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Default cheap asics shoes-Law relationship analysis

,asics shoes
law relationship
term itself is a lie,asics tiger shoes, because it sounds like a binary relationship between mother and daughter, but they ignore the essence - this is the mother, wife and son of the triangle. And, this is the core of the triangular relationship between the son, not the mother and daughter. From this perspective, the mother-and daughter relationship is the worst thing a word, because it gives his son an excuse to let him calmly that this is what the two women, he can do much. In fact, he is the core, is the key to solve the problem, if he do nothing,asics gel, then the so-called mother-and daughter relationship is difficult at best. This triangular relationship, appears to be the traditional Chinese concept of the family result. Because the extended family concept, we are accustomed to on the marriage, the man to live together with the elderly. As a result, the new wife and son home to mix with the original family, which is easy to go wrong. Because, traditionally, a wife's role is most important, she is family, But now the family, wife and son is almost as important as,asics nimbus, like her to bear economic pressure, like the rush to go out and have a lot of the same resources, she must believe that this is her home, not her mother's home . If the mother believes that this is their home, and can not help but call the shots in this house, would inevitably clash. If the son of the
However, the essence of the problem is not the family, but the Oedipus complex, that Oedipus complex - the contrary is the love child complex. Oedipus complex is the father of psychoanalysis, Austria,cheap asics shoes, Freud proposed, but the domestic psychology generally agreed that China's Oedipus complex is more serious.
because the imbalance between the traditional Chinese family,cheap asics, parent-child relationship is the core, husband and wife relationship is a supporting role. In this mode, the mother-child relationship is almost certainly more important than husband and wife. That is, for a mother, the son is her most important emotional sustenance, her husband up in second place.
As a result, his son, once married, it means that a mother will lose their most important emotional sustenance, I am afraid that this huge loss not who is willing to accept. Unwilling under the mother and daughter will inevitably start a battle.
must be emphasized that the relationship between mother-and daughter become the most typical problems of the topic also has a premise: father and son and daughter live with her mother. On the contrary, if a father and daughter, son-in-law live with, then the troubles between mother and daughter father and son will be replaced by troubles.
as husband and wife relationship is supporting parent-child relationship, this tradition not only caused a mother love son, Love Dad also created a female. A woman who is too close relationship with his father and live with their parents longer than the time living with her husband, eventually led to her husband away from her.
family is not a problem, if the family respected the independence of small families, and that elderly people love each other, and their emphasis on parent-child relationship between husband and wife, then even if the father and son and daughter live with her mother, mother-and daughter relationship will not be a problem, because her mother lost their lives in just the second important person, that can bear. Similarly, if the father-in-law love each other, then the son and daughter to live with them is not a problem.
Remember: mother-and daughter relationship is a lie, the truth is the triangle,cheap asics tiger, and as the son of the core triangle is the best person to mediate the relationship between mother-and daughter, if he did not want his family apart, he became the responsibility to pay for, and actively way to regulate the relationship between mother and wife, not escape.
If you are older, please remember that
occasionally see a good text, turn to Dramas. More articles related to topics:

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