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Old 03-15-2011, 09:05 AM   #1
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Default you will should add.

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1. The Japanese would rather like the black, not like us, because without the spirit of Chinese people.

2. everyone is laughing at Russia, but I know that Russia will be developed in future, because people there do not eat 2 days still hungry line up, and we have 2 people have squeezed their hands full.

3. Japanese violations of us, because we have a lot of traitors. Japanese violations of the future we will also not be a traitor? Who is the traitor to China's future? A large part of you present here will be. Because you laughed at the Patriot, worship power and money, despicable ideals and ambition.

4. Who now is the traitor? Peking University Tsinghua University students because they learn to use the knowledge to help foreigners to open up the market and beat our China business

5. we ignore the value of history, always thought that more new buildings better, but you go to France to see the city center, there is little new construction, they are proud historical heritage, and we continue to demolition and construction of buildings to toss their own.

6. Education is not their own living, but to arouse interest and inspire the spirit. To make a living and developed by education is also possible, but was we over-seriously.
7. in the future even if China is well developed, but you look at the rich man driving a luxury car from a car window outside their spitting, throwing garbage. You know,Quotations after 00 lovely kids, without education, a strong China will not be rich again.
8. Reading is to responsibility. But now the education to make women bear too much responsibility, so that too many men to escape responsibility.
9. human history is in fact a series of impulses. So do not despise the impulse, because the impulse is cute.
10. China's basketball is not the lack of technology, not lack of money, but they lack a sense of responsibility, even a sense of responsibility to consumers.
11. who will sing with breath sounds, it is not tired. When I see you speak throat is moving,ed hardy uk, I knew you were singing was not good enough.
12. the next 20 years, Chinese people worship is the knowledge not the officials. This is something we should learn from the Japanese, the nation's respect for knowledge, to be added. But now, a bit of money in China, who, a little right of the people - even if it is a chief, the same way, professors can also be confused no dignity. The seemingly clever smart, self-satisfied philistine, how shallow ah.
13. a man, only his parents and wife to kneel down, only to bow to their teachers, the absolute power and wealth and money should not be on the bow. But now, most people just backwards.
14. Why do not apologize for the Japanese, the Japanese president why not apologize? Because they know that the dignity and history of the Japanese the most important, but other Asian dissatisfaction with not too much weight, so they can be ignored.
15. Education should let the Chinese know how to self-esteem. But now we see foreigners on the bow, girls refuse to see foreign men in general want to please. Comrades, how much we have in front of foreigners without dignity. In studying among the University of Tokyo, I was the only back, but the Japanese but respect me, because I live in the soul, to live with moral integrity.

\did not break into an all! several in Asia can be discharged? I go abroad to look after, was to build a world class university like Zhejiang communist ideal. \
\wine, he gave you to sign a word, then professor of stress us to go there, you build a chapter, and then is' to fill the gaps at home and abroad ',' the international advanced level '. write a paper is' international advanced level results', 'the first scientific discovery' and so on. This is a very serious problem now! as a college professor, I am deeply worried about this! This is not our responsibility, is the ignorance of our leaders is that they advocate this mainstream. I know Commissioner or the present CEOs hard to live, because you do not write such a report, you'll get the money, the project is not approved, the professor is also true, write a report every day, rather than in the experiment stop and take out of room, this is very serious! \
\...... So now a lot of joint ventures, selling things, and not to consider these deep things. As everyone knows, this is the vicious circle of society! \
\Yes! how can we say that a person is illiterate does not speak English? language is a tool! you do not have that environment, how can he speak the language it ?...... If I were the Minister of Education, I want to reform the Second thing:

First, the abolition of CET. A graduate student you do not pass even the Chinese one, six English test you doing? See students write papers, do not have their own culture to learn, every day English exam �� �� tick: tick TOEFL, GRE ticking English test out the high points. What papers can be written in English in front of me go through the off? Not pass the test! Such trained people can do? Their own professional point out Mo Xuehao !...... that is not computer illiterate, which in turn is a misunderstanding! I am now a professor, I do not attend to the computer! \
\lessons of the past few days to several female students my hands and asked what are they doing, do not see the shadows, all day long test so that test like that, to the United States to do? in the country living to be doing something! you all day test in English, the Americans with Bao Geming have received your money, the Japanese, too, Chinese students to Japan to pay a fee, to study in Japan for the Japanese to work, finally some money to pay the tuition,ed hardy wholesale, reading After the inauguration, Dr. companies in Japan, when the labor force after earning a sum of money to buy back the goods, put it all to the Japanese. you do not pay attention to this matter, and there are economic problems. This is the quality of the What is education in the end. \
\do good deeds and rules are combined to cultivate life, but only learned to flatter, to discuss the teacher like that adult words. last broadcast on TV once, a child got a prize, the master poet, asked him the most willing to say what he said : \play, we should love. \
\engaged in this area has three months in China, an outstanding talent,ed hardy bikinis, both in graduate school had make-up before, but scores well on the test but had a few people went to the United States to sell traditional Chinese medicine. This shows the problem? for the boss can not so ah !...... echelon personnel must be reasonable and that the professor is not a panacea, Ph.D. is a panacea. China's education system is to enable every people are full of hopes and ideals, to teach children to lofty ideal. In fact, the human capacity is not the same. Sweeper can scan is good, it should be respected; cleaning the toilets to clean, it should be respected and should not be educated at every turn. I want to be reminded that: in a foreign country is not the case. the United States, Japan, Dr. difficult to find work, why? because the boss feel bad money, recruited Dr. to give him high wages, and he can do for them? This is a specific issue. \p>
\He is definitely going to beg, because he will not engage in industry, and his English is not good,ed hardy swimwear,2009 Birthday, he does not speak fluent Chinese all speak well, by now \,ed hardy sunglasses! Japanese are like Americans, I told the Japanese: you love this nation who will come to say to you throw the bomb. the Japanese are like Chinese people do not like black people ....... I am particularly our female professors, female student said: In front of a Japanese the Japanese do not talk about, will not talk about; the Japanese heard you speak English, especially to see Chinese girls speak English, the legs have become weak, this is true of! \
\Hangzhou national pride �� �� What if a disaster, I would first of all the people scheduled to Hangzhou Shangri-La, to foreigners in the queue outside! (applause!) so you can let your people love their country! a Japanese farmer went to Emei Mountain to play, broken bones, you will use the Chinese Air Force helicopter to save him, while in Japan a Chinese student in the University dorm room was found dead 7 days; Nagoya University, one of China Dr. couples and children eating toxic mushrooms, child and mother died, her father is a severe hepatitis patient in the Nagoya University School of Medicine room for 12 hours, nor is there a Japanese professor to visit! and why you should be so friendship, thinking that a great degree, in fact, ridiculed by others, laugh at your ignorance! your nation *! We can not,The helplessness of the ages! our leaders went abroad to visit, see a few people welcome them to feel Tingyou face; and to foreign countries, what kind of people are police to clear the way, is this how is it? It makes us feel that the Chinese are a proud or sad? all of these, in terms of education, are deep-seated problems . So I often say that I, as a natural science, I teach my students, first learn to be. Without these, you learn the polymer, foreign languages are superfluous. \

just a point of view. We read and then stop and must not go into details.
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