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milk wash - against his face dull
speed: 5 days
milk face wash can help you in 5 days Do you believe it? Expensive natural skin care products has its value, natural products Quefei flat goods, no good, two Mix & Match, produced as a masterpiece!
before makeup, you can start with milk wash. Tender milk whitening effect, many people immediately after washing the face becomes smooth, so that the powder easier. However, before washing with milk, apply cleanser cleaning of dirt, over the water after the milk wash.
1, first wash the face with a cleanser dirt.
2, the amount of milk into the basin, a towel stained with milk (not drying towels).
3, light Indian faces, repeated about 5 to 6 times.
4, so that the milk in the face apply 3 minutes, then rinse with water.

cream and vitamin E - to deal with wrinkles
speed: 1 day
If you find that cream is not enough moisture, you can add a little cream vitamin E oil, painted before going to bed. Because sleep is a good time to break the skin, particularly easily absorbed cream nutrition, and vitamin E have reduced the effectiveness of wrinkles, one night before an appointment with the most suitable.

Mask necessary before makeup - to deal with dry skin
speed: 5 days
apply moisturizing mask once a day, the fifth day, the skin's moisture content should become more moist. Of course, a good moisturizing mask is very important.
carrot juice to acne - deal with the sudden appearance of acne
speed: 1 to 2 days
important pre-date a natural acne are considered unfortunate, but there are emergency treatment: that is unaffected bacterial infection, can be coated with hydrogen peroxide in acne, the next day inflamed the situation should improve. Is said to deal with the carrot juice is also very effective in acne treatment. As long as the skin ground into fresh carrot juice, apply to the affected area, 15 minutes and then washed with water, sooner or later, a second later, detoxification and decomposition of acne fat effect.

lemon Fuyan - to deal with bags under the eyes
rate: 5 minutes
have bags under the eyes of the! Do not worry, as long as you reply with lemon eye on the help of the But remember to apply before the Baptist lemon in water for a while, give the eye covered with gauze, put two lemons to wait 5 minutes.

painted cream massage - to deal with dark circles
speed: 30 seconds
have dark circles eye massage effect,Canada Goose Kids, if, when painted cream, the way the eye massage in the 15 to 30 times, will accelerate the blood circulation under the eyelids, dark circles and even in time by the black dark red, Give it a try!

high pillow to sleep - to deal with their faces badly bruised
speed: one night
could not drink the water before going to bed if you can try to sleep a high pillow, water is not easily deposited on the upper eyelids, swollen eyes and swollen the next day are not afraid, seems listless up.

deposited protein - to deal with blackheads
speed: 1 day
red nose so hard on the makeup, black is definitely not the day to go to an appointment to do, of course, it is best to do one day ahead. Method is to wash after cracking an egg, the protein coating in the nose, then Pack (does not contain soft cotton) deposited in the above paper face wash, face wash 10 to 15 minutes until the paper is dry, pull the cotton from the bottom paper, most blackhead effect, but remember, tissue removed, be sure to take on the alcohol-free toner.
Hot water deposited
lip - against peeling
speed: 15 minutes
dry and peeling lips easily, only to find lipstick, do not tear by hand? No! Some blood, but also easily lead to allergies, the best is first coated with a thick layer of lip balm, cotton pad soaked with hot water deposited on the lips for 15 minutes. Then brush lightly with lips, lip skin can be washed off.

skin care program to add classes vitamin A
like vitamin A and vitamin A is both relevant and different substances, their trade name RetinA or Renova. Vitamin A on the skin type is very effective, especially the skin cells can enhance the epidermal growth factor (EGF) that stimulate the skin's natural growth hormone responsiveness. So the class can make the skin cells, vitamin A production in normal working condition. If a skin care program to add classes vitamin A, a month later, the skin will be significantly improved, the skin will be more flexible, reduce wrinkles, shallow scars, pores decreases.
but usually, coated with Renova, cause thinning of the skin, increase skin sensitivity to sunlight, so experts suggest that European and American skin, a little light by the sun burns the sand crush herbs can be purchased at pharmacies more moderate, more effective than slow-the-counter vitamin A alcohol. Or no trace of skin anti-wrinkle cream or night cream L'Oreal, once every 3 days with and with vitamin A alcohol use, the better.

