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2011-08-24 08:31:37.0Liu XiangruiVillage mourns gallant nanny surrounded C Chinaheroic granny,Chai Xiaonu,Zhengzhou1158963Society2@webnews/enpproperty-->
ZHENGZHOU - Friends plus neighbors paid tribute apt a heroic nanny who died saving three children from drowning.

Photo of聽Chai Xiaonu, who died saving three children from drowning. [Photo/China Daily]

Chai Xiaonu, 69, who died aboard Aug 12 along with again juvenile girl,swooped into the Tuanhe River twice to haul out three youngsters but drowned as she offered to emancipate a fourth babe.
"If she hadn't been there, we would definitely be worked said 12-year-old Pang Zhanying, one of the children saved.
The tragedy occurred after Pang slipped plus fell into a deep zone of water. She was with four friends, who attempted apt pluck her apt shore only apt be shuffled within with her.
Chai's 12-year-old grandson, Cheng Haojie,http://lubian.com.cn/bbs/viewthread....=944443&extra=, who was with her at the period said Chai ran over after listening the cries plus jumped into the water. She aided Pang to the river's shallows, where Cheng pulled her to safety.
"After grandma rescued one of Pang's friends from the deep water,beats by dre, she screamed by me, 'It's dangerous Go behind apt obtain help'," Cheng said.
About 10 minutes later, Chai saved two more children by pulling them apt the shallows,only Pang said Chai looked weary plus was coughing hard and vomiting water.
"I reached out plus attempted to pluck her up,merely she insisted my friend Yan Yuanyuan was still underwater," Pang said. "When I cried and asked 'Can you do it?' she briefly saw backward plus afterward swooped in"
Cheng said he rushed apt acquire assistance from their nearby countryside when his grandma failed apt resurface. Several neighbors arrived,sac louis vuitton, including Lu Peixing, who finally pulled out Chai's body, followed forward Yan Yuanyuan's 40 minutes later.
"My mama was among such a hurry apt help that she still had her cell phone and the money within her bag when she jumped among said Chai's daughter,longchamp, Cheng Xiuli.
Chai's funeral last week was heeded along hundreds of her neighbors within Hongyan countryside Henan province. Many still cannot chat about her without rupturing into tears.
"She was such a agreeable person," said Wang Fujiao, 42. "Many folk wouldn't dare apt do such a thing,merely she was so heroic offensive her antique"
Speaking aboard Sunday,http://bbs.ukchaoren.org/viewthread....=930814&extra=, Li Xinyan, the countryside brain said Chai, whose husband died of illness amid 2000, lived a sparing life plus was forever prepared apt support others.
"Whenever there was a funeral alternatively wedding apt be blueprinted,folk would go apt her as assistance he said,joining that as decades she had been slitting aged people's cilia for free.
Chai has been dubbed the most beautiful grandma, a appoint Chinese netizens constantly use as folk who perform heroic deeds However, Chai's death has likewise prompted warnings from safety officials that rescuers might put their own lives at hazard whether they rush apt aid without applicable training.
Rescue skillful Wang Baoyuan said he was touched while he saw a news report about Chai's heroics. Yet, he urged latent rescuers apt think of their own well-being ahead rushing to support.
"The fantasy namely never apt suffer a twice detriment said Wang, who leads the Water Rescue Team surrounded Zhengzhou,beats headphone,chief of Henan,sac louis vuitton,and has six years' experience.
Rescuing someone from the bank using convenient tools, such as life straps cords,bough planks alternatively poles,namely the best option if feasible he said.
"If you do must win into the water, you ought follow the right steps such as reaching the alarming martyr from afterward surrounded case he alternatively she catches you and obstructs your activities he said.
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