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Default asics gel-Lu Tao ~ Why do not fight ... ... classi

This article is hereby dedicated to my older sister like crying:

father once told me that

no one man can make you rely on for life.

mother once told me that

what if a man has in his case like you, is really like you, not variable, and if he started nothing, and later With many, it will generally abandon you.

mother said do not look after the poor than my house, no, if we are much better than at home, absolutely not.

fat aunt said to be very homely man, if you disregard home, then no matter how good scenery, but also someone else's husband, not yours.

someone else told me that sentence, women lose their day, is the man to leave you that day.

Some things are bones, and keep themselves gradually began to feel the.

a spending spree, a stingy to the extreme.
at the dinner table, everyone self-analysis of urban pressure on their disease, rich and poor father said,
rich and poor as his two fathers, and love to spend money brings a pull.

bones are Xuzhi Sen Lu Tao's admit defeat, skill, but small land Asiacom large monasteries hidden in the city.
, he had contempt for the land Asiacom, he had that knows not his own twenty years of raising children, and not have their own offspring without the slightest respect for the man.
but in the end of the story, he called Miss Asiacom Dad,asics running shoes, and he said he would have been so called.
him, but only Xuzhi Sen Xu Jinglei.

there a little earlier if Xuzhi Sen, it will not fall in love with Charlene Xulu Tao, Lu Tao bones in front of the Mile is the inferiority complex, he does not understand Mile, he felt they Kengpian rich girl to deserve it, he does not Aimi Lai, because they are not one of the world.

Xiao-Yun Yang and south of rent, when talking about both men have had a child living courtyard, said Ash, and jujube. However, Lu Tao and the Mile, there can never shared similar experiences.

more and more like the Lu Tao Xu Tao, when Charlene lost their sense of beginning, and she found the man said to her, driving the car do not forget to write your name, she was angry because he became and that the club no longer any different men,asics gel, she found him slowly away from their world, is no longer complain that work together when not liking each other, but his fame, but I'm just a nothing into a salesman, he bought a detached house, and I still have nothing.
such a feeling, did not have off Lu Tao, Mile can once spent a month living on a college boy, you can open sports car to school, you can play the same once rented a house, which for Lu Tao, too strange.

Mile Open A3, Lu Tao opening A4, at that time they began to Juanqimei.
, however, generally depends on the personality gene, the other half is the original memory.
Psychology teacher told me years to see a big, old look old.
later I finally understand that genes from one generation to experience life on the combination of the first memory is their struggle to the environment.

is printed with a bird, who first saw he was born, who took as her mother.

more and more like Xu Tao Lu Tao, but he is still the Lu Tao.
he was not a businessman, he was more than Xuzhi Sen as Miss Asiacom, Xuzhi Sen is a businessman, land Asiacom just doing their job, and buildings. Lu Tao
just wanted to do architecture, but he hopes a successful closer distance.

or Lu Tao Lu Tao end, he chose not the spirit Xianer, nor is Mile, because he is essentially not rich, he lost everything.
hope he is never Xuzhi Sen Tao Xu, despite ever more similar.

struggle is about many people, seem like they actually not in the same plane, like a Chinese child, and Lulu, Lulu Chinese children do not understand, because he was born Beijing, do not know North drift lonely and insecure, but the pig understand. I remember the first time Charlene
utopian dream, when Lulu's words, now returnees can not find work.
she admired Charlene, as if Charlene had also been the envy of humble Mile. Charlene
Xiao-Yun Yang also learn independence, destroyed their children out of men, women facing the lights of Beijing to issue two gorgeous woman cries, but did not take long, they have to compromise in life.
Yang Xiaoyun not find a more suitable than the south, Charlene's mother began to tell her stubborn not too persistent, and finally her mother and father, or remarried, do not do a single woman.
is also a lie about the night two women, Charlene said, do not forget anything you want because it fell on the end of today, Xiao-Yun Yang rhetorical Road, or I'll even worse!
Cut, Charlene Lu Tao holding hands in the countryside and lingering, stubborn before are no longer bent.

