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Old 07-23-2011, 08:20 PM   #1
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Default Beautiful sentences , sentence tears , value colle

◆ Over the past one, can not rotate, do not corner, turn over the clay will be lost eyes.
◆ adult man's heart is not getting old, but also a smile and tears in the whirl.
◆ if you call, premier watery my heart.
◆ Some people can not tell where the good, but that no one can not be replaced!
◆ prefer the light of the idea, interpretation of the ups and downs of life.
◆ heart whether a move, tears on the 1000 line.
◆ go most urgent, is the most beauteous scenery; hurt the most are always the most real sentiments.
◆ your eyes, I will not Zaiyu eternal sea.
◆ people in the most tragic, most horror, no tears, tears always flow at the end of the story, the end of the stream in all!
◆ people who can live happily, but we choose a complex, choose a weep!
◆ detest to stir up, love covers all sins.
◆ put away their emotions, to go, miss the flowers, you will harvest rain, missed this one, you will encounter afterward.
◆ In fact, there are not any
◆ If you can choose, do not use hate to end a love.
◆ I believe I love you. Still. Always. Forever.
◆ life no failure, only pieces!
◆ from day wear non-hero, not being envious is mediocrity.
◆ In the world of love, not who I am apologetic, only who do not know how to cherish.
◆ happy to have sorrow, the rain, there should be fine. If rain or rain, alternatively if later the sad sad. Please let us calmly to face afterward the departure. Impossible to find a smile appears you!
◆ equitable a few decades of life, do not leave anybody regrets, Laugh, cry cry, when the love of love, unnecessarily limit their
◆ remembered, forget the forgotten. Change can alteration, accept change
◆ I would not concern the spirit of the emotions. Regret is greater than the loss of loss, greater error than the error, so do not regret it.
◆ There is a feeling of always sleep when it is agreed that always break up, only to see the
◆ scatter palm facing the sky, palm sunshine, it is I want to smile when you smile; palm with raindrops, it is occasionally I miss your tears dropping ... ...
◆ If the enemy makes you furious, it method you did not conquer his grab; If a friend makes you vexed, that you still care about the friendship
◆ When fancy and reality to face, always very painful. Either you are suffering down, or you step on the foot pain
◆ Be sure to have self-confidence. You are a landscape, scenery there is no need to look up the others.
◆ people always cherish, but have forgotten the
◆ beverage with three , first, hard if life; second, sweet like love; the third, if the light breeze.
◆ Not each effort will be rewarding, but every effort must be harvested, it is an unfair proposition

◆ irreversible memory is down to the water in the palm , whether you spread out or clenched, will finally flow drip by drop from the fingers neat.

◆ I forgot what year what day what month of the side walls where I carved a face with a sad smile, staring at my face.

◆ We smiled and said, we remain in the original at the time had long been quietly swept away by overflow

◆ Some people will always be engraved in memory, even forgetting His voice, forget his smile and forget his face, but think of him every kind of feeling is never changed

◆ never said that before the detachment people, already strewed in the horizon of.

◆ You never see the most lonely, when I look, because only you are not with me, I was the most alone.

◆ Who is who in the passing of life, who is the cycle of life, past life of dust, present in the air, endless sadness of marrow and spirit. ultimately are not a who's who

◆ The metropolis does not have grass Orioles fable, it will always live in the real inside, fast drums, acceleration diagram, numbness, eyes, counterfeit smile, and I am being domesticated

◆ time did not educate me everything, it taught me not effortless to trust the myth

◆ leave, to make asset simple, people become nice, like a child, we begin repeatedly .

◆ a wounded animal, it can go to a grotto to hide themselves,Christian Louboutin UK, and then lick their wounds, they insist, but once they are creature, it can not stand

◆ wound like me, is a headstrong child, refused to heal, because the heart is warm and humid place, for anything grow.

◆ because I know thatyou are possible worried about the kids, so I will pay you in the hands of line but did not dare to fly also distant.

◆ One day I will quietly hike away from your side, without any sound, I missed a lot, I was always a sadness.

◆ I As immediately look at you smiling, silent, elated, lost, so I emulate you follow you happy and sad, but I always stand immediately but you will always stay in the past.

◆ If we are children can stay in the time of the place, sit attach meantime listening to the anecdote that never grow antique while slowly Haoshou.

◆ When you really love something when you will find how language vulnerable and powerless. Text and there is always a feeling of alienation.

◆ forget that we should not change the fate of anything is not aligned like all the drawings back to the former than in the past stretched little by tiny, so slowly stagger to maybe stagger the things we really should be forgotten

◆ What is happiness? Is to cover up their sadness for everyone smile.

◆ I do not like talking that day, but most, I do not like smiling always laughing,Christian Louboutin Flats, everybody says nigh my life so elated, so I likewise calculate they really pleasure. But why would a massive team of friends suddenly on the muffle, why in the mob to watch a similar back to melancholy, to see the leaves fall off trees and outrageous I forgot to talk, saw it was getting late warm yellow lights aboard the road forgotten their original intention ...

