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one, how to view health via the nail

1, the nail panel vertical lines

vertical lines on nails - nails on neurosis
There are several obvious long vertical lines that neurasthenia, symbol of body aging.
neurasthenia, chronic insomnia, dreams, easy to wake up, it is complicated to fall asleep.
wasting disease, physical exhaustion (such as physical and mental fatigue syndrome).
poor immune function, colds.
2, the nail plate stripes

deep rough stripes who expressed a solemn disease.

nails and skinny stripes and multi-person, more common in chronic digestive diseases. Eating little consideration, there ambition be abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.
3, nails dark dots smudges
stasis - is that the brain blood circulation disorder in the sign.
common right hand fixes seem to signify a problem with the left head.
nails white spots - indigestion, appeared on a nail or a few white spots:
metabolism of mature general liver function or break,Supra Indy NS Shoes, especially in hepatitis B continuing patients.
more common in babies gastrointestinal toxins, indigestion, or parasitic or calcium deficiency
habitual constipation, gastrointestinal disorders reasoned along pearly dot will appear.
4, press the nail
general representation of the normal and rapid recovery, said the body has barriers to slow
Press and hold with one hand and dissimilar nail tip 3 seconds, look let go after white nails, detection 5 a fingernail bed speed of blood circulation and recovery, was reddish-shaped if the right, then health, indicating that blood circulation, interior organs function and active. If you have a poor circulation in fingers, the fingers with the corresponding organs of the issues.
5, half marks - normal

fingers, hands, 8 to 10 have a half mark.

half district of ​​the nail marks 1 / 5;
half jot for the creamy white color, the more white the better, more energy, said Zhuang.
6, half marks - not normal
1> the end of the cold-type

not half marks the end of the chilly type.
half months marks the less energy namely the aggravate, such a person's organs dysfunction, blood scampering slow, easy fatigue, absence of stamina, needy absorption, pale, hands and feet Jueleng, scared, lethargy, simple cold, repeated colds, stamina decline, physical ebb, and even then the phlegm stagnation, qi stagnation, phlegm nodules and tumors.
2> hot bottom type

with the little finger marks who also have a half months, half the amplify marks the end of type are hot.
the function of organs such people muscular physical fitness is better. However, in pathological cases, it is yang Piansheng, organs hyperthyroidism. Can encounter the ruddy, offended, upset, constipation, irritability, dry mouth, appetite, it is not cold, anxious, and even lofty blood pressure, high blood sugar, stroke.
3> alternating chills and fever (imbalance of yin and yang type)

blurred the border marks a half months, a shake closer to the color of color who are cold and heat or yin and yang imbalance staggered type. Alternating chills and fever in humans have prompted changes in ascend and fall of yin and yang, cold and heat changes can vary deserving to livelihood.

so-called do people dead. No half marks the disease even if temporarily, also absence to rapidly maintaining the body. In particular, marks a half months left thumb, the body is differentiating you must use
care advice: to add to depend on high energy neutral proteins, such as milk, egg, beans, fish and black foods, seeds of, embryonal food, at the peak of nutrition, insisted maintenance, general 1 and a half months to grow a nail, the thumb is commonly the first long, later followed the concordance finger, navel finger, ring finger, little finger, only covered half a annual later. However, commonly pay attention to repose, if long-term stay up all night, the night life will soon perish over half marks.

2 hands know how to view the health
1, feel hot
main heart and kidney, irritability, angry, insomnia, nightmares nervous.
2, feel cool
chief spleen and kidney yang. Weak cold, poor digest and absorption.
3, the main feel watery
Heart deficiency. Easily fatigued weak. Palms perspiration, the more the amassed heat apt the spleen and tolerate, center, H.-S., psychological accent, mental tension.
4, feel dry
primary lung and spleen two losses. Dry skin, colds.
5, feel the lukewarm, moist
reconcile the main internal organs in good health.
6, feel sticky
main endocrine disorders, particularly diabetes more common.