to face,
vitamin C can effectively scavenge free radicals and help slow down skin aging, so effectively repair damaged cells, it is usually the case, many less spots cosmetics are added with vitamin C. To this end, the beach beauty can use this feature of vitamin C to help reduce light brown skin spots, so be deep skin moisturizing. Facts have proved that a lot of beautiful beaches in the use of vitamin C-containing skin care products, I've collagen levels have been greatly improved, more resilient skin and shiny. Therefore, experts suggest, try some of the beach with the sun crush the efficacy of new skin care products, such as SPF 15 Revlon isolated vitamin C cream.

copper mining effect
some metals is necessary for collagen synthesis, such as copper. When the skin cells of copper content increased, the increase in collagen synthesis. However, copper is a toxic metal, so now there's a patented copper peptide not only toxic, but can promote collagen synthesis, wound healing, effectively smooth wrinkles. Therefore, the U.S. and Europe on the market has a good permeability of the blue copper flexible repair cream and Neutrogena Firming Night Cream is a good choice beautiful beach.

repaired with water-based lip gloss Lips
lip is very fragile, in the lips gently cast protective equipment to help reduce dark black lips sink phenomenon. But this seems not enough, because sometimes the lips become thin, in fact, this is the lack of sun causes collagen precursor. While collagen injections can restore some vitality to the skin the lips, but no health benefits, but to speak of, so to comply with European and American skin care expert usually crush advice, use water-based lip gloss to achieve a good repair.

Summer Oil
specific steps to control shine
1, Clean: Choose mild refreshing cleanser, skin oils can not only clean but also to remove cosmetics residue and dirt, wash the order, clean the forehead and nose, then chin and cheeks, according to from the up, the order from outside to inside, you can thoroughly clean the skin.
Note: You can not use cold water to wash your face, because the summer is often sweating, his face full of sweat, skin temperature is relatively high, the sudden cold water stimulation, can cause facial skin pores, making the pores in the oil, sweat can not be cleaned up promptly, the consequences of doing so is to expand the pores of the skin, sensitive skin and may even be so acute inflammation! The oily skin will be prone to acne and acne. The correct way is to use warm water. This will not only ensure that the pores fully open, and not leave the skin's natural moisturizing oil too lost.
2, Firming: You can choose to contain some of the alcohol content of toner, it is the rapid evaporation of the surface of the skin, remove the heat caused by the pores, hair follicles discharge mouth of dirt, sebum, etc., deep clean pores, the skin fresh and cool Jie. Firming alcohol containing traces of water, not only can shrink pores, inhibit oil secretion, but also can adjust skin pH balance, help to add moisture, toner can be used on cotton use. If the skin is sensitive, it is best not to use alcohol-based astringent.
3, moisture: To avoid many of the emulsion oil should be used fresh type of cream or lotion, you can replenish moisture. You can also use the AHA effects care. Magic acid to balance the skin oil secretion, inhibit the formation of acne, can also reduce wrinkles. Of course, with the acid product, and then coated with a layer of emulsion formulations containing sunscreen to protect and avoid tanning sunburn. While oily skin are more sebum secretion, but also prone to the phenomenon of water, add water to any type of skin are very important.

4, Care: Choose mild exfoliating cream or scrub product 1-3 times a week, you can clear out the pores of dirt; reduce acne caused by excessive fat production, but also can make the effect of moisture skin care products more effective, easier to acne T-zone area can be used for conditioning the skin care products T to complete the cool effect.
5, nursed back to health: eat less fat, sugar, fried foods, avoid alcohol and other irritating foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits, can be lily, green beans, stewed white fungus, etc. Some cool down summer drinks.

