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Default Work the {afterward} {2} weeks [ 3.9 - 3.20 ]

First, the work
(a) several key
1,GHD Glamour Limited Edition, receive.
goals: short-term results certificate of authenticity; SME Innovation Fund; interim application pilot project funding,GHD Purple Gift Set, reporting and Technology Achievement Award, SME advocate fund; long-term applications for project agreement.
next step:
application fashion and certificate of authenticity has been submitted to Council, trail and reported to the State Board [of travel arrangements for face to face with leaders report];
know the innovation fund of the policy, arrangements to prepare materials;
prepared by the end of registration and manifestation of results of technological and scientific completions of the material.
Other: To build up the patent petition (already acquired two patents of the notice of acceptance, placard of the real trial).
fashionable ideas: the demonstration factory to promote market-oriented operation
2, resource-based follow-up this week in the trial memorandum
Group signed the memorandum with the Bureau apt emulate up at the end of the approval test may enhance appliance the characteristic position.
3, *** * Revised * Factory warship items
progress would have coincided to the coupler approval of site selection.
next step:
project review report Development and Reform Commission (von recommended) (tangible operation may be: begin with City Development and Reform Commission made the pre-project approval,GHD Hair, and then commissioned the consulting center of the provincial Development and Reform Commission); the ruddy line maps, these charts, and labor can be arranged Institute study, commissioned by the
4, DYW project (follow-up focus King, Wu L, communicate with the location, to strengthen ties with the potentate)
initially: the mode of action (completed), the project site (2 program alternatives), scale: 50Ha;
has a prefatory site chart, yet to be implemented, focusing above communication and follow-up results of Wang and L, whether the introduction of NAN HAI YUANG momentary progress of the project partners,GHD Mini Salon Styler Straighteners, signed a letter of intent to promote the tripartite working team set up projects; arrange materials Baopi first decide arranging and site selection, to carry out possibility study, and to a certain degree of assembly project corporation set up procedures as handling work and personal follow-up.
5, WZ extract bio-diesel project (to consult cooperation between Guangzhou and Dr. Xiang aim)
met with Dr. Xiang, on letter of intent; study Longgang project implementation;
likely, the next tread to talk almost the specific letter of intent, signed letter of intent / concert (address: equity framework, chief, technology, commerce model); design and implementation of the way (project readiness matters, to do PPT);
specific implementation and progress of the control (retard the new technology evaluation - report topics ... ...)
6, and ZENG'R br> 1,
agreed by the chairman and Zhu Zhu namely responsible for contacting Institute Quartet conference (for New Year's ;
parties signed a cooperation letter of intent / memorandum;
parties signed a cooperation agreement
... ...
2, CIMC-YICT cooperation (10.10 3 parties have been approached, CIMC has given Liu JL program, follow-up of extra than YICT feedback, vacant pile surge in demand, rewarding opportunities appear YICT own investment program of cooperation has no, but there may be cornering, and I maintain contact);
3, XG 2.5 Wandi (completed in 2009 pre-declaration, the text can be reported for the recent, huge plans formally contained in the next year; provocation program has been reported to chairman, to urge) (proceed to pay attention to the newspaper br> 4,GHD Hair Straighteners, and nano-hospital follow-up cosmetics project cooperation agreement (be-depth debates with each other, to understand its true intent).
(c) the absence to disburse attention
document for harvesting groups and stakeholders to core business systems, research DYW & CSPC.
two other
1,4 months antecedent M6 alternatively a new CIVI,GHD IV Styling Set, arrange the rest;
2, papers: a planned tactics to gather relevant message, adjoin the professor.
Third, believe in yourself and depend on their own, leading their own.
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