III Three Six proficient action
often practiced ten hands, easy and healthy
1, the first clever

tiger's mouth class hit 36 ​​times.
Description: The fight opposition colon / Hoku.
Indications: Prevention and management of facial parts of the disease. Such for blurred vision, rhinitis, articulate pain, headache and hindrance of influenza.
2, the second coincidence

palm sideswipe 36 times.
Description: Combating the small intestine by the / post River Point.
Indications: the premier term strong pain, relax the nape muscles and discourage bone spurs, bone degradation.
3, the third clever

wrist, kick each other 36 times.
Description: Fighting Heart Sutra and The Envelope / Daling points.
Indications: Prevention and treatment of heart disease, chest pain, chest tightness, relieve the tension.
4, the fourth web space How

cross each hit 36 ​​times.
Description: Point is the malign 8 points.
Indications: Prevention and treatment of peripheral circulation, such as numbness in the hand, going wrong and other peripheral circulatory disease.
5,Kids' Supra Skytop Shoes, the fifth fingers crossed How

each hit 36 ​​times.
Description: Point is the evil eight points.
Indications: Prevention and treatment of marginal propagation, such as numbness in the hand, going bad and other peripheral circulatory disease.
6, the sixth left boxing smart

right palm 36 times.
Description: The Heart and Pericardium Meridian is the web through / Lloyd points.
Indications: the role of fatigue and reanimating.
7, the seventh from right boxing clever

left palm heart 36 times.
Description: The Heart and Pericardium Meridian is the network via / Lloyd points.
Indications: the role of fatigue and refreshing.
8, the eighth clever

behind of the hand slap each other 36 times.
Description: thump to the three set by the / yang chi point.
Indications: adjust internal organs function, and prevention and treatment of diabetes.
9, the ninth Qiao

rub ears 36.
Description: The lobe of the points a lot.
Indications: focus, facial and brain and other parts of the cycle.
10, X clever

palm down to the micro-friction between 6 heat, light cover his eyes, left and right eye to 6-ring, anew and afresh for 6 times.
Note: the use of qigong principles, adjusted by eye in the wind.
Indications: prevention of myopia,Supra Skylow Shoes, presbyopia and blurred vision.

Fourth, there are 3 milestones
health first called poised diet,
the second is called aerobic exercise,
third called state of mind.
1, balanced diet:
soup; sixth milk.
1> Green Tea Tuo
green tea which contains phenols, phenol is a illness knob of tea; also contains fluoride, dental fluorosis not only strong,Supras, merely also exclude cavities, exclude plaque, green tea every day to get water gargle to interlock health teeth. In age age, strong teeth, you can not cavities; green tea itself contains Canning, which can improve the toughness of blood vessels, so blood is not easy to burst.
all the drinks, green tea is first and foremost.
2> brandy, red grape skin
there was something called Also it can assist prevent sudden cardiac arrest.
a day not more than 50-100 ml beverage wine,Cheap Supra Shoes, not nectar, do not spit to eat grape skins of red grapes, are entire the same health care.
role of red wine there is a lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol.
3> yogurt
is to retain the balance of bacteria in the yogurt. Maintain the balance of bacteria is the so-called advantageous bacteria growth, disposal of disadvantageous bacteria, so eating yogurt may depress the disease. (Milk with the lactose, the maximum absorption of lactose is white, the yellow marathon in Asia, 70% of people do not preoccupy lactose. So the breast is good, but drink more, the breast does not sponge or useless --- it is not impossible to drink, drink it, increase a little milk like proper)
bone soup bone soup with Wan plastic, Wan gum is longevity.
5> mushroom soup
mushrooms can improve immune function.
6> milk
soya milk, which contains the oligosaccharide, it can be absorbed 100% of the body. And soy milk also contains potassium, calcium and magnesium. Content and calcium than milk.
of our yellow, the most suitable for the milk.

prevention of hypertension and dynamic fat petrifying.
buckwheat = three down, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, lowering blood sugar.
buckwheat contains 18% of the fiber, eat buckwheat does not have bowel cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer.
== potato sweet potato, sweet potato, yams, potatoes.

oats == fat, lowering blood pressure. Can lower triglycerides.
If high blood pressure, must eat oats, oatmeal, oatmeal, make your blood lipids down.
millet == dehumidification, spleen, sedation, sleep.
soy beans at least five kinds of anti-cancer materials, especially flavonoids, have only soybeans, it can prevent, remedy bosom cancer, colorectal cancer, colon cancer.

