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Old 05-30-2011, 04:37 AM   #1
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Default IE10 stealth first appearance in IE9

Although only just launched
IE9 not long , but consumers have started to get an curiosity in the following generation of IE . The marketplace will normally be someone to perform issues , and nowadays the code was hidden through the IE9 dig out with the IE10 message.

Russian site TheVista.ru found , IE9 hidden a dialog box mentioned in IE10. Windows 8 beta on this foundation to come across the English version with the dialog box : >

not mainly because of the existing design of IE10 in the Logo, Microsoft inside the dialog box to make use of a placeholder Becoming representative of IE10. The dialog gives us a different fundamental message is the fact that the future , Microsoft ideas to upgrade the system to provide independent IE , but no longer use Windows Update to upgrade the system .

IE10 soon after the news release will likely be Windows eight previously , it appears that Microsoft has begun to take into consideration ways to IE9 a smooth transition to IE10 .
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