oil 3 large errors
■ Myth # 1 frequent face to shine
Not all of the oil
oil can be washed. Many people in the summer will not help often face, hoping to wash the more the less oil. In fact, the normal skin secretion of the oil and water should be in a state of equilibrium, if only to simply wash away the skin's surface, or siphoning off oil will cause imbalance in the secretion of water and oil, but will stimulate the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. In this sense, water is the key to oil. In addition to oil products have therefore chosen to emphasize the effect of oil, but also must consider the moisturizing effect of the product itself, not only to provide appropriate oily skin moisturizing, conditioning the skin to the best balance of water and oil, can really shine farewell . Clean the skin make the skin over the oil situation is more serious. When the skin feels dry, the skin oil glands will secrete excessive cleaning will make a lot of skin glands secrete more oil, which is more severe skin oil causes.
■ Myth # 2 before puberty to oil
Many people think that oil is only encountered in adolescent issues, it is not. According to a survey showed that among women in Asia, problems caused by oil production an average of 37.2 years to reach the peak. Peak 5-7 years later, excess sebum will cause the pores to expand. This situation is not controlled early, then the case of large pores with the passage of time will continue to deteriorate.
■ Myth # 3 oil is a woman thing
hormones that affect the skin oil secretion of one of the factors. The male hormone testosterone in dihydrotestosterone really, will promote the secretion of sebaceous glands, so that his face fat increase, so the most obvious characteristics of male skin is more out of fuel. Therefore, more men than women need to pay attention to oil.

DIY oil to mask
1, cucumber surface covered: chopped cucumber, squeeze sauce, wrap it in the face, adsorption slightly with gauze to prevent drip drip, 10 minutes after the wash.
2, lemon egg surface covered: Take a little baking soda with egg yolk and mix, add 12 drops of lemon juice, mix well enough in the face and wash after 15 minutes.
3, oat milk, surface covered: the oatmeal with milk into a paste, apply to the face after 10-15 minutes wash with warm water, then cold water rinse.

4, pears almond oil surface covered: 6 pears will Cook, cool, crushed, plus 1 tablespoon almond oil, stir well enough in the the face. Make oily skin becomes delicate, and can be rid of acne.
5, honey garlic facial: the wet surface with water first, then with a little honey garlic dip gently wipe the face oily parts, grease can be removed. Throughout the course of 15 days, the first day of wiping 15 times, 14 times the next day ... ... and so clean,Canada Goose Sale, wipe the last day 1, after the end can become a

