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Default Four student vice, you share a few

4 pieces of chalk hit man -
the content is rich and colorful carved: circled the word, true romance !)��
my first year in high school, I used to have a desk on the vicissitudes of the years of wear scar, that was my predecessors left behind. I looked at a while throbbing, decided three years of youth is not blank, I have engraved on it three years! -
2 music homework -
this habit are not limited to boys, in fact, girls first began. -
habit itchy performance of students, but also students of creativity. In our student days, do not know how many desks brutally torn knife. But no one feel bad, because the desk does not take home the school's property. The teacher did not put them seriously, so we became ravaged them. -
in a boring high school life, students can not hide the desires of youth, but to hurt others to vent through. The drop safe and stylish pieces of chalk, so to become the first choice for adolescents to vent thing. -
parents and teachers are very angry for this habit, if caught, they will confiscate the player, also came forward to stop light. Then it gradually became an underground activity. I was in high school,Casquette Ed Hardy, going to night classes just to listen to music, put the headphones come out from the clothes inside,Polo Ralph Lauren Femme, and then covered with hair headphones. This was also caught on a lot of times. -
But that was a standard, if you graduated or will not turn pen, will really be despised. -
high school, our class, almost everyone has this habit. Have a political teacher on the blackboard out of a problem, let us read answers, and then she Rao Zhuozou a circle. Back to the podium, she said: p>
this problem has been puzzling to teachers. In fact,Franklin Marshall Femme, we are very confused, a pencil to a pencil, how what and why? -
this habit is to determine the times you have gone through the most authoritative standard of students - almost no students will transfer pen. -
1 pencil. -
3 lettering on the table -
the bad habit, I think most students have the right? Whether at home or at school, homework time, like wearing headphones. If not a day listening to music, then the job will be done very uncomfortable. -
high school, girls will be transferred at the same table pen, so she is very despise me. I order not to be despised her,buy prom dresses, made cruel start to learn. First turn,ralph lauren camicie, the pen is always out on the table, again and again, the sound issue is irritable. I pencil in class, the classroom pencil, pencil going to night classes, physical education courses are hold a pen switch. Finally, the boys finally sitting around me can not stand the noise,sacs juicy couture, playing with my meal. I did not two days after being beaten, and finally learn to turn a pen! -
two boxes of chalk on each teacher to leave the podium, to come back the next day, on the podium only a few pieces left - that is left to the teacher's face. This time the teacher will be frowning, said:
he did not know how much of the bad habits to prevent the occurrence of error ah! -
(Former or present students of Come)
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