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Old 04-13-2011, 09:29 AM   #1
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Question Did this forum get invaded by stoners?

Did this forum get invaded by stoners?
Most users ever online was 354, 08-09-2009 at 04:20 AM.

One of my so easy a stoner can do it adverts

How come the stoner couldn't claim his winning lotto ticket?
cuz he smoked it.
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son, `I am your father! It is Valentine's Day 23:30 ~ ~ your mother sleep! I now bored and do not want to see web pages or watch movies, and today the telephone by your Lord of the meal to the training, my heart was very bored, and no place to vent, to burst under its lessons you would like a little bastard, I do not control education right or wrong, you gave me TM, listen, there are corrections, if any, Mian, are not allowed to talk back, or flat you are a deal is it!

According to your grandmother said, when I was small I have ADHD, in the womb to show out! Day and night all day in your grandmother's belly kicking, of course, this is a good thing, is a symbol of great vitality, but I can tell you understand, do not control your future have ADHD, now you in the womb in the ten months of the best low-key point for me, give me activities bones of careful, nothing less kicked me, you kick, but my wife! As early as the early signs are your activities, your father I would buy a notebook and pen, play every time, I'll give you a note, you kicked, I will definitely pay you back ten feet! I suggest you the strength to save enough, and want to play so I accompany you out to play!

you come out, I'll give you 6 months of time to adapt to the world of black and white rules, which means that within 6 months, you can day and night Lazard trouble eating and drinking, I do not care about with you, because your father was, I did not expect you are God, born of life will be able to take care of themselves, but after 6 months this time, you have to give I get the necessary Shashi Hou Shashi Hou understand the trouble to go to sleep! Ning Liang as you can not be allowed, Huangding Yong, Li Yongheng, Sun by the right, Liang Hong, Li Zi Cheng, etc etc etc etc that several uncles, trouble sleeping during the day at night, I toss it does not matter, the key is to not toss your mother! You know, sleep is good or bad decision to the skin, that time to toss your mother yellowish skin, dark circles, are out, I am not a flat you,mbt shoes chapa! Your father because she had to find money to buy cosmetics! Thing very expensive,mbt sports shoes sale!

2-4 years old for you, it is estimated you will also have a sister, beautiful sister, because looks like your mother! As you look, because like me, so I do not like you care about. But then you have to have to give I eat a little taller strong point, so to protect your sister! I allow you to bully someone else's sister, but I do not allow others to bully your sister! So you best to become the king of the school PK! Like your father was young, as the school invincible hand hot topic! Will you go back to your grandmother used to live in the streets,mbt lami sale, you can be proud of and Econg, hanging Hey guys, who's son, said: that could be so proud of your son and his children said. Of course, I encourage you not to fight, but this kind of thing like protecting your sister,mbt lami shoes, the fight is a must! Because your sister has been bullied by other Xiaowa, so I can not play the bar, so the task of revenge, fell out of your body!

waiting for you 6,7 years old, it should be in elementary school. Should learn, but not required. Learn how talent is a must. You can make friends and even fall in love,Mbt beach shoes, I do not normally experience with you! But we can not pull another girl's braids, when the class can not take advantage of the front kick ass girl, more sugar to whom who can not play! ! I have done things that your father, personal experience tells me that will grow up to be laughed at!

16 years old, the age of your high school, I see more to say, If you want to suffer a little bit less, your best time in junior high school learn point to the high school you have to learn in the future I test college. Perhaps this 3 years you will be despised my way of education,mbt tatage shoes uk, but the people I despise so much, you little bastard Who was! I not afraid of you, one day you will understand me for Hello! Think about it, you long so handsome, so long as the highly educated people, if you people will laugh at you into university, they would certainly say Because you are my son, so I was absolutely not allow others to laugh at you!

university, I will not interfere with any of your things, on condition that you can successfully get a diploma. Talk about a girlfriend, I brought back to see if his nose is not crooked eyes are not inclined bodied I will not oppose it. But you have to bring me a Those

Well, dad did not tell you wordy, and the bed! And some did not say to where I keep the right to speak. Rest assured you're not happy there, do not be I see it, do not follow the fashion, I do with the uprising. I will give you in the bud suppressed it! Less for so many years I did not learn from your Lord that suppression of the uprising of the way! Do not forget, ginger, or the old lady! Moreover, I am your father.
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