========== thirteen beautiful first-aid too little secret ========
red blush, nail breakage, it is important to meet sudden acne ... When the surprise of the awkward moment comes, some of the magic formula to help you over the girls Emergency beautiful.
1, embarrassing moment: cry when they were colleagues saw, which happened mascara is not waterproof.
Emergency secret: to find the dressing room, pick up the side of the lip balm, hand cream like lotion, rub a little at the moment, and then gently wipe off with tissues. If the cream is not it? Take a wet mouth tissue, can easily makeup the. The secret is to spend in makeup before treatment.
2, embarrassing moment: you want to wear backless dress, like a ceiling as dry skin, scaling, and tan shades.
Emergency secret: the soft bath brush to brush the skin cells die of old age, then more moderate milk bath, warm water shower. Such as the skin has not yet dry, wipe moisture lotion, rub a little more. If possible, close to the dark skin of the foundation evenly covering the spent skin.
3, awkward moment: the day wake up and find camera long nose pieces acne.
Emergency secret: If acne has white pus head, heat, then gently squeeze the acne with a tissue break. If the pus is not prominent skin surface, can be coated with vitamin E ointment, and then at the acne concealer brush, apply foundation, then dip your fingers gently to the excess foundation, the last, rushed in and the same honey color powder, blush played a bit thicker.
acne should not occur in a time of really distressing pieces of things, in order to avoid such embarrassment, Allah should not appear in the acne attention when cleaning the skin.
4, awkward moment: keep dandruff away, can happen to wear black clothes.
Emergency secret: once to buy a small bottle of shampoo anti-dandruff shampoo packaging, no hair will be wet conditions, and then dressing the hair tail.
emergency can only be the case, in order to no longer embarrassed, we should pay attention to the usual!
, embarrassing moment: to see her boyfriend, but the cosmetics counter is painted like a Fengchennvlang, only 10 minutes can be remedied friends.
Emergency secret: coming to another counter to some of the Cleansing Milk trial makeup and skin care products, face makeup to the bathroom to wash. Surrounded by the best wet washcloth, and quickly point to another counter on the foundation, then a little lip gloss is sufficient.
6, embarrassing moment: just finished skin care, face even emerge a rash.
Emergency secret: use cold water with no additives or cleanser cleansing facial, a new product from the skin to erase, it is not completely dry when coated with a thin Vaseline water with some ice in the face, will be able to quickly calm the skin.
may be allergic to the new product, so the use of new products, the best test of whether the allergy
pruritus, always want to scratch a few; some large parts of erythema or flushing; skin burning or pain; local apparent swelling; grow a small lump on the skin, but unlike acne; a string of small blisters appear; local skin ulceration
If you have two or more symptoms, in addition to timely clean skin, preferably to the hospital to deal with it.
7, embarrassing moment: carnival late into the night, get up the next day and found that pouch enlargement, but also to work it! How to do?
Emergency secret: To eliminate eye puffiness can be a few pieces of ice with a towel and wrap it in the eye, can immediately reduce the swelling condition. Or use tea bags, cucumber slices apply to the face. Point on the concealer, other eye makeup not too much, you can wear sunglasses at work pretending to be cool. Next home drunk, do not forget to drink plenty of honey water before bed, pillows and cushions in the back of the head, eyes the next day not too swollen.
these small tips can help you alleviate the situation:
(1) put on some massage cream, and then use the middle finger to press the way outward from the upper eyelid at the internal suppression of the temple, then press the temple along the lower eyelid to eyelid and nose connecting office, and so back and forth a few times, which can effectively promote blood circulation around the eyes.
(2) use of heat, wash your face the way the use of hot towels, cover the eyes, apply a few more, just boil for complete elimination of fatigue, night or two particularly effective.
8, embarrassing moments: fly to Europe to participate in the exhibition, due to a long flight, the skin significantly affected, and the surface of the skin has begun to redness.
emergency secret: in this case should be immediately bagged a cup of tea with milk, apply to the face, the skin can be relieved immediately.
airplane air is too dry coarse hair scattered confused.
Emergency secret: the hair a thick layer of saw rubbed ointment, and will pull the hair in the back of the head of a hair, dry hair can prevent chaos. Just need to rush to the hotel saw the ointment will be cleansed.
aircraft in the dry air can make your hair becomes rough, that you usually have very dry hair. So you should pay attention to hair care routine, to the hair a healthy
9, embarrassing moment: broken nails, nail polish also mottled spots split, the most beloved sweater also hook broke.
Emergency secret: hurry to buy a bottle of clear nail polish drying, drops between the cracks in the nails, to prevent the situation getting worse. And then use transparent tape to bandage or wrap the nail tip.
Band-Aid or transparent tape are found, it is better to buy nail clippers! The sweater has been broken hook, and quickly break at the knot in it!
10, embarrassing moment: I am a makeup artist, to find a time when models do make-up mascara actually been done. Too ashamed friends.
Emergency secret: Jizhongshengzhi think of the way - instead of mascara with Vaseline to make. This was found to make eyes look more moist and more of God, bright and ######y. This kind of thinking that the work I have benefited in the future, I will often use lip gloss or cream applied to the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows look even more shiny, and it will have unexpected results.
really experienced, you can make a lot of generic products really do! Coffee eyebrow pencil a more wonderful with beautiful natural
11, embarrassing moment: a time to participate in Party, just to be ready to go, I suddenly felt just on the makeup of the skin feeling tingling, discomfort, has been a little itch, or even to touch to touch up the makeup to get flowers.
Emergency secret: do not always make the skin, often on the makeup, If your skin is sensitive, and always prepared around a number of features with ease tight skin lotion is absolutely necessary, a painted face, uncomfortable skin can be restored immediately fresh, exposed at the foundation with some of this emulsion, point to the light blush and powder, leaving only the eye and lip make-up, in order to spend the sad moments.
12, embarrassing moment: when there is no make-up eyelash curler, eye seemed listless.
Emergency secret: it has a cotton swab or a spoon, just below it flat on the eyelashes, withstand eyelashes, Wait a moment, and immediately had the look of the eyelash curler.
13, embarrassing moment: no makeup, but suddenly there for customers. Only have a lipstick.
Emergency secret: I use the thumb to lipstick painted on the face, more than any make-up are useful. Will face once rosy blush, applied with your fingers out of the feeling is so smooth, natural, and also to retain a more lasting color. Do not find the eyelash curler when the side with a spoon to help you solve this problem.
beauty of the girls will always be with makeup to seem more spiritual. Can not make-up than the girls a lot more risk, such as those above, the embarrassment. Can not have both fish and bear's paw, and only when the accumulation reached a pinnacle in the make-up techniques it! In addition, transparent makeup in fashion this year, will reduce a lot of trouble.

