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Default Various stages of think meditation

Hinayana stage is the To define the exercise of four steps: first label, or rough living rough set; second step is called fine living; The third step is called For defined; by far reached the fourth step is called to be.
by stage in the Which also includes eight touch and feel merit ten branches, branch view, delight sticks, music sticks, bent sticks it 5.
1, Hinayana stage
first step: setting
also called rough living rough, referring to my practice focused exclusively, regardless of the heart, not Luanxiang. Sitting, standing, lying can be, focused exclusively in the sense of roughly judged.
second step: fine living
which requires people to exercise deep in thought to be further, as if resolved not to go in this place the same as that given the root means. The cause is due to high concentration of thought, seriously calm down, it will not move, called the clutch, also known as fine living, a stable mean. The method is to set down ideology, the air to sink.
third step: To define the
laid down in the practice of consciousness, the subconscious will be some good ideas, such as a sudden thought of a salute, or sudden brain images, sounds and so on. The so-called For example, you think to go to a place or the moon, suddenly appeared in my mind a place or the moon, you'll shambles your mind settle down to be in a place, or be on the moon, or set to a tree, or on a particular creek, and so can, say, your idea does not in the end, just to the boundary to settle down, this is the wish to define.
idea this time is often reanimating, cool coma or heart, which is felt very comfortable, the body could not tell the. To near your eyes and practice is often defined, so there will be images seem, but the tongue approximately Alice, the picture appears to be gone. Or came from somewhere to see a preceptor, you went out, followed his master, but do not come to that place - like defined. If equitable to the beach, you do not sea; to the scarp, you do not jumping in consciousness; to the well, you can not go on, that can only be there seeing the view.
live from harsh to fine living, sit-ins to a certain time, they ambition to define likely that subconscious desire to sprint away, sprint somewhere. If the front is the sea, you will be at the beach view of the sea, the sea inside and not go into it and will go out of difficulty. This is a critical step in practice.
Step four: not reached in the future given
also called Zen, that is, the third step, then followed to the awareness of recycling, accumulation, collection, Shoulong back, back to the subconscious where you practice. Back, then ideas, loosen, loosen to the subconscious that does not exist things nigh, the sea was gone, with nothing, not even their own physical and cerebral is not, and which to as yet reached to be several processes to complete the Hinayana stage.
2, in stage by stage by
in a As mentioned above, practice got to think that nothing another around, and even have gone their own, called Further training to enter the Zen and the fundamental points the first jhāna, Erchan, San Chan, Si Chan Kung Fu Step 4, which also includes eight contacts and the five ten merit.
(1), including eight first jhāna touch ten merit. Eight touch, feeling that eight kinds of practice, namely: dynamic, itching, light, heavy, cold, hot, astringent, flat; ten merit, that is, practicing the 10 steps, namely the time, clearly, will, intelligence, kindness, soft, happy, happy, free, state fairly.
1) Pat touched in the first jhāna stage, there will be eight practice feeling or reaction.
① moving
sit a certain degree of static power, we should move, it does not stuff. After moving up Do not be afraid, do not pursue, with its natural earth. But do not intend to move down to afterburner, where it is vigorous, to move elsewhere.
② is the itch after itch
moving, often heart itch, itch. Then my heart principally uneasy, it happens afresh do not wail, be patient, do not deliberately bypass it, slow, deep inhalations on the line. Itchy is normal, do not see it as bad. Do not scratch off clothing, fans, or hike, activities, events, or may worse. Because that would be tantamount to not steamed cake, put the stopper opened. Then a move, not only my heart is still uncomfortable itch, and body are very uneasy, and then practice, always anxious, and many people eat this detriment. Therefore, there itching feeling not ignore it.
③ light
further exercising, and common feeling of light appears, and some even up slowly vacated, it is very easy to do, because it requires a tall degree of the brain into the static. The focus of training to practice dodge this step, I got to light exercising this step is no longer down, and year round persist to practice this step, practice, practice, and later to really make apartment for them. Yoga disciplines have a yoga flying in neatness is not it? Light as the Do not be scared, to all nourish nor nervous neither excited.
④ After re
light entered the fourth step - re. As if their own waist bow down, shrinking down to the waist, this is ponderous. People who have a specific function, may be due to the strengthening of its own fascinating field and fascinating field interactions, the body weight increased at 8 times. Appear heavy sensibility, do not dread, do not increase some ideas, such as You ought feel heavy as the regular course of practice, there emotion, the still breathing normally and slowly exhale.
⑤ cool
re-appeared after the chilly, like hypoxia, ischemia same. Cool in the cilia, the blood pressure to drip, there may even be a state of shock, but do not be afraid, take their own ventilation transmission adduction consciously, above all we must have a belief, and think will be hot soon.

