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father work outside the home for two years without audio, when Wang was 6 years old (not his real name) waited two years, and so is father to the news of the death of suspected --- an accident to determine the identity,Armani Sunglasses, needs him to do DNA identification . The day before yesterday,prada sunglasses, the police notify the Wang family YuBeiOu, identification results confirm that a car accident the deceased father is Wang, Wang family members to claim and the basis for the program.
Weapon Law News newspaper said the lawyers could claim 150,000 yuan.
waited two years, the police notify the check DNA

Wang read the second grade, his mother Liu Kezhen some dull. Liu Kezhen adult eldest son Liu (Liu and her ex-husband were born, the mother's surname), said his mother skull a little problem, things did not mind. Since mid-July of this year, his family has been relatives do to help raise stepfather.
Wang Peng, who lives in Banan District, South Street Office white homozygous village. According to him, in 2008 Children's Day, Father Wang Fu was not at home. Mother, father to earn money to buy him toys. June 23, Dad Hui Letang home two days later and left.
Liu said the stepfather Yubei District Agricultural Park is to work for a construction site. The post did not go home again, and no audio. The results did not find a lot of places, so they were to Banan District, and police reported missing YuBeiOu. July 16 this year, the family notified the king, Wang shouted to the police to investigate YuBeiOu DNA, that there unidentified dead from the crash, to see whether Wang's father.
go out to work, the site said he was missing

Zhao Yun Wang Fu's nephew, said Wang Fu missing less than a week to go back on site to inform the bedding roll. They find it strange that the king was 56 years old, able-bodied, how to not lost? Site, and said, June 23, 2008, Wang left the rich, did not return to the site.
Zhao said that a problem with this argument, they find the VIP site. That the foreman of the workers in the United cheating buy them, and workers also noisy aircraft several times. There are three versions of speculation at the time: one king working in construction, work-related injuries died, was intentionally concealed; Second, was kidnapped; third is to go to get where work illicitly.
a car crash, coma 12 days of death

Liu said the mother took Wang to the police Yubei, Wang, a police officer to the Traffic Accident mothers, Wang said the suspect was a traffic accident the deceased rich, needs, and the king of the children of the rich blood to do DNA identification.
said, according to the Traffic Accident, at 10:30 on June 25, 2008, a 783 bus terminus in Yubei District Agricultural Park parking under the passenger section, the starting time, the right side of the car just off the unknown male passengers upside down. Injured to hospital,oakley sunglass, in the same year on July 7 died. Because of the injured had been unconscious, body and luggage without identity papers, cell phone, phone book and any other information to find their families, so their identity remains a mystery.
Liu said the stepfather never use cell phones, did not take an ID card habit. View from the road accident car accident, is also stepfather to work the necessary land. Because they reported the disappearance,sunglass store, the police suspect that the deceased was missing was the stepfather. So they arranged according to police, pumping blood to do identification. The day before yesterday,cheap sunglasses, the police informed, DNA results prove that the deceased Wang and accident related.
lawyers Weapon, may claim 15 million

Liu said, the police allow them to take a written basis for calculating the compensation program and out. . The total amount of compensation of 15 million yuan. Details include:

one death compensation: 4,621 yuan / year (last year of rural per capita net income) × 20 years = 92,420 yuan; two dependents (Wang) the cost of living: 3142 yuan / year (last year of life of rural residents per capita consumption expenditure) × 10 years = 31,420 yuan; three funeral: 30,369 yuan / year (previous year average wage of workers) ÷ 12 月 × 6 months = 15184.5 yuan; four ,sunglasses for men, transportation discretionary: 500. The discretion of the spirit of solatium: 10,000 yuan; five officers involved in incident handling fee: 500 yuan.
claims in three ways: First, in consultation directly with the car; The second is to conduct mediation under the auspices of the traffic police; Third, the court proceedings. Families can take any kind of way. The best way is mediation. Reporter Robinson
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