woman can not rely on men, but can not be completely isolated.
man can not rely on others, but also need someone to pull one.

there was a group of pictures, many people appear to speak in the same plane, in fact, it was only the vision, the reality is they are in different planes, some of the things easy for some people and some felt out of reach.
seems like we are the same in each of the struggle, the most similar to the South China sub-Xiao-Yun Yang, Mile Healer Xianer are rich girl, Charlene,discount asics shoes, and Lu Tao are born in poor small households, but high-spirited as aspirations. Lulu and the pig are the North drift.
on the Mile is an easy task, perhaps a lot of people can not touch my life.

good match words very old, but it really makes sense.

have four words for marriage is the most important, it is common ground.
love you equal love yourself,asics nimbus shoes, because we are very similar

you and I were attracted by very different life, just a moment only, who can never love someone more than yourself.

such as distant and the south, after all, two of the world's people.
the story first, Lu Tao's mother met in the tea room about Lu Tao. Lu Tao
what the first sentence? how do you choose such a place, ah, that children do not like McDonald's do to tens of dollars
I drink tea, and what I can not ah?

did not take long, long contact with him and Xuzhi Sen, when he had twenty million, to buy things not to give change to pay for without blinking.
he has changed.
Xuzhi Sen Lu Tao side of the woman, he said Lingshan and Mile are very good, Charlene makes you can not brake. This is the type views
Xu, and Lu Tao is fundamentally different.
Lu Tao is not rich because of origin, he does not understand the rich girl who lives far away and the heart. Charlene
he understood, because they are very similar growth environment

people at the beginning of the good, close study of the phase far.
for Lu Taosheng in the land home, so he is similar to love Charlene.

Charlene Lu Tao of love is not the Mile, because he is not Tao Xu.
even if he had to move closer to the Xuzhi Sen, even if he and Charlene had separated. Finally, he called the land Asiacom
Dad, married Charlene.

south of the flash marriage is married to a young married woman he thought, everything is different, it will by a brand new start.
if the primary school, ready for new stationery, that life can be different from this.
like the new millennium, but also a special day, but was given too many people too many expectations.
south always feel everything will be fine after getting married, and like all of the materials are ready, made out of rice to be delicious.
fact he did not work really hard for the whole family is Yang Xiaoyun not the south. Yang Xiaoyun
favorite film of the mother, Su Xiaoming play, philistine her surface, the first think I do not like her, but she is pragmatic, she made money are for the family, but her mother grandmother Xiaoyun, She has plans for her to buy a hearing aid.
philistine because of her, she used old house of 128 square meters for a new house
and Charlene Charlene stubborn fight for the mother but also to what? Charlene finally persuaded a woman like her can not be too stubborn, or to find a ride, but she chose to have contempt for the man with the remarried.

Stefanie has a song called the same, perhaps disparate instant mutual attraction can be, but is still able to spend the same.
love you equal love yourself, sex, Distinct far.

psychology teacher,asics kayano, said the feelings of childhood and love at first sight as the divorce rate up to 1 / 5, Meishuozhiyan the most of touch.
students have parents married in Fujian night was the first time we met, but also over twenty years, had four children.
her happy beyond words.

remember the pig and Lulu who do not understand the meaning of Utopia, which is their common.
heartbreak Utopia, to the South China sub-Ling Shan Lu Tao Mile decile live in space, with as much space, this is indeed utopian. This utopia we live in are classified as one day after the dissolution of the track, the Chinese sub to buy a big house of 160, south, and Yang Xiaoyun still in youth homes, Lu Tao went to France.
Taiping slogan is what is it? Everyone has clothes to wear, everyone has Kinda, but in the end the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is a disillusioned idealist.

