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Reprinted from 691752347 at 18:05 on September 29, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary
how to let their children become smart it? In my opinion, instead of spending huge sums of money to buy all kinds of early childhood educational health care products, as in daily life appropriate to eat a puzzle brain effects of food. The following ten kinds of food is to give children educational brain's \

● Fish: the ancients as \Fish rich in globulin, albumin, phosphorus nuclear protein, unsaturated fatty acids,pandora uk, iron, vitamin B12 and other ingredients are necessary for brain development early childhood nutrition. Some experts believe that there is no freshwater fish contains high unsaturated fatty acids, and freshwater aquaculture in China today is more serious water pollution, it is suggested, the children eat freshwater fish and marine fish, the best ratio of 1:2.

● Almonds: Almonds are a nutrient-intensive not only nuts, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and calcium, iron and other minerals, in many cultures, it is romantic and health representatives. The nutritional value of almonds is very balanced, not only animal protein containing similar nutrients, such as protein and fat, also contains specific plant components cellulose. Large pieces of sweet almonds are nourishing the heart, eyesight, educational features, can often take their children smarter. Will buy peeled almonds and peanuts, soybeans with foam, made with almonds, peanuts, soya milk drink for children, help children absorb.

● jujube: date \Dates to the children at night to drink soup or eat a handful of fresh dates, can intake of vitamin C, trace elements, the role of a tranquilizer puzzle, let the child sleep at night easily nightmare practical, enhanced sleep after the \.

● Longan: longan, also known as longan, frail child of nourishing and soothing effect, long-term use can improve the child's forgetfulness phenomenon, cardiac puzzle effect. Chinese medicine, longan is a fruit of blood the heart benefits, as long Yipi wise to medicine. However, Longan and more humid, either fresh or dried longan longan, up to three times a week, bulimia easy for kids to get angry, there dry stool and other issues.

● Honey: Because honey has a high nutritional value, the clinical application of modern medicine, taking the honey can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm sleep, improve the body's immune system, to promote growth and development of infants and young children have a positive effect. Growth and development of infants and young children because of various nutrients needed, including a variety of educational components, almost all contain honey. Transferred to warm water to take, can be treated constipation in children. Morning to take the best, you can also apply on bread slices or bread pieces on the food.

● Apple: Some scientists and physicians to Apple as \It contains alcohol can enhance the memory of the Apple factor. Letting children eat fresh apples, not eating high-temperature processed apple chips, and transferred to a large number of stabilizer and regulator of the blending-type flavors of apple juice. Apple juice is squeezed to extract the best together with skin and let the children drink finished in ten minutes, to prevent the prime apple alcohol oxidation.
● Grapes: Grapes are rich in nutrients, known as the \Light blue purple grape better than the grape is recognized as one of the best anti-oxidants, will supplement the liver and kidney, Qi and memorize, educational wise, but the child the best control in the daily consumption of 200 grams in order to avoid affect the intake of too much carbohydrate meal intake.

● black fungus: to purify the blood, are light to memorize. Ming Li in the \Who like to eat meat, hamburgers and other high-fat food, chubby pier, the black fungus released from the alkaline substance can absorb lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain cerebral artery plaque, so that memory and thinking has been significantly improved. Fungus can not not eat, we can not eat, especially pregnant women, children should control when the amount of food.
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