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Default Neijiang prevention of adverse drug events 3 were

12 afternoon, villagers in the village of preventive medicine , some villagers have adverse reactions. The statistics,paul smith hoody, a total of 134 adverse reactions ,asics outlet, including , 1 dead, 118 hospitalized , outpatient treatment 15.

Furthermore, to safeguard the health of the villagers to return home , Neijiang relevant departments to send medical teams stationed in Nango Ma Wan Village , the villagers returned home to start on the rounds , follow-up and psychological counseling work. At present,asics gt2150, the return of the villagers emotional stability , rehabilitation work in an orderly manner in the disposal . ( Yanyin Chan Chen Zhiqiang )

It is understood that Neijiang City Dongxing District, working in Uganda Nango village Lumou been infected with malaria treatment,finger shoe, July 9 to return Neijiang, recurrent malaria due to the city of Dongxing District People's hospital , hospital According to their condition quickly to the appropriate treatment. Prevention and control in accordance with the relevant provisions of national health care , 12, in Sichuan Province , the city under the guidance of disease control experts ,asics tiger onitsuka, Dongxing District CDC send professionals who bring drugs arrived Lumou lived Nango Ma Wan , on and Lumou close contact with the villagers to carry out preventive medication.
reporter from Neijiang City At present, 91 were discharged , there are still 42 people admitted for observation .
the incident, Neijiang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau and the Dongxing District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau timely establishment of the Investigation Unit, to investigate the incident . Investigation concluded that excessive drug use is the main reason children . Currently, the alleged serious violation of the City CDC deputy director of the Pengmou , Dongxing Yuan Mou District CDC Director and Deputy Director Zheng Moumou check has been suspended .
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