Utopia we once looked like an equal individual, and genes in different environments with different life under.
colleagues in different orders, it was opened Alto, Audi was open, and people house, was homeless.
this is one of the progressive power

same world people, why have known each other meet.
mountain stream
highbrow event Concert

all times and nothing so we are all orphans in this beautiful world in search of their own kind,asics nimbus, only to find that they are not found alone, not a monster, not a person in the struggle. Charlene
This is the meaning of Yulu Tao can not be replaced.
in his process of growing Xu Tao, Xu Tao and Lu Tao is always in the struggle, Charlene Lu Tao is the original state.
he saw Charlene will feel at ease, know, or Lu Tao.
When Charlene is gone, why would a loss, because he could not find himself. Lu Tao and Tao Xu
evenly matched, so that he lost.

remember the south end say? Charlene Yang Xiaoyun you always want to learn, in fact, not the same as you and Charlene!
is that they are not the same, just like Yang Xiaoyun mother and Charlene's mother is not the same.
Charlene stubborn single mother had no money, Yang Xiaoyun mother is make money.

the Mile She is rich girl, I remember those Xuzhi Sen Lu Asiacom business partner or even go with the Lao Zhu Lu Tao say?
my son if he can have half your breath like a son.
everyone in the training of similar, to find the same kind of marriage is to find similar, similar brewing process.
high position of the people's children Mile similar, but she does not like.

Everyone wants to live like the emperor thousands of years, can not do so he wanted his own life and spiritual renewal.

this film, my favorite mother Yang Xiaoyun, He Cuifeng, as well as land Asiacom.
there Lingshan, she is still small, the adult world there is always behind the defects have not yet started to her.
she is like they have been hurt before Mile, love someone the way for her own good.
she did not request any, of Lulu's brother is good, his back to the tw, leaving only a beautiful smile.
Otherwise it? Lulu of a rich girl and her younger brother can be such a farm kid together?
say? My dad asked me to buy Audi or Mercedes-Benz, villas to buy in Beijing and Shanghai a few days you have a jewelry show with me and see.

land Asiacom is truly worthy, he lived every day on their own, grievances own unsuccessful.
So he was real strong, he does not need who sustain their lives.
he can not own children, to Lu Tao as her own child. Lu Tao, and Charlene

love their own because they found his body the other side of the shadow, so Charlene was willing to humble love landing Tao, let him realize his dream.
Lutao Cheng Gong, she felt herself a success.
only later became a successful Lu Tao Xu Tao, not Charlene.
and Lu Tao are fighting for themselves but also for Charlene, because they do have similar goals.

the biggest loser this film is Xuzhi Sen, he deliberately success, but in the last extreme remorse, he finally knew the hands that he most wanted to give up, and love, including love and affection.
his own struggle for decades and would like to own a similar back to become Xu Tao Lu Tao.
but he ultimately failed.

man's nature is good. Sex, Distinct far. Do otherwise would teach, sex is moved. Education of the Road, you to post. Xi Meng Mu, select neighborhood place, do not learn, off loom. Sinus Yanshan, a righteous side, to teach five children, were all Yang. Yang does not teach, the father of the over. Education strict teacher is lazy.

care not taught, the parent of before.
Asiacom and Xuzhi Sen Lu Lu Asiacom eventually won.

if there is a sequel to pat Lu Tao how to foster their new 00, the land Asiacom and Xuzhi Sen, and He Cuifeng it not once Charlene Lu Tao Yang Xiaoyun it?

growth story is always similar, regardless of ancient and modern. Because humans are the same.