====== care: rapid elimination of acne wash method ======
acne if you are endless troubles, you certainly tried numerous methods, and effective? The wash method you tried it? Might be just the solution for your acne is a big helper too! A bit complicated, but the system, look carefully myself!
3 分钟 cleansing method
1, first prepare a clean, soft, dry towel and a small irritant neutral soap;
2, the soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) in the rub foam, foam the better. Foam hands holding up the wash, wash 1 minute. Do not be too hard, if they feel the pain to stop.
3, then with hot water (38-40 degrees) wash for 20 seconds, rinse with warm water and back to 20 seconds, so repeated three times. If you use the shower better about face from the blow nozzle far side of the spray face (hot water), while tapping with your fingers the belly face. Thermostat then water spray for 20 seconds.
4, with a dry towel to wipe the water face first, then gently pressed face absorption.
5, and finally coated with convergence of the make-up water, coated feel a sense of tension, can be painted many times.
this Act must be morning and evening. On the early, middle and late effects of acne are apparent. Following wash method is an extension and continuation of this Law.

gauze face France:

cleansing method in the application of three minutes a month, whether or not to reduce acne, can be transferred to this law, which is a mid-face technique:
1, prepare a towel, soap and a piece of gauze;
2, first a small piece of folded gauze, dipped in soap bubbles, wash the forehead, chin, nose, etc.;
3, then gauze wrapped around the index finger and middle finger the head two fingers, dipped in soap bubbles, gently wash the cheeks with gauze and the entire center of the face;
4, and finally gauze around the index finger, dipped in soap bubbles gently scrub the eyelids, under the soft skin irritation or if you feel pain stop. If you still feel pain the next day, it is the reason to scrub too hard. At this point at least four days to implement
5, mid-face method to wash once every two days the first week, second week of wash every other day, third day to wash once a week.

advanced wash method:

intermediate wash method, after one month, if the effect can be transferred to this Act.
1, to prepare soap, towels and a white cotton gloves (thin texture, good), and to which a glove middle finger, index finger and ring finger cut off at the formation of three finger;
2, first dipped in soap bubbles intact gloves gently scrub the face. Delicate skin who can wear in the index and middle finger, dipped foam cleaning the face;
3, then the index finger, middle finger and ring finger are put finger, stained with soap bubbles gently scrub the cheeks, forehead and chin;
4, took off his finger, only the index finger to retain finger, dipped in soft foam gently scrub the skin under the eyelids, and finally washed with water, dry with a towel.

super wash method:
After the first three methods applied
If acne persists, you can use this method. The formation of acne scars who has been more applicable.

