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Default Deadly accustomed namely eating your life

Deadly habit is eating your life looks favor the lusty man, in fact, is the world's most vulnerable, it seems fortuitous mini habits, like eating breakfast, like the wolf at the chart, do not beverage coffee, beverage ... ... the long sprint, ambition to health Deadly habit 1: lack of drinking water. Life-threatening reason: cause brain aging; evoked cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases; influence renal metabolism. Office laborers go full ↓

...... looks like the strong man, in fact, is the world's most vulnerable, seeing casual little habits, like eating breakfast, like at the banquet table the wolf, do not drink coffee, drink ... ... the long run, will make health

lethal habit 1: lack of drinking water

life-threatening reason: cause brain aging; induced cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases; affect renal metabolism.

office workers in the work, because of the work of concentration, it is cozy to forget to drink water, water afford shortage caused by the body. Reduction of body water, blood concentration and viscosity addition, easily guide to thrombosis, induced cerebral vascular and cardiovascular diseases, will also affect the metabolism of renal function.

adopted piecemeal measures: drink abundance of water and rinse the restroom; but note that some of the large intestine as poor metabolism of friends, the best to work behind when they feel thirsty to drink water to shirk water metabolism in vivo further muddle.

deadly habit 2: The deadly fruit as a staple

reasons: lack of protein and additional materials caused at the human body, nutritional imbalance, alternatively even occasion disease.

many office workers sit for long-term work as a result of poor digestion, additional blood lipids, vascular sclerosis and other diseases, I do need the nutrients in fruits to decide. However, the fruit not as a staple. Because nevertheless the vitamins in fruits and sugar, but lacks the human body needs protein and decisive track ingredients.

adopted piecemeal measures: first, the physical Internet to see if you can not eat everything for what to eat.

deadly habit 3: separated from raw food feast

life-threatening reason: cause a variety of parasitic diseases.

salmon, geoduck,Supra Shoes UK, sea bass, mullet, raw fish, snakes, turtles, crabs and other office workers favored when the food business dinner, there is a high risk of parasites and pathogens, together with Chefs on the pursuit of delicious taste, cooking is often not sufficient, it is easy for you bites when the disease from the mouth.

adopted piecemeal measures: lettuce, raw juice close to the lively substance and the body can make white blood compartments in a normal state, but likewise eat cooked food because of the damage to the immune function was restored. Taking into list these benefits, the first fully mastering your stomach it. After always, eating raw food to eat raw food but too disburse attention to:

1. Drink fresh vegetable juice and fruit juice.

2. Fresh vegetables and salad,Supras, could be some vinegar, less salt.

3. People depend on to eat cooked food to sustain life, life activities, eat fruit, raw food, and eat cooked food, the phenomenon of increased white blood cells do not emerge.

4. Do not eat processed foods, such for canned and joined preservatives, colors, chemical raw materials, such as processing deputies in the food.

deadly habit 4: mug tea

life-threatening reasons: dispose of vitamins, a lot of tannic acid and theophylline exudate.

contains a lot of tannic acid in tea, theophylline, tea, sesame fuel and vitamins, with the water brewing around 80 ℃ more proper time if the tea cup with heat soak in hot water to As with the mini boiling water, as will all the tea in the destruction of vitamins, tea, a large digit of volatile oils, tannic acid, theophylline, a large number of dripping. This not only reduces the nutritional merit of tea to reduce the tea, but also to an increase in harmful substances.

adopted piecemeal measures: for 5 cups

deadly vices: smoking

deadly meal reasons: to make the smoke more disadvantageous substances enter the body. smoking a smoke after a meal

, poisoning, commonly greater than the amount of smoking ten cigarettes. Because folk in to eat after the stomach and intestines to strengthen the blood circulation of the body to absorb smoke when the ability to enter the level.

adopted piecemeal measures: a comprehensive smoking ban.

deadly habit 6: Excessive intake of alcohol consumption kills

reasons: large or regular alcohol consumption, make the abscess of the liver occurs, bulging, affecting the reproductive, urinary systems.

adopted piecemeal measures: to drink have to first study how to drink ---

the best varieties of brandy and white wine, malt, wine of the points, from a health outlook, while the wine of A ruddy wine is superior. French is fewer hazard of heart disease behalf from this. According to the researchers, consumption of a diversity of red wine reduces the risk of heart disease by half.