; - - Ministry of Health
3> food
to write carrot carrot
Compendium of Materia Medica is seductive vegetables, it has several functions,
First, it raised mucosa, is not easy to cold;
Second, it heaved the hair, skin care, there are fitness function;
Third, it has anti-cancer effects, but the eyes are particularly good, especially night blindness, like eating. It stimulates vitamin
cells to produce insulin, so the people can not eat pumpkin diabetes. There are painful with this feature are sure to eat more.
is tomatoes. Shall not eat tomatoes uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. Inside there is something called tomato tomato dye, and proteins combined in a piece of it, wrapped around the cellulose must be heated to a definite extent out.
raw tomatoes are not cancer, the best access to eat tomatoes, fried eggs, tomatoes, or tomato soup, tomato and eggs soup.
Garlic Garlic is the chief of anticancer
. Eat garlic is very special, you must first hack it into pieces, a piece of canvas on the air quarterutes after it combines with oxygen to produce allicin. Garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer but also cancer of the king. So garlic cooked food, a one to eat, are equal to zero, there is no anti-cancer effect.
garlic flavored Do not fret, eat hawthorn, chewing peanuts point, and then eat a agreeable taste of tea, no.
black fungus
many people now belong to the high coagulation physical (blood thickening) --- short, thick. Fat people, menopausal female compatriots, who a short neck, blood type AB people are especially vulnerable to high blood coagulation thick. Prone to guide to high blood coagulation thick myocardial infarction.
black fungus that can make the most out of blood is not sticky. Noteworthy point is that while skinning eat eat peanuts, peanut skin no nutrition, it can cause blood clotting tablets, increased platelets, accustomed to stop bleeding.
4> animal food
If pork, there are lamb, meat;
have fowl mutton, fowl;
chicken and fish, eat fish;
fish shrimp, prawns.
which was the best fish shrimp and entire fish eat the whole shrimp, because of the spirited substance in fish shrimp's pate and abdomen.
5> Spirulina
distribution of the most balanced nutrition is alkaline food. It balanced diet.
Spirulina has radiation effect. It is particularly important
several diseases:
cardiovascular diseases, it can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol.
diabetes, the disease lack of protein, vitamins, vitamin supplements Spirulina can likewise allow patients not complications, Spirulina is dried sugar diabetes blood sugar instability, with gradual restriction after Spirulina, and then gradually stop screw algae, and eventually take the diet.
gastritis, gastric ulcer, Spirulina has chlorophyll, a recovery effect on the gastric mucosa.
hepatitis, exhausted whirl algae can not replicate the virus, and liver cells can restore a colossal number of amino acids, including choline, enabling retrieval of liver function.
improve immunity.

diet principles:
eat 7 percent full, lifetime disease
no eat up a full 8 percent 10
eat into eat, it did not use the two into a consume
with are: non-staple edible 6 4 staple, flour and rice grains 6, 4, 6 animals, plants 4.

2, aerobic exercise
First, do not out in the morning, the morning the basis of high blood pressure, high basal body temperature, adrenal gland at fewest 4 times higher than in the nightfall, people with heart problems is easy.
suggested evening exercise, 45 minutes after a meal and then exercise.
second. Time 6:00 am get up up, open the skylight from 9 am to 11 points, 14 points to 16 points.
whether siesta time is half an hour after a repast, it is best to nap for an hour.
22:00 to 10:30, fell asleep and before going to mattress a peppery bath, water temperature 40-50 degrees, will enhance the quality of sleep.


your best exercise is wading!

if the psychological state of mind not state, that is, exercise and eat for free,Supra Trainers, which is quite important. Easy to get angry tumor, the whole earth know.
International Psychology will move five ways to avert angry:
1> flee, obtain angry at things and meet people, short-lived shelter opened.
2> transfer, people call you, you work to melodrama chess, fishing, not to listen.
3> release, is to find near friends to talk, unlock, or another put in their hearts to be sick.
4> sublimation, that is, the more people that you, the more you do it right.
5> control, which is the maximum momentous one usage, that is how you call me fearful.

your opinion determine your anything!
contented life pleasing to
confused state of mind one o'clock,
chic one o'clock,
larger measure,
manner, a little higher,
stand tall one o'clock,
see a little bit further ,
live more cozy ten.

International Conference on

truth has given us a advising, let us drink green tea, soy, sleep well, normal exercise, do not forget to forever laugh.
hope that everyone ought pay attention to a balanced diet, aerobic exercise, and attention to your mental state when the weeping wail, laugh when the laugh.
Three smiling face every day
Qi Bafen full of people are not old,
inquired to linger through the spring meet patients,
calm indifferent better than pills.

sorcery eight out treble burner

hands footed concern righteousness
spleen and stomach to be favor Legend of the Condor lift
unattached look back five prison Qishang Firelight

chasing its tail to climb with either hands retention ample punch angry Gushen waist

backward by seven top energy client ailment
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