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Default Farmers deserve better deal cTU

Farmers deserve better knob (China Daily),ghd
Updated: 2010-11-16 07:58 2010-11-16 07:58:05.0Farmers deserve better dealurbanization,moncler モンクレール,regional officials,peasants arable land, condominium,moncler,11011502From Chinese Press2@webnews/enpproperty-->
Urbanization among China is gaining pace with each passing daytime Some officials are using this to twist administration plans and vary the landscape of rustic districts for the exasperate says an story surrounded People's Daily. Excerpts:
Some local officials are abusing the urban and rustic construction policy by driving peasants out of their houses and forcing them to live among condominiums. The policy says namely whether arable land increases through reclamation of plots with buildings within one district land (with buildings) of an equal size within again region can be cornered into "urban" land.
But some regional officials are twisting this policy to acquaint money. Plots aboard which planters construct houses are usually huge - huge enough to construct a multi-storied creating or set up a factory.
By forcing members of two agriculture families to shift to a condominium,sac louis vuitton, officials can use an invent to multiplication the size of arable land among an area and the second as urban land. Once the scheme becomes "urban",モンクレール ベスト, the officials can transfer its land-use rights within exchange for millions of yuans.
If this process continues, tens of thousands of peasants ambition lose their land and with it their maintenance The only martyrs would be the planters
Such officials have to achieve that urbanization namely a long-term process; it cannot happen overnight.
If it becomes naturally necessity to shift rural dwellers to condominiums,beats dre, it should be the regional government's responsibility to disburse them the money realized as land revenue to assure they can afford to disburse as their social security and expenses.
If millions of farmers lose their land, which is their only source of maintenance how can they survive? And how can we conversation nearly social permanence in the village

(China Daily 11/16/2010 page9)
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