behind two in the p.m. each day the best time to drink safer. Because the a.m. hours, the abdomen enzymes destroy down alcohol - alcohol dehydrogenase concentration is cheap, drink the same amount of wine, more accessible preoccupied than the p.m., so that the blood alcohol concentration. The liver, brain and other apparatuses cause greater damage. In adding, fasting,Supra Muska Skytop Shoes, ahead going to bed, when a chilly or affection should not be drinking,Supra Shoes, primarily wine, in array to avoid cardiovascular victims.

best drink a 60-kg capability per daytime to allow the value of alcohol intake should be restricted to 60 grams. Less than 60 kg of body heaviness should be dwindled, the best control in 45 grams. Converted into a variety of achieved wine ought be: 60 alcohol 50 grams, 1 kg of beer, whiskey, 250 ml. Although the health benefits of red wine, but do not drink too many, 2 to 3 glasses a daytime is better.

best side tray to watch from the metabolism of liquor, high protein and vitamin when pushed more food. Such as fresh vegetables, fish,Supra Skytop II Shoes, lean meat, beans, egg and so aboard. Note, do not use salted fish, salamis, bacon drinks, clouded and maintained for these foods involve a lot of dye and nitrosamines, and alcohol react not only to liver harm, and harm to spoken and esophageal mucosa, and even induce malignancy.

deadly habit 7: addicted to drink coffee

life-threatening reasons: 1. Reduce the pregnancy rate. A cup of coffee per human per day, the pregnancy rate is likely to drip 50%;

2. Vulnerable to heart disease. Coffee contains a lofty concentration of caffeine, can alteration in heart feature and blood containers in cholesterol;

3. Reduced efficiency.

U.S. medical scientists found that a person drank 5 or more cups of coffee, the risk of heart disease twice as high than those who do not drink, and the longer the addicted to coffee, drink the more the the greater the possibility of heart disease. 45-69 years old by the first 858 people who suffer from myocardial infarction in the investigation certified that drinking 5 or more cups of coffee a day were at increased risk of illness by 70%.

adopted piecemeal measures: drink less.

deadly habit 8: dinner is too rich

life-threatening reason: the blood of the nightfall and insomnia.

For office workers, virtually a day's meal dinner. Breakfast see eat. Eat dinner early can greatly reduce the occurrence of urinary tract stones. Second, elements of eating dinner. Dinner have to be partly elements, primarily of food rich in carbohydrates, especially the intake of some fresh vegetables should be to minimize the undue protein intake of fatty foods. Third, the dinner to eat less. Dinner by the common requirements of heat supply to no more than the total calories a day diet of 30%.

deadly habit 9: do not eat breakfast

life-threatening reasons: solemn Shang Wei, so you can not work full of stamina, but also easy to Researchers at the University of Erlangen, Germany on 7,000 men and women in long-term follow objects found that people who do not eat breakfast habits accounted for 40%, and they live longer than the remaining 60% of the average rebate of 2.5 years. The other universities in a learn of people aged 80-90 found that an of their longevity in prevalent is: eat a good breakfast.

adopted piecemeal: as far as possible and palatable breakfast foods, appetizers; have sufficient quantity and good quality; small size, high heat; preparatiin time and effort.

We know thatdifferent types of food in the stomach and the width of linger is not the same, the repercussion caused by blood sugar is not the same. Under normal circumstances, lean mixture of dry food can linger 4-5 hours in the stomach, and fluid food are large, equitable ended feeling quite full, but very short linger in the stomach, where no time to fully digest nutrients Jibei dismiss, rising fast to low blood sugar levels down, can not be sustained. Therefore, the alternative of food must pay attention to dry with a thin, both meat and vegetables.

deadly habit 10: deadly eating also quick

reasons: increasing the burden of gastroenteritis,Supra Vaider Shoes, leading to obesity. Many office workers lunch, are at once to finish the state. Eating too fast, the food is not adequately chew food and the mouth is not conducive to the initial salivary amylase digestion, increase the burden of gastroenteritis; chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still over-excitement, over time, susceptible to wastage of desire hyperactivity and obesity.

accepted piecemeal: as much as likely so namely the teeth and tongue were slow moving, and if period is really tight, it would mash a bit of period playing cards or dozing.
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