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Old 09-04-2011, 10:54 AM   #1
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Default by a freeze-frame camera called love. Today

Looking back through my past two decades, the rugged rugged rugged, Gully sill, but everything is also experiencing extraordinary legend of the paragraph.
proud to say, life is full of every stage. Because the filling in between, everyone had a treasure, but not the love of parents. Whether I'm around them or is it thousands of miles away, does not help the most vulnerable in their own strength to keep going even when not always raised his head and looked at the distant days. May be a touch of sun, it may be little stars, shining halo ring that will magically show off two warm smile. Ear, the familiar voice called to: Pan-Pan, I Met Your Mother support you. Tired to go home, ah. In fact, I always knew, somewhere on this planet, there are two people willing to Qingqi piece of heaven for me. Somewhere, there will always be double-warm cold hands touched my cheek. Blend well-being of the moment, I can feel what my heart has always been a solid guard ... ...
there are always some unfinished business to complete the memory of someone on your behalf, there are always some ambiguity in the affair was realized that on your behalf. Some of your experience you may be in blank, in the parents is the deep imprint gyrus cerebral convolutions. Is one such person, including parents, Xin-feeding before the half, and the second parent, had just repeated year old couple in the process of truly feel the bitterness of life and joy.
parents following episode is dictated to me. Yes ah, a baby can not walk yet, how can we remember the scene by then, there is a story about that and the pie ... ... bring mom baked pies, eight in ten famous street do not say, everybody else knows The total was not before. The time had to go back to that summer day in a moment, a beautiful young woman baked a pie in the kitchen, beautiful face in the smoke rising above the pot when the time is now hidden. Young man looked quietly at the side, arms of their baby babble language. This is a general picture of the extreme but very warm. Dad smiled and said: I eat very fast, but the end is still hot cake hot out of the mouth of the father of a water bubble Lingling, a lot of talent fade. When they told me what a smile is always immersed in a piece of memory. I think the fear of burn pain is already volatile in the feed me eat the bread of joy in the. Possible, the older people it somewhat forgetful, you have the clip and told me many times. Or that part of parenting a fellow I was growing up I had turned into a day of closure collections of pearl hidden in the depths of memory, and you also come to appreciate the play only occasionally. So often I hear tell you relish, as for the first time I heard. Smiling innocently at the side, and my heart wringing.
children to play 12 years from the note, I, like many children, under the umbrella of the parents appreciate the joy of growth. Attentive parents to tape record the infant under a piece of me. Two had yellowing tape,doudoune, he was placed under the eyes of their years. Outside the school a few years,abercrombie and fitch france, often to go home, my parents would always put tape out to me over and over again. Behind Yiyiyaya parents soak the hard pull. Although the words are not only exposed them, but I would not know where. Looking through old photographs parents when he was young, handsome guy will hand on the shoulders of the girl in the beloved. At that time, the land, that person,louboutin pas cher, of course, the happy smile, by a freeze-frame camera called love. Today, the speakers in the sound had gone look like.
Until now, Sam Sun still miss the taste of the Iraqi side. Although still in an obscure corner of the supermarket shelves to find, can not cook the time, they eat not that special flavors. That was in elementary school at the right time, every mother the night the night shift, I would haunt her, and she squeezed one bed in the unit. Forget holding the mother's change in Iraq to guard Sam Sun to buy in tuck shops of that kind of excitement kept on side, forget the little iron boxes in the container of the yellow face,doudoune moncler, and face glowing in the two fried eggs. Then pocketed instant noodles, smell and the mother is eating into that kind of warm. Hot breath had scattered to my heart.
father, North Point opened lotus. When will we Yeliang go see it. Remember as a child, you always riding a motorcycle laden with me to North Point to see the lotus. I often think of this scene a picture. In the back seat, I hugged your waist tightly, face close to your back. When your back is still standing upright solid. Along the way, looking at the green grass of the roadside wild flowers, and occasionally looked up to see the birds passing overhead. A long journey, and why now want to come but feel exceptionally short. Masamori lotus open, your smile submerged in pieces in the mosaic. Or was that I do not know, you are not happy to see the beautiful flowers. Dad, in fact, carrying me, you very happy. Whether we go, see what, right?
suddenly found that a lot of things changed in the time of washing in a qualitative, and even Brown List conditioning. As I immediately thought of a sick child lying in bed fighting a cold bottle fed by parents canned scenarios. At the time I always vexatious, shamelessly spoiled, of course They relied on the tolerance and love. Five spring and summer and winter can be, those were the days of carefree way, in the staggered, stumbled in the away from me. This year, probably the only period of my life around in my parents day.
day is Mother's Day last week,polo ralph lauren, but I did not go home because the school's sake. Although it is known to be quite good Dad, can still very curious about the process of their day. Called the mother's phone, from the sound and tone can be judged over the phone, she is feeling good. In fact, for her, Mother's Day is not too sure what festival. Or as usual, go out the door, settle those injections patients. When asked what special arrangements, Dad said, or what action, by voice to a mother I can imagine the face lighted up.
However, only a bottle of beverage, the same can drink the water, but brought back to the mother. Can not help but think of so many years, Dad has always been the case. What is a good thing, no matter how small and more easily overlooked, was the first home we thought Nianglia. Dinner, he always unconsciously Cook in a good part of all folders to our bowl. It seems that this is not even know his own habit. Many times, I even did not dare look at him gnawing die-hard chicken breasts also smiled and said:

fact of life, but that he buy fish for her, she gave him All Offers. So-called I often marvel at the fleeting magic. It can be bright polished edges and corners of life round, the two miss each other take care of each other transition into the envy of all the profound feelings. Ye Hao far in the horizon, near the pillow worth mentioning, in plain language, the warm greetings, is never capricious.
when one side is easy to perceive the happiness, meant that he had collected from the loss of taste to have the entire process. So, he felt happy at the same time, others will have the illusion of him than his own happiness. Over the years, many people and things around. In contrast, place themselves but also ridiculously small. Finally, I understand how little their own. Possible, aware of their well-being is also a small bar. At least, in front of my misfortune, fate would not feel injustice; in front of other people's misfortune, I'll remind yourself, a good grasp of the immediate well-being.
this moment, my parents very happy, I am very happy ... ...相关的主题文章:

but why give up life

  中新网5月12日电 韩国股市周二走低

allows you to control that lets you crazy. By moaning

Having worked overseas nearly 30 years, Chinese-born painter Jia Lu has made unique contributions in helping Western audiences understand more about the East through her canvases.
She was recently short-listed in the “Ten Most-focused Chinese in the World" by none other than the Global Times. The reason? “Her paintings fuse Chinese and Western elements, showing a modern China with beautiful colors," according to the panel.
“I have a deep sense that my mission to help the rest of the world understand China is not only an artistic goal but a personal responsibility," Lu says, when asked how she felt. “This award reminds me of the importance of that obligation."
Her father, Lu Enyi, was a famous painter who taught her to paint when she was very young. Like many painters of the time, she learned Chinese ink painting first, and was taught by master painter Fan Zeng.
But like many artists who traveled abroad in the 1980s, Lu felt lost in the collision of cultures, and turned to different ways of appreciating art.
When she left China for Canada in 1983, she quickly discovered that, for her new friends, without an understanding of Chinese culture and history, her art was “simply too alien to understand."
“In Chinese painting, we value the traditions passed from one generation to the next; for Westerners, true art is about originality and individual expression," Lu told the Global Times. “Ink painting explores the expressiveness of black ink and the bamboo brush; but to a Westerner, who has never held a brush before and is used to the color and richness of oil painting, my art seemed dull and lifeless."
Although her paintings sold well in the overseas Chinese community, to reach a larger audience, communicating essential concepts of traditional Asian culture to a Western audience was key.
Her solution? Borrow the techniques and expressive power of oil painting, with its illusionistic perspective and realism, and substitute Asian content. The method is known as “Jiechuan Chuhai", or “Crossing the sea in a borrowed boat."
“We have a unique, complex and rich culture. But we share [that] among ourselves, using a difficult written and spoken language, raising a high wall that excludes the rest of the world." Lu says. “By borrowing Western art history to communicate Eastern ideas, I have been able to tear down a small section of that wall."
Having grown up in a Confucian society that emphasized personal sacrifice, selflessness and hard work, Lu discovered her Western friends appreciated these values much more than their wealth and luxury.
Her painting was infused with Buddhism, an Eastern spirituality cherished by many Westerners.
Having first visited Dunhuang in 1980, spending several weeks copying its Buddhist art – some of the rarest early examples of Chinese figurative art – directly from the cave walls, Lu studied figure painting.
But it was not until she worked in Japan in the early 1990s that she began to explore their significance, finding their ideas represented what was most enduring and special about Chinese culture: compassion, mindfulness, a deep respect for learning and wisdom and a belief in the perfectibility of the human state.
Lu began to show her works in China: at the Shanghai International Art Fair, Art Beijing and CIGE expos, and found how “vibrant the Chinese art market had become in the so-many-years I’d been away, and how open it was to new ideas."
“I am both humbled and inspired that my work has been recognized in this way by the Global Times. It is an honor to be included among the other outstanding artists whom I have admired for so long," says Lu.
“But in the end, I think it is not important if I live or work in China or in the West, The important thing is to continue to paint for a global audience, to improve my own art as far as I am able, and to strive to be a better person."
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Smile trelli

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