◆ you give me a tear, I see your heart all the sailor

◆ you laugh once, I can be happy for several days; can see you cry once, I sad for several years.

◆ lonely people will always remember his life in the heart of everyone appeared, so I always get enough to think of you every star in the fall of the digit of my lonely night over and over again

1. a person always on a curious road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music, and then in a fortuitous moment, you will find, originally pains want to forget things really so forgotten. -
2. well, not live forever, not banquet at the chart, not the shadow. Happiness is every desire to approach a puny life. When you want to dine something to eat, when, when people want to be loved to love you. -

3. Love is light, friendship is the eclipse, when the lights went out, you will find that you are circled by shadows. Friends, is the last person who can give you strength. -
-4. I love you not because of who you are, but I am in front of you who can. -

5. love, or people mature, or let fall. -
- -
6. move can furnish to put the shriek weightlifting, elevating heaving load can afford to appropriate the appoint. Unfortunately, most people love, are weight-bearing. -

-7. We entire live in their elapse, human would use a minute to obtain to know a person, with an hour to favor something, and then one day to a standing ovation a person, to end it, have entire life time to forget someone. -

8. A person's life can fall in love with a lot of people, so you get real happiness belongs to you, you will understand the pain together is an funds, it makes you better to clutch and cherish the people you love. -

-9. A youth man in love will want to speak about a lot of times, but with age, and eventually fulfilled that love a person, even if the whole life time, or will not have enough. Slowly to understand the people, obliged this person, until the love as yet, is the need to have a very huge mind Caixing. -
10. When morrow becomes today becomes yesterday,Christian Louboutin Shoes, the last memory is no longer as important one day, we suddenly find ourselves unconsciously has moved along by time, this is not a motionless practice, cross train with the contiguous When the fantasy of moving forward as if their own,Christian Louboutin D'Orsays, but we really grow in this stuff in their own into different. -
-11. Leave me, do not solace me to know every darn will face pricking pain. -
-12. Once had, do not forget. Can not get, but also to cherish. Their own, do not give up. Has been lost, reserved for memories. -
-13. I used to like and things kept on changing the distance, this will not know what is the most time to relinquish the guidelines. Such as the love a person, full of variables, I then step back, silently watching, until you see the honest feelings. -

-14. Overlooking a man's love is born, while looking up a woman's love is born. If love like a mountain, then the males higher up you go the more you can look down a woman, while women can look up extra men to go up fewer. -
-15. Good love is you see the world through a wrong love makes you abandon the world to one person. -
16. In front of their own, ought always depart a place, reside there solo. Then love. Do no understand what, do not understand who do not know how to love, do not know how long you can adore. Just waiting as a love, not one may never. However, this waiting namely the love itself. -
17. Who has not crush and painful for that? We always think that love is quite ponderous, heavy is the weight of the world's most major. One day, Muran see back, we find that it has been quite light, very light. We thought that love deep, deep, to Japan annuals, will let you know, it is but very superficial, very superficial. Deepest and most important love have to grow up with. -
-18. In this world, only truly happy man, a woman can send true happiness. -

19. If a female is not sexy, it is necessary feeling; if it were not for sensitive, we must reason; if not reasonable, we must have self-knowledge; if this is not, she just disastrous. -

20. Not be receivable fall butme love, absence not sad,Christian Louboutin High Heels, but time, time time can be secondhand to oblivion. One was deeply ache the center, absence is not sympathy, but to comprehend. -
-22. I know thatthis world was waiting for me, but I do not know who I am, etc., for this, I am very happy every day. -

-23. The life of at least one cause, someone forgetting to themselves, not for a result, not for peers, not for once, do not even ask you love me. Love just to me the most beautiful,Christian Louboutin Boots, the face you. -

-24. I do not think the people mind is more mature and tolerant cover, what can be adopted. On the opposed, I think it should be a gradual process of removing, know what is most important to know what it is not important. Then, a pure simple person. -

25. When your heart is really in pain, tears almost to flow down, then speedily looked up, this chip once belonged to the sky; the day is still so vast, clouds are still so chic, it should not cry, because my leave does not take away your world. -

26. Time does not await for me, you forgot me, I never forget the firefly left hand, right hand in a decade a long think.

27. Everyone is a throne in his own world appearance arbitrary, you do not listen to me, but you do not let me listen to you.

28. a person close to the position is only so much you can give merely so many in this small surround, some people absence to come in, there are some people had to leave.

29. hiding in a given time, miss some time with the palm; hiding in a given location, also stand to miss a standing antecedents route, and I worried about people.

30. holding my hand, eyes closed, you will not go lost.

31. If one day we are not together, but also the same as usual.

32. the original txt and the slightest of kid is never happy, happy like the fun of their children, wandering into the sky, wandering back to the sky still refused

33 . those after carved in back will love the flowers, like the concrete floor out of the end of time with no wind jungle

34. Do not be the ideal fantasy, enthusiasm not to be hypocritical. Everything contentment.

35. From the moment the pupa cocoon is torn the peel of the grief Toru Toru Heart Lung numerous butterflies are in the moment of breakthrough ache was dead.

36. We have been looking, looking, that we have the ending
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