1, to prepare soap, towels and a gentle type of toothbrush for children;
2, the soap lather in palm and rub with a toothbrush dampened with a little;
3, with stained foam brush gently scrub the forehead, chin and other parts of coarse texture; then wash face with water and foam, and finally with a clean dry towel face of the water.

emergency wash method:
This method not only for acne, wrinkles and face higher number can also be applied. In general, those of the skin is oily acne, if excessive use of degreasing soap, then make the skin dry, very sad. At this point, we use this law to deal with.
1, the soap in the palm of your hand rub with warm water from the foam, then carefully placed in the bubble of the basin filled with warm water and gently mix to form vortex;
2, so the pot of water is about to stop spinning, face immersion, so that the natural flow of foam washing the face, so 20 seconds. Then another with a clean face immersion in warm water of the basin, the foam dip net, and 20 seconds. So three times, each time changing the water and for foam;
3, the third rinse, the basin can add a few drops of warm water emollient oil, then soak for 20 seconds;
4, the final dry with a towel or repeated pressure suction face of the water.

======= skin care: skin care and sensitivity and allergies are different ======
is a state sensitive, allergy is a symptom. Sensitive skin is fragile, vulnerable to the effects of various stimuli; allergy refers to the skin after stimulation by various allergens produce a red, swollen, hot, pain, itching of the phenomenon.
(a) the reasons:
1, sensitive: mainly divided into congenital and acquired. The former is mainly concerned with the genetic and physical; the latter mainly with improper maintenance, abuse of cosmetics, sun exposure, wind and percussion, skin and other factors.
2, allergy: from food allergies to see if the original factors, seasonal factors, drug factors, chemical factors, genetic factors; from the point of view is the root cause of free radical oxidation of basophils and mast cells, causing damage to the immune system .
(b) the characteristics and clinical manifestations:
1, sensitive: sensitive skin thin skin, fragile capillaries revealed, easy to redness, and was uneven flushing, itching and small rash when there.
2, allergies: skin allergies, skin congestion, redness, itching, rashes and even acne severe allergic peeling, edema.
c) the relationship between the two
1, sensitive: sensitive skin if care is not enough, often red, heat, itching and other symptoms or outside the trial medication containing hormones will change for the allergy prone skin.
2, allergies: allergy skin allergies may be caused after occasionally, but most of the early allergic skin more sensitive skin symptoms.
(d) The prevention and treatment measures:
1, for sensitive skin prone to allergies should avoid eating the food and the use of drugs and cosmetics; avoid contact with heat, alkali, electrical stimulation; not excessive friction; to prevent ultraviolet radiation. Usually used cold or warm water wash.
2, in the event of allergy will have to pay attention to:
(1) have a good attitude: we must first understand the allergy is to represent this person is not suitable for this product does not mean that the product is poor; any cosmetics may have allergies; any person may, in some cases have allergy.
(2) understand the reasons for allergy: stay away from allergens, and by scavenging free radicals, regulate immunity, improve their allergies.

======== skin care: skin, such as lychee-like tender =======
Although no money to buy skin care products, but the facade still have to care for; they can simply start from everyday life, a simple little trick can make you beautiful.
because of the dry rough skin, see a simple little secret can make the skin become smooth and delicate: glycerin and vinegar in a 1:5 ratio of paint on the skin tone is good, then holding it a try with this state of mind secret; think of only three weeks time, my skin becomes smooth and detailed.
In addition, water is the cheapest health drink, so drink plenty of water is a must. General sugary drinks will only make you fat, and water can promote the body metabolism, make you healthy and beautiful.
more exercise is also very important. I refer here not intense anaerobic exercise, it would only make you grow muscles; I mean some gentle exercise, like cycling, brisk walking, etc., the best combination of performance and everyday life, it is easy to persevere. For example, take the bus to advance one or two stop, then brisk walking home; Over time, the body naturally does not lose shape. Who says beauty must pay a high price? Simple and can be very beautiful.

======= skin: say goodbye to summer coarse pores and acne skin =====
high fire umbrella Zhang, UV Index daily verge of to emerge. Do not worry, make the appropriate maintenance measures, even orange girl, flower girl pox family, but also towards the beauty of the road.
to coarse pores that Bye-Bye!
too much fat, acne hoarding, is the main reason causing the maximum coarse pores! Often squeeze, clear acne, over time, it may hurt the skin so the pores bi, more relaxed. To keep the skin clean and avoid accumulation of pores grease, dirt, while smear pore with skin care products, there is definitely a plus effect.