cool after heat is lukewarm, from warm to hot fat, and even burned amazing. Cold in practice reaches this point, must first have mentally prepared for the next train will soon be hot, as the retinue drying in the sun, or even the same as in the fire and baked. No matter how mighty are not afraid to blaze, flame him even boiling up, do not be afraid, the general said,Lacoste Casual Trainers, Sanmeizhenhuo appeared at this time. This process was very good, if to this point, it is easy to increased effort, specific functions may be out.
fever is constantly the site of the lower stomach, breast and brain. If this blaze will lead to the kidney and Yin Xue, it felt better. If the head of a fever, may lead to the lower abdomen, considering
cool after a fever, called the practice of slow fire and high heat. To the high heat from the slow fire burned virtually everywhere is not good, mitigation method is to use a tiny think about it subconsciously lower abdomen, or Yongquan, and behind the waist of the two kidneys. However, there is no relationship between ferocious again burned, this is mine fire of the dragon,Lacoste Trainers 2010, if not afraid, not nervous, still relaxed practice, you can control is maintained, will not be a special feedback.
⑦ Shibuya
step in the sixth after the fever gradually subsided, there will be body portly astringent feeling. Then a hand to touch the flesh, the body will feel like as tied very tight. Around the body like the salt, his eyes were not comfortable, Shibuya Baba, the tongue is dry, and very slippery. This reaction occurs is a normal phenomenon, adhere to the practice slowly, slow deep breathing, will be to slip by the astringent, the can not move to the move.
⑧ slip
to this stage, the whole body as if the fuel in a very slippery, like ice skating or skiing like a very slippery at the time of the state. At this time, you feel very cozy where that can be touched, what place can pass. Because when the body's blood rotation increased. So mallet to it, over time, power belongs to a chap, the body skin is very soft, like children, like the rind. This is the first period by the first jhāna
2) afterward ten merit
eight touch to take the first jhāna to the second phase -
① Air
If you then continue to practice sliding touch, there will be vacant. Suddenly the whole body is empty, For this and the previous definition of the final step, namely, Body through the process of sliding, sliding, sliding, sliding, once the body is empty, as if their own internal organs alongside the same. This feeling, often sudden, do not be afraid, we should repair it up. Suddenly feel different from the norm, they often move, but then we must insist on not moving, is also not excited.

further practice morrow there will be Body, an empty brain, the brain will show a sunny image,Womens Lacoste Carnaby Trainers, visceral images can be displayed outside of the image will be displayed. Interior clear and location is also clear, inside and outside the scene are very clear, and often more momentous than far, remote visual function may happen at this time. This is called At this time the image should be firm, not panic.

ten merit given the first 3 steps are: air, clearly, will be, that is, inside and outside the image is exhibited after the need to Whether to see internal organs, or see the blood vessels, to always watch the place and saw a man riding outside, to always watch the people. Just look at a target, do not look at the second, called The sight should be laid down, given the more stable the better.
④ Chi
look while set in one place, it absences to look at it, do not puzzled, to God clear. Remember not slumberous at this time, tin not sleep, tin not stumbled, than you penetrate in the picture, look in the end, see, when the brain to be very clear, simple to develop the knowledge to bring ... to an end at this time. For example, you see a cyclist, but not clear, let him settle down slowly and see, probably his eyebrows, eyes see, and even his pocket a few dollars also see the. This time to use their brains. When you are in the front is not clear, the idea of ​​adjustable to the rear. When cyclists ride rapid, you should try to make him stop. At this time is to use wisdom, clear and not confusing to God, to see inside and outside the scene, to see more apparently.
⑤ When
kindness, the place look at the future, pay attention to If you see a beautiful youth matron walking, must not pursue the age look. If others in peril, you should disburse attention to be variety, that is, can not see inside and outside the scene enjoy, not to test facilities handling operation, use the direction of apology by the sight that respect. For example, immediately you see the internal organs of their own, thought, If you see a man walking distance is difficult to think of good things for their own wrongdoing, the grief additions to repent, so that came out of kindness.
⑥ came out soft
kindness to enter the soft state, called This time, you surely think it respectful, be civilized. Your thoughts, action, including your Practice reaches a decisive stage, people's disposition will change. To
⑦ joy
in the Practice reaches this point, the heart are particularly pleased, as if for the sometime asset are understood, so there will be hi heart, think of the future How to be a cordial, noble and so on. At this step,Lacoste Protect Laser Trainers, it should cling to the practice, do not think namely has come to comprehend and for the broken.
⑧ Music
joy, continued to practice, there will be feelings of joy, really elated to enter the state.
⑨ free
reaches this stage of practice, will permit many former rapacity, oneself, pessimism, and pride glory, rough and so once again freed them all unlocked. Enter the So, will Once a
⑩ state is bent rather
very pure to live in that realm. Known as This stage, some specific features will appear. For example,
This is the second phase by the first jhāna These are the first jhāna

