening the search results will be provided after the ZipZoomfly.com, CompUSA.com,Office 2010 Activation, TigerDirect,Windows 7 Activation, and CompSource other sites do not have any information about the Microsoft license agreement, or even provide a link to Microsoft OEM authorized link. The surface of the egg and the new website contains the following statement: network also did not provide details of the licensing agreement, and no warning users not to buy the version of software.
Microsoft Windows7 forum did not provide an accurate statement. For example, a user asked, as a small business operator if he can buy OEM System Builder and to help customers to upgrade the computer. Forum on the Microsoft OEM version of the system is reliable, the only difference with the full version is that once installed, you can not be installed on other computers. However, this argument is a clear violation of Microsoft's licensing agreement. Microsoft's answer to a similar forum as well.
Microsoft should be wrong answer. Technically, the user is actually allowed to install the version of the software.
A spokesman for Microsoft, OEM software use policy has not changed, but the Microsoft documentation previously circulated on the Internet is But industry insiders believe that as long as Microsoft's own Web site had posted the documents, then the policy is the case on behalf of Microsoft. By removing the documents, related documents and said there is never sudden change in approach to policy is not desirable. This means that the lack of transparency and lack of respect for consumers.
industry believes that the software license agreement should be respected, but in this case taking into account the company failed to communicate effectively with users, Microsoft should be on everything. Microsoft officials should be approved under reasonable circumstances the user to use OEM version of Windows7. <!--
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