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Default Panasonic cuts of 3.5 million people the history

electrical field in the traditional, Panasonic's dominance has been lost, and now it wants to DAI Qi another crown, this time it's territory in the field of environmental protection and energy. First step, layoffs.
text | CBN reporter at Tongwang Lin Zou

3.5 million people - the king of Panasonic home appliances in Japan set a record of an awkward, it being the largest in the history of Japanese manufacturing of a downsizing . The layoffs are also following the Internet bubble burst in the Panasonic, the financial crisis after the third large-scale layoffs.
. Panasonic plans from fiscal year 2010, 3 years from 3.5 million in cuts.
the determination of this transformation has been evident under the Panasonic, so need to start the As compared to U.S. and European companies, Japanese companies more of a In the 1990s before the economic bubble burst, this kind of Even now the system is broken, Japanese companies are less willing to make cuts, especially the staff of the Japanese mainland.
The cuts come mainly related to the acquisition of Sanyo Electric Matsushita Electric and its overlap with the original product structure of white goods, air conditioners, projectors, and other services, particularly overseas,Father to his son who continued treatment of many users want to hijack donations, white goods, electronic components business, the production sector and sales department based in Japan. In the Matsushita Group, the overseas workers accounted for 60% of the total number of employees. As to whether it involved China, Matsushita headquarters in Japan, said the current specific plans are still under discussion.
before the 2010 fiscal year (April 2010-March 2011), Panasonic Semiconductor to the United States through the sale of Sanyo Electric's semiconductor business continued losses and other means have been cut nearly 18,000 employees.
different from the previous two large-scale layoffs, job cuts because of Matsushita, which is preparing a comprehensive strategy for transformation. Korean companies face fierce competition, this past almost synonymous with the company is determined as the electrical appliance business with the traditional waving published in May 2010 the the world, the existing business to the area of ​​environmental protection and energy transfer, and gradually from the sale of products to provide solutions and systems development.
in the traditional electrical field, its dominance has been lost.
2006 year, Panasonic quit competitive GSM mobile phone market; April 2007,Mozilla CEO透露Firefox 5正式版6月22日发布, Panasonic Taiwan to terminate the gas stove, embedded stoves, gas water heaters and other gas appliances 3 production and sales. In 2007, the Panasonic air conditioners also may withdraw from the market once the news came. In fiscal 2008, the economic crisis appears to Matsushita up to 378.9 billion yen (about 30.4 billion yuan) net loss. Annual sales revenue fell 14.4%, operating profit dropped 86%.
appliance business as part of its main TV business from the downturn since 2008, originally expected in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010 from profit target because of the earthquake bathing. Fiscal year 2010, although the LCD TV business increased 16%,cheap jordans sale, but decreased by 13% plasma, resulting in the overall television revenue fell 1% to 997.9 billion yen (about 80.2 billion yuan).
Samsung, LG TV prices fight,real jordans for sale, so adhere to the procurement of its own LCD panel, Matsushita were struggling to cope. He describes the competitors said that / p>
but he has not determined to give up the flat-panel TV business, he wanted another year of flat-panel TV to revive gambling. To this end, Panasonic TV panels freeze on all new investment, the panel factory moved overseas to make up production capacity through global sourcing, reducing costs, while the concept of using 3D in China and other emerging markets to improve the LCD and plasma TVs sales.
Panasonic China told the May 9, plasma start new plant in Shanghai. Put into operation in 2012, the production capacity from the current 20 million units per month to 150 million units.
out of traditional business,women's Louis Vuitton sunglasses, investment in new business has started to acquire Matsushita Electric and Sanyo Electric is one of the important step.
Matsushita Electric Matsushita created from the 1918 The third division club independent. Matsushita Electric's strength lies in lighting products, wiring products, home equipment.
and Sanyo Electric are the advantages of solar cells and rechargeable battery business, HIT solar cell products to its exclusive technology. In Japan, Sanyo to the Government, convenience stores, schools providing a range of energy-saving programs to promote solar cells and rechargeable battery sales (see publication No. 8 in 2011,
Panasonic Sanyo's energy is a fancy business. To Sanyo's solar cell, Matsushita's fuel cell as the core, the two company's products can cover the basic business of rechargeable battery pack, together with the two companies and their energy-saving technologies Matsushita Electric of residential products, sufficient to provide a full set of achievements in energy program enterprises.
in the eyes of analysts, this product is being ushered in an unprecedented market opportunity. said.
energy-saving heating system is Panasonic is one of focus on the development of the business. Panasonic Ecocute water heater extracts heat from the air, light and heat can reduce costs and reduce carbon emissions, which sells for 600,000 to 900,000 yen range, the traditional gas water heater is about 4 times the price.
that the promotion of energy-saving heating equipment, power companies have been the response. Electricity demand for the expansion of the power companies are promoting all-electric process, and the water heater were as strategic products. METI's a special investigation team, said there are about 50 million households in Japan using traditional gas cooking bath, use the next two years could increase the number of electrical equipment 1,500,000 to 500 million people, the use of solar energy systems may increase 20 million to 66 million people, whereby this water heater can be formed around 100 million units a year market. The Japanese industry and even look forward to this water heater will eventually form a scale comparable with the largest market for domestic air conditioners. In order to promote this environmentally friendly products, the Japanese government has also introduced a related subsidies.
white goods from the transition to green energy is also expected to lead to higher incomes for Panasonic because of a higher unit price of energy-saving products.
2011 年 4 months to complete Panasonic Matsushita Electric and Sanyo Electric's wholly owned subsidiary, integration of the Matsushita Group will be held after January 1 2012 onwards using the Panasonic will be into business again, The reorganization is expected to last until the end of fiscal 2012 (the end of March 2013), spent about 160 billion yen (about 12.8 billion yuan).
Panasonic structure and future development priorities

consumer electronics industry Qunzu

AVC Networks

localization of R & D and production, into emerging markets

hot and cold appliances

speed up the machine and cooking appliances, fitness products sold overseas; expand Sanyo B2B business

global consumer electronics marketing

components industry group


selling products to create multimedia, navigation equipment, the domestic market share to obtain an absolute advantage

the environment, energy and smart growth in areas such as mobile phones worldwide expansion

energy components

lithium-ion battery to shift to China and promote the world's best procurement; reduce the cost of HIT solar cells

solutions industry group

system communication

enhanced security and communications

environment, energy solutions

LED lighting product line expansion, and promote overseas sales; electric material aspects of the center of India to expand business in Asia; whole career, and promote a comprehensive proposal for a wide range of goods get ready, to their mutual connection
Healthcare Solutions

conduct hospital business support, early diagnosis and treatment, home health care and other growing business

factory solution

areas with real equipment core, open up new areas of production technology
> Related: Panasonic girlfriend 3 to the expected launch of the fastest in June, said Matsushita president of a major earthquake on the very serious business
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