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Default The employer because the brain

The last decade of the last century, known as the brain decade. Scientists have gained unprecedented funds to conduct a study as the human brain, hoping to the brain through the study of human consciousness and be aware of the ecology of intelligence, but the result is clearly not encouraging.

Last year, the microcomputer manufacture prestige thunder of roles, Palm author Hawkins (Hawkins), he issued a learn ashore comprehension and brain and consider almost the writing In the writing he finds that the knowledge of science to the failure of the human head, for scientists must handle with the access the machine to deal with the brain, the marrow of his wisdom namely the brain namely memory and prophecy. Because the brain stores file thirty trillion synapses, so they can retention a person's life faced the problem of always, so person in the face of an event while the synaptic web, immediately modify the data, the parameters of the experience gained,GHD Deluxe Midnight 2011, so the whole process of the event prophesied. This is a human

In essence, this wisdom is still the plausible wisdom, still can not unravel the many non-logical phenomena, the same can not satisfactorily unravel human activity itself. For instance, the progress of human science major opener points,GHD Hair Straightener, most of them are not plausible,GHD IV Black Straighteners, merely intuitive. Einstein that the speed of light constant,GHD Midnight Gift Set 2011, not out of calculation alternatively observation, but intuitive perception, which have the outward of special relativity. Similarly, Newton's gravity, neither is it the result of numerical calculations, numerical wording of this doctrine is the merely language only.

brain research, the same can no If the brain play of human consciousness and human self is the final cause, then we must find a complete response,GHD Green Straighteners, to reply how the brain plans the intuition, art and love and other issues, prefer than just

scientific study of human brain, only in recent years about things, but answered the human self-awareness and exploration, it can be said to have the same long human history. The starting of culture, human self-doubt,GHD Purple Butterfly 2011, constantly to explore the natural earth and answered the same time.

Up and down is not shaped at the examination of what? Dark Ming Zhao Meng, who very many? However, as Fung Wing, how wisdom of? Obviously secretly, but when and where to? Triple yin and yang, where any of this?

the task of the poet, and after handed over to theologians, philosophers, behind then handed over to the scientists.

popularization of science, so we must live in today's technology and numbers through language, to think and explore the heavens and the globe and our own sense of self. But scientists also do not solve the problem.

many years antecedent, I peruse the notable Happy As can be surgically manipulated, then the pursuance of self-realization is insignificant to talk of.

Buddhist and sources. So then eventually accomplished, no matter what elated, are necessitated to be elated and not cheerful landlord of a slavery.

Similarly, we ought be mains of the brain, not the slaves of the brain.
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