1. Daily do the makeup, cleaning work: the residual cosmetics, dirt will hide pores, helping the formation of acne. <<<
2. exfoliating regularly: at least every week to help the skin to time clean-up, use exfoliating products, especially T-nose cheeks extend to the skin, massage can be slightly strengthened to avoid dirt, deep accumulation of acne
3. Tightens pores using the product: for repair has been done to improve the formation of large pores, such as using Clinique Pore repair gel, exfoliating exclusive technology to add, keep pores clear, no blockage problems generated. Magical light refraction technology, so that the pores appear immediately invisible. Because of age, loose thick skin pores also apply, with the soy protein extract, to stimulate new collagen, loose re-tighten up the pores weak
4. local oil: T word always seems the most coarse pores, the reason lies in a more fuel than normal, even with make-up cover, but also all of a sudden out bare. Clinique Pore to T-gel topical oil, grease gel texture, to help put on the skin like a gentle mist cloak, eight hours convergence Oil
5. apply moisturizing mask: adequate water supply, allowing the skin to increase elasticity, the normal metabolism of the pores in the old dead skin cells, oil stains
.6 sun do: UV damage to skin is the original compact, accelerated aging of the accomplice, the more sun the more loose pores
easily get rid of acne struggle!
acne always uninvited, but also a long bunch of their friends, in addition to wiping drugs listed in the professional dermatologists, acne skin people, even skin care products should be adjusted to two-pronged approach, effective anti- pox.
1. remover, cleaning products, to be replaced: the greasy moisture in summer are still in use cleaning products? No wonder the acne will be stimulated to grow back. For example, Clinique makeup mousse net pox, pox soap net, net pox cleansing cloth membrane, providing a mild acne skin clean power, and antibacterial anti-bacterial, soothing irritation inflammation

2. Apply acne skin care products: in particular, both the easy oil, good hair acne skin, it is advisable to switch to a full range of acne skin care products are exclusive to avoid indiscriminate use with, but to stimulate inflammation of the consequences. According to the day, night different needs, Clinique also introduced to provide antibacterial protection film, to the effect of treatment and prevention of Conditioning Gel
3. forbidden to eat spicy food: constraints about your appetite right, spicy pot. Foods such as accelerated lit, will emerge from the body acne Push head. <<<Get rid of bad habits, eliminate acne

sun consequences: increased freckles. In the sun a day is enough to make it worse, freckles expanded color depth.
cure: use of color can even restore the loose skin moisturizer oils, in addition to help fade freckles. But if your freckles darker color, you should use a strong effect of rosin ointment. The best way to prevent freckles is to grow: wearing wide-brimmed hat, coated with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, coated with water and sunscreen SPF15 sunscreen index.
quick make-up remedies: Use colored lotions can effectively uniform face color, natural and have the skills to cover the face of freckles

acne scars
sun consequences: scars turn dark brown; depressed scars will be greater.
cure: color deep scarring may ask the doctor to give you a stronger prescription drug. During the day you can use non-fat and amino benzene SPF15 sunscreen. Skin experts say:
quick make-up remedies: first with a small brush swipe scar, and then cast a little light than the color of the concealer, and finally coated with color similar to the foundation. <<<Concealer Collection
Editor: Mei Mei summer wear can be very exposed, good body filling, but the sun is too strong, the temperature is too high, leading to skin oils, large pores, acne ridden, spots become more! Rest assured, if the pores and get rid of acne problems, you can live a very comfortable summer!
acne scars
sun consequences: scars turn dark brown; depressed scars will be greater.
cure: color deep scarring may ask the doctor to give you a stronger prescription drug. During the day you can use non-fat and amino benzene SPF15 sunscreen. Skin experts say:
quick make-up remedies: first with a small brush swipe scar, and then cast a little light than the color of the concealer, and finally coated with color similar to the foundation. <<<Concealer Collection
Editor: Mei Mei summer wear can be very exposed, good body filling, but the sun is too strong, the temperature is too high, leading to skin oils, large pores, acne ridden, spots become more! Rest assured, if the pores and get rid of acne problems, you can live a very comfortable summer!
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