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08-21-2011 12:57 PM

Painting wooden shelves or not? |
Question by Ingrid : painting wooden shelves or not I am remodeling my condo 1200 square feet up and down – more an eclectic contemporary look. I’m not too modern, because it tends to look cold and / or cheese if taken to extremes. I like fun and unusual items as well – with many couleurs.J got a great wall with ladder rack, moldings, doors and wraps around two walls with a corner unit and the units of the end. I chose the modular sections specifically for the space it is in. As a business no longer in business – Storehouse.C is the tray ressemblehttp: / / 513486 …- But mine fits floor to ceiling and is a medium oak wood (warmer tones and lighter) – not dark like ci.Ainsi, the designer and I hired a good friend ( They are good friends with others too) do not like this shelf and that I should get rid of and / or paint in white or something. I guess because it is a bold piece I put in my dining room – rather than having a dining room table. I like livres.Si I hate painting and I détruit.Ils are the only people who have already did not like it, in 7 years that I eu.Ma reaction c ‘ is painting o is negative, but thought I would ask what others think. I’m finally going to make the decision, but it bothered me so much when I love to hate this part. Then again, maybe the modern style is now to paint the furniture? Should I keep <a href=""><strong> lv handbags</strong></a> as is and decorate around it? or should I paint and decorate around it? 9 minutes ago – 4 days répondre.http: / / / photos / Coast / 5134869 / (To see the image – be sure to enter the entire address in the browser) Best answer: Answer by Sam D If it is a nice wood grain and a pleasant, I suggest sanding the entire room back and go over it again with a nice polish to show that the wood really nice. If this is not a nice colored wood or no wood color you want can pick a spot that is not expensive and can make your piece look like any type of wood you are voulez.Rien more beautiful than I actually play woodern thats well presented. Much better than a painting! Add your own answer in the comments! How to build a chicken coop Building A Chicken Coop Plans – Proven long history of major conversions – Pay 75% – Free Affiliate Tools Here: The How to build a chicken coop Careers EmploymentDo the stores have a showroom for wooden furniture recovered in Los Angeles?Q &amp; A: What supplies do I need to start oil painting?How to Choose the Right <a href=""><strong>Burberry handbags</strong></a> Storage Systems for Your BusinessUS-Mexico Trade: Some U.S. companies with wooden furniture moved from Los Angeles to Mexico: report to the Chairman, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of RepresentativesSmall wooden storage boxes Hand Crafted Pine Wood USA MadeRecycling of wooden pallets for profitOffice Furniture – Start Simple and Let it Develop As Your Business Grows

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