Zi's parents are contented, knowing that he did not say anything for money to give him rent money, so China is also very contented child.
south of the south's mother know when the flash marriage cried out what? You kids out later who you're cooking Who gave you your clothes? South like his mother, right? Yang Xiaoyun said the same of similar words.
Charlene's mother left her stubborn father finally remarried, Charlene go the same way.
Yang Xiaoyun's mother was the most pragmatic and understand everything, and Hua Yang Xiaoyun child almost the mirror after the accident, said Yang Xiaoyun if you are without fire, and no one will pity you, you will only become more pathetic!
She looks just like her mother, what are understood and what not to do, what to do, like making money is one thing Lu Tao, Lu Tao's Keep the change, but insisted to hand him. Bear and Comrade Xuzhi Sen
than a grain of rice do not like what a professional businessman, he is a chef born, Oh, Mile with him, that business is business no match for Xuzhi Sen.
Mile's father can be delivered to the Mile business, a love for her loss of hundreds of millions of fantasy.
Lulu are not so hateful, she is actually the least greedy, she was praying, I still love Chinese children, but I know I'm not greedy, I can not everything.
her father's dying wishes of farmers and rice bear and even touched Xuzhi Sen as saying.
most importantly, the family forever.

the first door I said though the growth of environmental education are very different people, but human nature, the most essential of the most important thing is the same.

family forever Why?
lonely struggle in order not to similar.

added one after another so much, go and, finally, I want to say?
biggest fight let me know the truth, and people are different, spent ten thousand people a day, you blindly follow the trend, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of people earn a day and you earn a hundred a day.
not someone else's dream, someone is always someone else, Ye Hao father and son, husband and wife worth mentioning, friends, even more so.
Xuzhi Sen Lu Tao to help realize their dreams, Mile also help fight Lu Tao but not its value to the'll never know.
Charlene Lu Tao to help realize their dreams, Charlene felt insulted personality, and truly love someone the way she hoped would be respected.
money is important, friends, more important, but their most important.
do not lose friends for money, not friends love to lose yourself.
have a rich dad is dipping, marry a rich guy to be enjoying.
But you need to know, compared with the loss of self, all less than a mention.
However, someone else will not the true self.

not to criticize this film, Lu Tao
to the main line, lay out the values ​​of the older generation of open, and Zi Yang Xiaoyun Mile south Lulu different life. Zi
Maybe you are, so you do not anger Lu Tao's life. Lulu
Maybe you are, so you do not understand the casual Mile. Charlene
Maybe you are, so you do not understand Lulu's change of heart.

However, there will always be around children Mile Lulu Yang Xiaoyun south China, but you do not understand their lives.
there will always be Lu Tao and Charlene.
you only know yourself, so you are looking for the same kind, and look forward resonance. It's like once
Lu Tao Lu Asiacom do not understand, nor bother him.
you call landing Tao, Lu Tao and what was the difference?

first step is to accept the growth of the world the complexity of the individual diversity. And in understanding the complexity of the world, the same individuality.
find a group of like-minded friends, you can roar of band mate, are hard to adhere to the self.
and successful, but also to better adhere to the self.

one of the greatest enemy is himself, which is universal truth.
Whether you are after 80 or 00 after the 90 post-doctoral Queen Mother.

This is a story after the five thousand and sixty sequel, Miss Asiacom and Xuzhi Sen, seemingly Xuzhi Sen won, but because the Lu Tao choice to represent this new era of choice, and he respected Miss Asiacom, just sympathy Xuzhi Sen .
land Asiacom is real strong this does not need anyone's recognition and support, but eventually he got the accident has never looked down on his adopted son just said, his life was finally complete.
Lu Tao is a Pisces, land Asiacom is a typical Taurus, practical work hard, diligent life.

this world Zi Lulu Yang Xiaoyun, a Mile distant south, with Charlene and Lu Tao, a land Asiacom and Xuzhi Sen.
you are free to choose the mode you want to be, but also respect other people's choices.
material selection actually, there are several people will be eliminated,asics shoes, there are always people to continue the reproductive competition victory.

like pop music with Faye Wong are Eason Chan, Gigi Leung has a Sun Yan Zi, there are Mei Chao Chuan. There are also literary
Zhang Qiong Yao, a Han Guo also, there are also Lu Xun Yu.
they are contending, enriching everyone's vision.
you can choose you like to receive

everyone adhere to self, and respect for others. No problem, the World PeaceMore articles related to topics:

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