(2) Erchan
veteran after the first jhāna process, and then continue to practice, it will gradually reach Erchan, San Chan, Si Chan. It includes five, that These are the practice of Qigong in traditional terms. Erchan stage five of the former 2 - feel branch, branch view.
first branch: branch refers to the aware perception in early touch. At this time practitioners of the body will naturally feel a lot of things, and the referee was also more accurate, because you got to this stage of practice, the sensitivity increased.
second branch: Concept sticks to this stage would guide to
Erchan this two-step function, it must have been very clear and accurate. Is apt improve train.
(3) San Chan
third branch: hi sticks that Joy sticks into the stage of their own on the appearance of sights and see their own interior apparatuses are relatively clear, then, will naturally be a
(4) Sichan is after five in two, namely
fourth branch: music from the Hi Chi Chi Chi practice into the music stage, you will have the things around are more clear, settled mind, happiness. Practice this time, you will alarm no interference with the.
fifth branch: as one sticks to the idea that all long term dweller in a very calm class. Practice can be a long time, but all around they are very clear, even now a mosquito flew, you know, do not perturb no muddle. This is the fifth branch.
above is a complete set of traditional exercises essentials. To practice along to the essentials: rowdy set → set → For fine to be at present reached the elucidation of → → Erchan first jhāna → → → Si Chan San Chan. This may be trained to adhere to some of the features. This is Gong Zen Buddhism.
fix permit process Buddhist supernatural powers as well the emergence of five six, but different people's sensitivities, the quality of different functions appear also makes a difference.
five, is called the nude eye, eye in the sky, eye, discernment, Foyan.
6 marvelous powers, ordinarily refers to Tianyan Tong, Tin ear pass, his heart through God enough to pass, Su Mingtong, Loujin pass. These powers have their own expertise, and also have interoperability between.
the ########## eye:
This is the least controversial kind of eyes, because a material organ, the muscles, blood vessels, nerves and other tissues from the organ, the so-called dad of fine by the nude eye generated by the motherly deadly friends.
eye in the sky:
the ########## eye in looking at, but the heart have different ideas, views, intuitive identification of the saw is not everything, there is also the story, as well as Alice Xi. Strong function of the human eye in the sky, this time, it will be between the two eyes (eyebrows round the entrance), a the emergence of this thing real images. Although different schools have many different address, but So, for someone to annotate That in view, perspective, remote visual, microscopic and other functions.
days, although caustic eye, but only observed the phenomenon, the circumstances circling this matter is not necessarily clear. People who have eye can see a truth of fact, not be disturbed by the phenomenon. Cause and efficacy, context, understand the whole sequence of events, that is, to understand the causal relationship between types of events.
not only to see the phenomenon, to understand the causal relationship, and even enough energy to intervene, revise, or contribute to the accident of certain events, stop, or change intention and so on. A discernment of the people, he can see through the exterior of some of the material world, through representation, put down the marrow of living the pure energy, then the energy of its own intervention, to be the key at the fitting changes, the whole publish once again presents the material in the material world time, may be completely differ.
have Foyan who have given up on the flesh is devoted people, is also to give up in due time, space, and always because the conception of dedicated folk, he has been integrated into day, into the land, into the ecology, into the whole of subsistence, Sanskrit speaking is At this point, entities and there is no distinction among among us, between male and I have not the distinction between male and nature, the distinction between inter-and no, he is a natural, natural is his, he is the universe, the universe is his. He, and the natural one, and Heaven; his, has been integrated into the macrocosm since the beginningless time of this vigor, between paradise and earth he is an vigor of pure feeling, he is a human collective unconscious, he is cosmic feeling, he is God,Womens Lacoste Trainers New, he is the Buddha, he is Brahma,Lacoste UK, he is the maximum, he is the ultimate. Such a person is without starting or end, no come no go, as comes in like a go, naught ever is, nothing from the go, only because he entirely filled in the universe, he is everlasting. This is a real human into the road!
his heart through:
is the others (others) in mind what they thought, do not export, he said, there is such a magical person can understand. The supernatural is the maximum easy to send the six supernatural powers to the inside, and it is most promising to obtain practice.
Tianyan Tong:
already said above, there is the view, outlook, remote viewing, and other microscopic functions; if it continues to strengthen, merely likewise If further enhanced, and even have the competence to change the status of the material world ... ... and so ashore.
days ear-pass:
is able to listen very far, very distant away voice. Including the spirit world.
Su Mingtong:
have the magical powers of the people do, you can see things, interpersonal environment, causality, particularly human causal III (Past, present and future, the afterlife), skill high, but also accumulated lifetimes causality since it robbed.
foot of God through:
God enough to pass refers to the spiritual body should travel it is OBE, only light and elegant morale, to be capable to make on-line travel thousands of miles and not in the fewest exhausted.
Loujin pass:
is Duanjin all the troubles of Italy, to fulfill seamless realm. Whether this is the most righteous! Practitioner only this, is behind home, is the end. Otherwise, or on the road in passing it. No longer have all the troubles, that is no longer all Guaai, and no worries, all are right, everything is complete, everything is achieved. Only that, it will not be in the six realms of samsara, the wheel of life and necrosis truly. This is the most difficult one supernatural powers, the most tough to accomplish, and it is finally achieved.
terminal warning: lest auditory hallucinations visual hallucinations, obsessions.
de how high, how high road, the chaste person, loss of no morality.
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