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Default Three

Chang'e II satellite launch date draws near, the reporter was informed yesterday, Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control tasks take three Yuan Wang satellite tracking ship is scheduled to reach all the waters, and all preparations have been deployed properly, while China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department has also developed contingency plans for thousands. Currently, the Yuanwang measuring fleet in the Pacific waiting for the storm in the Chang'e II satellite launched.

reporter tracking ship where the boat has formulated contingency plans for protection of more than 80 tracking ship traffic and smooth Beijing command center, more than 40 stable and effective monitoring and control for security, for more than 40 protect the marine weather systems to provide timely, punctual, accurate measurements of navigation data, more than 30 to ensure the power supply, air conditioning, water safety equipment, more than 130 for the protection of marine power. All these measures are to ensure that the Chang'e II maritime tracking task foolproof. (Dow is Qi Shao correspondent Xiongzhao Bin Bao Jiao Zhe Chen Guoling correspondent from the bottom of the Pacific)
three scheduled high-tech tracking ship arrived in waters
undertake this monitoring and control tasks at sea is owned China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department of the Yuanwang III, V and far-Yuan Wang Hope VI 3 satellite tracking ship. After dozens of these three days of sailing ships, the Pacific has now reached the target area, respectively. Satellite to be launched, the entire fleet will Yuanwang

tracking ship tracking ship to sea with the China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department Chief Engineer, Zhou Meng, said to reporters, the implementation of the missions of the three tracking ship is the Among them, Yuan Wang Three boats is a comprehensive second generation of ocean space tracking ship, the main responsible for satellites, spacecraft and other spacecraft throughout the flight test measurement and control tasks at sea, all ships nineties of the twentieth century focused on the essence of science and technology Captain 180 meters wide and 22.2 meters, 37.8 meters high, with a displacement of 1.7 million tons, in 1995 and put into use; the first time the fifth Chang'e mission ship is a ship and VI of the three generations of ocean space tracking ship. The two vessels were in 2007 and put into use in 2008, with international advanced level. p>
Maritime Tracking and Control Control is different from land, sea and other meteorological and hydrological monitoring influenced by the need to maritime power, communications, monitoring, and other sectors can work together for precise measurement and control of the satellite, which links the middle out of the flaws , the consequences would be disastrous. Meanwhile, the three ships at sea,mbt flip flops, the collaboration is also very important. Waiting for the satellite during launch, three Yuan Wang tracking ship conducted a number of tasks the FBI exercises to protect personnel, equipment at its best. Followed by reporters tracking ship shipping, for example, to ensure that the task foolproof, Chang'e II mission FBI has conducted hundreds of exercises.
China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department, said soldiers Plus, due to various measurement and control area at different distances from the mainland,mbt tataga shoes, three tracking ship in late July from the Yangtze River has left the port. To successfully reach the intended area, three ships were sailing on the Pacific has experienced high winds,timberland boots white, big waves, Tai Chung, and some waters or before the scheduled fleet never reached afar off. Complexity of these waters sea conditions, wind speeds are likely more than 9, more than 4 meters high surge harm sea conditions, while sailing vibration, sea surface temperature and humidity, salt corrosion, equipment under the influence of such factors as age, prone to ship equipment failure, a variety of unforeseen circumstances may occur at any time. To this end, the whole design including the fleet sailing afar, monitoring and control, communications, scheduling, weather,paul smith coin wallet, marine power, navigation, water air-conditioning and other aspects of the emergency plan.

contingency plans for protection of hundreds of satellite monitoring

China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department, according to party secretary Ding Xingnong revealed that as early as February of this year from the device to start debugging, personnel training,paul smith card wallet, such as different aspects of preparation. III, V, VI ship the equipment line for troubleshooting and upgrading; Chang'e mission for the upcoming implementation of scientific and technological personnel, the China Satellite Maritime Tracking and Control Department also carried out targeted training, which is a feature of the scientific and technical personnel more than one person can have the ability, a person qualified for a number of different jobs. The three tracking ship is sent by the strongest and most advanced of the three ships.

Yuanwang-tracking ship captain Ling Yuan told reporters sixth ship in this task will be primarily responsible for Chang'e satellite orbit and the earth-moon transfer orbit segment segment Maritime Tracking and Control. Among them, the satellite solar wings to start, directional antennas and satellite monitoring mode switch to start a series of moves the control and monitoring will be the sixth ship of the key tasks. September 28 morning, the ship has conducted a sixth satellite launch weather the weather during the consultation mission area. Consultation based on the results of meteorological satellite launch VI mission where the ship will be cloudy waters between the sunny weather, the southeast wind 5-6, 2.0-2.5 m swell, visibility 10 to 15 km. Ling said the captain, so that monitoring for marine weather conditions is more favorable. Boat Party Secretary Shi Lei, said a firm confidence in the various departments sixth ship, morale was high, fully determined to accomplish the task better maritime tracking Chang'e II.
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