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lowed the road for almost a quarter mile. At one time in
Trenton's history this was a thriving industrial area. The industry had all vacated or drastically downsized and the rotting carcasses of factories and warehouses produced an ambience similar to what you might find in postwar Bosnia.
I left Clinton and wove my way through a neighborhood of small bleak single-story row houses. Originally designed to contain the factory workers,uggs australia clearance, the row houses were now occupied by hardworking people who lived one step above welfare... plus there were a few oddballs like Sally Sweet.
I found Fenton and parked in front of Sweets house. 'Wait in the car until I find out what's going on,' I said to Grandma.
'Sure,' Grandma said, her hands gripping her purse in excited anticipation, her eyes glued to Sweet's front door. The Buick was a car designed for a man,blue ugg slippers, and Grandma seemed swallowed up by the monster. Her feet barely touched the floor,ugg boots clearance, her face was barely visible over the dash. A timid woman might feel overwhelmed by
Big Blue. Grandma was a little shrunken, but she wasn't timid, and there wasn't a whole lot that overwhelmed Grandma. Thirty seconds after Grandma agreed to wait in the car, she was on the sidewalk, following me to Sweets front door.
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